2016 SXSW FloodFest

After a few days to recover getting up this year’s South By Southwest posts is going to be really easy. I didn’t shoot the film fest and unlike in past years I pretty much just suck to one event during music week. I got hired by two different clients to cover Flood Magazine’s FloodFest day parties at Cedar Street Courtyard. I was there starting at 11am so I had to be up every day by 8:30 or so. Normally I would just get no sleep all week but it was my 13th SXSW and for once I decided I would take it easy. I did shoot two other parties but one of em was a private thing so I only have one update after this one. Praise rock music Jebus.

So yeah, FloodFest day parties! 30 bands over four days! I could list them all or you could just look at this list over here. I was there for Sailor Jerry again who had Keith Underwood and Phillip LaRocca doing tattoos all week and Original Penguin the classic men’s wear line that was gifting bands and had one of those evil photo booth things set up that cost me jobs (just kidding).

Let’s just bang out some highlights.

Best band: I really loved Sir The Baptist. Gospel, hip hop and r&b mixed with a hell of a live show. Real worth checking out.

Most fun band to hang out with after: September Girls were these rad Irish babes who played on St. Patrick’s Day because of course. I ended up running into em later in the day too and they all got Sailor Jerry tattoos.

Worst/ Best tattoo: The winner of the best and the worst tattoo goes to the front man from the band American Bombshell who got SXSW 16 tattooed to his knuckles. Holy shit.

Best babes in Austin: I had Ela Darling and Carter Cruise come visit me. Always good to see my worlds smash into each other. Ela was in town for the Interactive part of SXSW and was giving talks on VR in the Adult industry. Carter was in town DJing and ended up getting a pretty sick SJ tattoo.

Other friends getting tattooed: The homies Ho99o9 came to get tattooed and get some free Penguin gear. It was awesome to see this savage punk band in button up shirts. Hollywood Holt also came by to get his hand tattooed. My friends Keaton and Tess came by and got little jammers too and while not that interesting as far as the write up goes it was nice to hang out with them.

Other bands I dug: The Heavy, Deap Vally, So Pitted, Thao & the Get Down Stay Down and although they were a little to chill for me Polica was a huge crowd favorite. Over all most of the bands were pretty good although there were a few exceptions that made me want to murder all of music but I will probably just go ahead and not mention their names.

Anyway, go look some photos and thanks to Sailor Jerry and Original Penguin and Flood Magazine for having me out. Also thanks to Phil for the absurd SJ tattoo! Now go look at way too many pictures!

Click here to see a TON of photos from the 2016 SXSW FloodFest at Cedar Street Courtyard in Austin.

Deap Vally



SXSW Kuckel Tattoo!

SXSW FloodFest

Sir The Baptist

CJ Linde & Phillip LaRocca

The Heavy

Keith Underwood Tattoos Carter Cruise

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Ho99o9 @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos – 7.22.15

Headed back to NYC today after four days hanging with insane clowns and then a quick trip to Indianapolis. Assuming I don’t miss my flight I will be in NYC just in time to get stuck in rush hour traffic on the way home. On Thursday I go on a mini vacation so I am going to try to get as many Gathering of the Juggalos galleries up as possible before I leave.

We start with the beginning: Ho99o9. If you have been following my site I shot the punk/rap band Ho99o9 at SXSW and then again at their record release party in LA. When I found out they were playing the Gathering I knew I had to see them again but I took it a step farther and pitched the idea of following them to Noisey. What I thought was going to be a paragraph with a photo essay turned out to be a proper article about the trip with just a handful of photos for illustration.

So instead of me blogging anymore, just read my Noisey article about Ho99o9!

And then if you want to see more photos click here to see a full gallery Ho99o9at the Gathering of the Juggalos!

Ho99o9 @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Ho99o9 @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Ho99o9 @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Ho99o9 @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Ho99o9 @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos


Ho99o9 @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos

Ho99o9 @ The Gathering Of The Juggalos



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Ho99o9 Record Release Party – 6.18.15

I saw Ho99o9 last night and it was awesome. Now let me make this shit about me real quick.

I don’t really like photographing bands. I did almost nothing else for the first decade of my photo life and I just got sick of it. Most bands are easy to shoot and with the “three songs; no flash” rules that most medium sized and up clubs have everyone’s photos look exactly the same. Added to that is the fact that everyone is a photographer now since digital photography is easy and cheap so you have the same photo taken by twenty people every single night. Who gives a shit?

