Teddy Blanks’ Therapy

One of my favorite musicians Teddy Blanks just released his album Therapy yesterday. He has been working on it for years and it’s his musical response to several emotional blows he suffered in 2010 and 2011. One of those being the death of our mutual close friend and collaborator Ross Harman. The final track on Therapy “This That And The Other” is a song dedicated to Ross which I had to listen to a half dozen times before I could get through it without crying. The track was available on the Ross Harman tribute album but it was never available digitally until now.

Therapy takes incredibly painful moments and translates them into dancey 80s influenced synth pop gems that will have you dancing and smiling if you don’t listen to carefully to the lyrics. I think the best pop music takes feelings of loss, sadness, anger and depression and turns them into catchy feel good tunes that help you deal with your own problems. I know that there have been a lot of records that have helped me through the worst times in my life. Certainly Teddy’s music helped a lot after we lost such a good friend.

For Lena Dunham friends, Teddy composed the score for her first film Tiny Furniture and this album also features “When You Come Home” which was the song featured in the Tiny Furniture trailer. The score for the film is available on Teddy’s Bandcamp for free.

I love this record Therapy and I am so glad Teddy finally put it out in the world. So check it out now and if you love it, spread the word and cough up a few dollars for the download.

PS. YouTube superstar Casey Neistat turned the second track, Famous Friends into a pretty epic music video that was actually edited by my brother. Check it out.


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Hussle Club – Children Of The Underground

Hussle Club - Children Of The Underground

My dude Prince Terrence is at it again. The debut Hussle Club EP, Children Of The Underground, is out for free thanks to Scion AV. If you follow this blog you know about Hussle Club already and if not all you need to do is click here for a little refresher. As scary as it is to brand music and art with corporate logos it’s great when you can find someone to sponsor a release so you can just give it away instead of trying to sell it to people who are just going to download it for free somewhere anyway. This record is rad and you need to click here to download it for free.

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Snakatak Vs. Great Tiger – Wheelies Everywhere

Snakatak And Great Tiger - Wheelies Everywhere

My friends in the really fun band Great Tiger released a new EP with the producer Snakatak called “Wheelies Everywhere”. You can listen to it for free on Great Tiger’s band camp or download it for actual monies on iTunes. My friend Grier is one half of Great Tiger. I met him in like 2005 when he directed this amazing video for The Gaskets a band I was managing at the time. He presumably made this insane animated video from just stock photo images for the song “I Just Quit My Job”.  Watch this shit. It’s fucking wild.

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