Three Days In LA

So I finally had a chance to look at some of the photos I have shot so far and do a quick update. I have been so fucking busy in LA between photos of babes, pool parties, exciting trips to the hospital and hanging out with my family. It’s been a fun and productive trip so far.

Day one I got to shoot Samantha Rone pretty much straight from the airport. Then I met up with Abella Danger who let me crash at her place and we went to visit my friend Frog aka Dances With White Girls in the hospital. Some drunk asshole hit him with a car while he was waiting for a fucking Uber. He seemed in good spirits and Abella and I brought him food and her butt so it was a good time.

Oddly enough I haven’t really taken any good digital photos of Abella while I have been in town but I have shot a bunch of random 35mm snap shots so hopefully I will get something good out of that.

On day two I spent most of it with Riley Reid. I have wanted to shoot her forever and we took a million photos and most of them were fucking awesome. I shot her at her place getting ready and then we shot in this terrifying tunnel we found and then on a bridge where she caused a traffic jam. Seriously I am not even joking about that. And then after that we shot in the trunk of my rental car which was one of my most liked Instagram photos of all time.

After that I went to dinner with my family and then met up with Abella at my homie Carter Cruise’s spot. I didn’t take many photos there but I did take a couple of Abella and a babe named Blair Williams. The best digital shot is one of her texting (seen below) but we did take a couple polaroids and some 35mm shots too.

Yesterday I went to a mini pool party at Bryan Gozzling’s house. I shot a pretty fun set of Lil Brown Eyes in and around the pool. It was a lot of fun, made for some good photos AND she cooked us some delicious food. So yeah, awesome. After the party I ate with my family again and then shot Belle Noire for a second in her hotel room before she had to bounce. The light sucked and we only shot for a minute but there might be a few decent photos in there somewhere.

Today I don’t have much going on but I am going to a Dodgers game for some weird reason and then later I hopefully am gonna shoot another babe or two. Who knows? One more day in LA tomorrow but I am spending it with my family again for Father’s Day. But my road trip starts for real on Monday so there should be a ton of good shit coming!

Samantha Rone

Riley Reid

Blair WIlliams

Belle Noire

Lil Brown Eyes


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