So when a band like Ho99o9 comes along I get excited. Here’s a band that is both fun to photograph, fun to listen to and is also relevant so people actually want to take 11 seconds out of their lives to look at the photos. I fucking love Ho99o9 and shooting them is challenging and really god damn fun.

When I found out their record release party was the day after I landed in LA I was fucking stoked. So last night I went to the Mystery Box, pushed my way to the front and started taking photos in the middle of the pit. Unfortunately I am not the only photographer psyched to shoot Ho99o9 and there were as many photographers at the front of the stage as their were people. I took about 10 shots, 8 of which were blocked by lenses and flashes and iPhones and I gave up and just jumped in the pit to have fun. Of course I still had my camera on me and I went down pretty quick.

I ended up subluxating my shoulder because I was trying to help this guy not get trampled while also being on the ground and also holding my camera in the air so it didn’t break. It felt like my arm had been ripped off and I thought I was done for the night. Fortunately after a few minutes I could lift my camera again and I said fuck it and went back in. I didn’t want my night to consist of a handful of mediocre photos. So I went back in.

By this time most of the photographers had cleared out of the front and were either gone or on the stage. At one point Eaddy was on the ground on the stage singing and the photographers surrounded him and started taking photos inches from him. This shit drives me nuts, especially with the video guys who just hold their camera’s right in front of the bands face ruining the show for everyone.

I took a photo of them all and Tweeted it with some angry caption. I invited Hannibal Buress to the show last night and when he saw my photo he retweeted it to his 500k followers and I got to spend the next hour editing images while arguing with strangers on the internet.

I just wanted to go on this rant because photographers need to check themselves a bit. When shooting live bands or news or events or pretty much anything outside of the studio we have to make choices. Should we try and get the best shot possible or do we need to get out of the fucking way and let shit happen. I don’t think I took the best photos last night and I am sure if I got on the stage it would have been easier to shoot. If I spent the whole show holding my camera two feet above my head I might have got a few nice shots I wouldn’t have had normally. But a show isn’t about the photographers, it’s about the band and the fans. I just think we sometimes need to compromise between getting the shot and getting in people’s way. Sometimes you take the shot at all cost, but if you spend the whole show doing that you are gonna make it shitty for everyone else.

So last night I sublimated my shoulder, bent my knee the wrong way on the stage, got covered with beer and sweat and got fucking birthday cake all over my camera. On top of everything else I didn’t even take any photos I was exceptionally proud of, but you know what? I had fucking fun and I think if nothing else I captured the energy of what was a fucking awesome show.

Fuck it, I am glad Ho99o9 exist and I am glad people want to take their photo. I would rather 20 photographers shoot them than 99% of every other boring fucking band that stands around looking at their guitar pedals. So I am gonna end this rant and try and hang out with some babes cause I am in LA and mostly on vacation.

Now go download Ho99o9’s new EP Ho99o9s Of 1999. It’s free.

And then click here to see all the photos I took of Ho99o9 EP release party at the Mystery Box. (NSFW for Eaddy’s dick.)






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Ho99o9 – 3.21.15

The perfect conclusion to my SXSW photos is shots from the band Ho99o9 aka Horror. They were the very last thing I did at SXSW. I caught their late night show at the North Door as part of the We Are Family showcase. I only saw a couple bands all week, but the one set from Ho99o9 made up for it. They were fucking incredible.

I have known Eaddy from Ho99o9 for ages and he used to come see my old band Fucking Bullshit, but I hadn’t seen his band Ho99o9 yet even though I was at the LA Art Book Fair up until about 30 minutes before they played. I did want to see them, but I sort of hate bands and I didn’t know how  a punk band with no guitars was going to go over. Plus nothing is worse than seeing one of your friends bands and realizing they suck.

That was not a problem with Ho99o9. I had been hearing all this hype about them all week in Austin but I didn’t think I was going to get to see them. I was booked up and it just didn’t seem like it was going to work out. Fortunately the We Are Family showcase was less than a block from the Sailor Jerry Gallery and Saturday night was rainy and pretty relaxed everywhere so I knew I could slip out for a minute.

