Vegas Update #2

I’ve been to LA for a day and a half but just gonna give you these Vegas updates because I meant to post this two days ago and didn’t have any time to finish it/Wifi until now.

First of all I shot the AVN Awards and a ton of my friends won and it was awesome. I posted like 50 photos on Twitter so you can just look at this post and read all the replies to see a ton of photos from the AVNs. Check out the rest on the LA Weekly.

I am not posting any photos from the AEE right now because I wouldn’t even know where to begin but the LA Weekly has a gallery of that as well. I will get to that stuff myself when I get back home a week too late. Sorry.

Now for the fun part… the girls I got to take photos of while I was in Vegas…

Since the last update I got to take photos of some fairly attractive humans. I shot Blair Williams who was sick but I brought her DayQuil and shot her in her hotel room taking medicine, eating food and getting her make up done. Fun BTS stuff with a super babe. She also happened to have a really hot make up artist/best friend.

I finally got some one on one time with Keisha Grey who I am sort of obsessed with. She goes from super adorable to super sexy in an instant and she fucking climbed out of her window onto the wall of the hotel several floors up. It was amazing and then she just took a bath and we took photos and we watched Billy Maddison until she had to go to a party.

Saturday I got to shoot Moth who is an unreasonable babe. She was staying with my bff Lucy Everleigh and two other girls and they managed to destroy their room in a way that was formerly only reserved for British rockstars so of course I shot her in their room. Oh, and speaking of Lucy, her and I and our friend Hunny all got terrible $10 tattoos on Sunday.

After my shoot from Moth I met up with another super cute cam girl named Holly Beth. I took Holly’s photo at AVN last year and this year I got to shoot real photos of her. We didn’t have a place to shoot but I ran into Hunny (see previous paragraph) and Hunny said we could shoot in her room if her roommates didn’t mind. They didn’t so we went up stairs and on the way ran into two other cam girls and they wanted to be in photos so I shot some solo stuff with Holly and then more stuff with all four of them. And then the roommates showed back up and I finally shot six cam girls together. It was pretty magical.

Sadly during the shoot my Instax camera broke so I sort of didn’t shoot anyone else after that. I did get a few shots of my friend Charlotte Sartre cause we were hanging after the AVN Awards but we didn’t shoot much.

Anyway, I left for LA and I will update you on that shit later, until then here’s some highlights…

Blair Williams


Keisha Grey

Holly Beth

My Free Cam Girls


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