Cam Cameron Video That You Won’t Think Is Funny

So this weekend as you probably know I was in Miami as part of a conference to webmasters who run Miami Dolphins web sites.  We go to go to the game and we had meetings and a lot of free food and a good time.  I will have pictures from it up later today.  We also got to ask the head coach Cam Cameron some questions.  The second I got in there I reverted back to my class clown days of high school.  You probably won’t know why my question is funny so I will explain.

Three years ago the Dolphins got a new head coach (Nick Saban) that we were all sure was going to lead us to a championship.  His first year he had the team turned around and everyone thought they were going to be the team to beat last year.  They fell apart and Saban left the team for a head coaching job at Alabama.  However the weeks leading up to his leaving many people in the media asked him if he was planning on leaving.  He denied this firmly.  He straight up lied to everyone.  So when I ask Cam Cameron about him leaving for Alabama, everyone I was with thought that was very funny.  But that’s because we are big dorks and are obsessed with the Miami Dolphins enough to make a website about it.  Yeah.  Just skip to  the 2 Min mark to see my question.  Keep in mind the billionaire owner of the Dolphins was in the room at the time and he was laughing out loud.  LOL.

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  1. mr miami
    October 3rd, 2009 | 11:55 pm

    i love the dullfans to pal i feel your pain lol

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