The show was even better than the hype. Ho99or put on one of the best shows I have seen in years. I couldn’t tell you the last time I had that much fun watching a band. Between the two vocalists, a sequencer and a drummer they put out so much fucking noise and put on a hell of a punk show without it feeling tired. Eaddy is one of the best front men I have ever seen and his partner in crime, Jean Lebrun, would be outstanding on his own.

When they launched into the Bad Brains anthem Attitude I forgot I had my camera in my hand and jumped into the mosh pit to sing a long. Fucking Bullshit used to cover it and I had just received an Attitude themed tattoo just hours earlier. I also ended up starting a circle pit at Eaddy’s request because the crowd seemed incredibly confused by the concept. Nothing some circular violence couldn’t fix.

I needed to head back to the SJ Gallery before their set was over but Eaddy kept jumping off shit and I kept missing it. I waited and waited and waited with my camera fixed on Eaddy. He finally jumped off an amp and nearly hit the ceiling and finally I caught it. Once I got the shot I needed I got the fuck out of there, totally pumped about the band and the photos I shot. One of my shots of them ended up in Rolling Stone’s gallery of SXSW photos and I can’t wait to see these dudes again. Honestly I just want to tour with them even though I know it will end up in my camera getting destroyed.

Now go look at all the photos of Ho99o9 at SXSW and keep up that PMA.

Ps. In totally unrelated news there is a sale on Girls of Driven By Boredom today. 20% off using code “america”.










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2015 LA Art Book Fair

If you know me at all you would probably agree that I am not the most exuberant of humans. I tend to be monotonous and often pessimistic. I live a pretty great life and while I appreciate it, there are few things that really bring me joy. If you were to ask me what makes me the most happy in life I would immediately answer the Miami Dolphins winning a game, but that happens pretty rarely. My second answer would be when I open the first box of something I have created.

When I was 15 I started a magazine and a record label and assembling that first box of records was one of the greatest moments of my life. Since then I have made all manor of media and merch and it always brings me great pleasure. Recently I have produced four photo books/zines/albums and I brought them all to the LA Art Book Fair and it was the best thing to happen in ages despite spending the previous week photographing naked porn stars.

I have been to the NY Art Book Fair a bunch of times and it’s always great but thanks to PaperWork NYC this was the first time I have ever sold anything at an art book fair. I had copies of my new book Dinner With Igor, the zine Food Tattoos, my expensive Vegas photo album and the special Fuck LA zine and print I made just for the fair.

I actually sold a ton of stuff. I got back less than 10 Dinner With Igor’s and I had Dana DeArmond sign five of those. I got back about 15 of the 50 Fuck LA’s that I made and I had April O’Neil sign five of those. I even sold one of the Vegas albums even though I mostly brought them for display. I have sold more than 10 of them but they have all been to fans of my work, not just people who picked it up randomly at the book fair. I got a ton of Food Tattoos back but I brought a ton of them too but still I think I have less than 100 of the 300 I originally printed. All good news.

Aside from selling stuff I also bought a ton of stuff and met a few of my favorite artists. I bought Ed and Deanna Templeton’s out of print zine collection and I finally got to meet Ed. I ran into Tony Stamolis who I love as an artist and have been friends with via the internet for years. He loved Fuck LA so I traded him one for a print which actually came in the mail today. I met Tom Neely of Henry and Glenn Forever fame and got him to sign a copy of the first book. I also got to meet Bill Daniel an old punk rock photographer who I have bought several photos from over the years (including photos of Henry Rollins & Glenn Danzig oddly enough) and got a photo he shot of Glen E. Friedman who I also own a photo (and many books) by. I probably spent another $200 on top of that so I probably didn’t make quite as much money as I could have, but I have no complaints. Pretty epic weekend.

I took a handful of black and white photos and a few snapshots at the book fair and a few at the Love//War show. I figured they made sense together as a small 35mm gallery you guys might enjoy.

So click here to see my 35mm shots from the 2015 LA Art Book Fair at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA! (Very mildly NSFW)

And click here to see my recently updated Etsy store featuring all my books, zines and other photography items perfect for Valentines Day or Presidents Day or some other holiday that you could justify spending money on my arts.

Ed Templeton


Booth Babe

Ray Potes Of Hamburger Eyes

Day By Day

April O'Neil

Bill Daniels

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