Darjeeling Limited

I saw the new Wes Anderson today and I realized that he has sort of become a parody of himself and I don’t think it is his fault.  There were a bunch of trailers before Darjeeling and they were all films that were completely influenced by Rushmore.  It was sort of amazing.  They all have the hip sound track and the deadpan humor and sort of similar fonts.  The thing is I want to see most of these movies, particularly the new Noah Bambach, but really how many movies can have Spoon on the sound track?  The one I want to see is Juno and it had the friggin Moldy Peaches in the trailer.  When I googled Juno the first thing I found described it as “This years Little Miss Sunshine”, which is just another one of these same Anderson influenced films.  These movies must have a genre title that I am not aware of…. let me know if you have a good name for these films.  Anyway, the point is Anderson’s new film seems to be a retread and it is probably just because his style has been so ripped off.  I enjoyed the film, but I it is not breaking any new ground.  There was a pretty funny Onion article making fun of this… let me see if I can find it.  Yup… Read this.  Also, go see this movie, but watch Hotel Chevalier first.  It is the prequel and is helpful to understanding the film.

One of the thing I thought was most interesting things from Anderson’s last film, The Life Aquatic, was the set design and in Darjeeling the set design was amazing again.  Myspace has a pretty good video about the details of the train that most of the action in the film takes place.

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  1. Nicole
    August 21st, 2008 | 2:51 am

    Hi…I randomly came across you when I was trying to find a list of the trailers for the movies, beforeT he Darjeeling Limited came on. You mentioned Margot at the Wedding, but do you know the names of the other movies previewed?????? There is one movie in particular that I wanted to see, but forgot to write the movie title down.
    If you can help , this would be great!! :-]

  2. August 21st, 2008 | 3:55 am

    Other than that, and Juno I don’t remember any. I still haven’t seen Margot… thanks for the reminder.

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