The Gathering Starts Tomorrow!

12 hours from now I will be headed to the airport and on the way to the 16th annual Gathering of the Juggalos and my 6th straight Gathering. If you don’t know what the Gathering of the Juggalos is I don’t even know what you are doing with your life but The Gathering Of The Juggalos in reverse chronological order. We are talking 10s of thousands of photos. Good luck.

Juggalos are my favorite subculture of all time and I am slowly working on a book with a painter named Jenn Rockwell who has been painting my photos. I hope to release it around this time next year but I we are going to start in earnest on it in January but I am sure after I get back from the Gathering I will be ready to kick it into gear.

Headed to the Gathering to cover it for Rolling Stone as always, plus I picked up work from Vice’s music blog Noisey and I am also spending tomorrow with my friends band Ho99o9 documenting their first trip to the Gathering. The Village Voice isn’t covering it this year which is a total bummer but maybe I can send them a gallery anyway for old times sake.  As always hoping to pick up a few new clients on the road so I guess we shall see…

Anyway as always these photos are gonna be fucking crazy with a bunch of weird people, naked fat girls, huge bands and a lot of great people I have met after doing this for six years. I will be posting on this Road Trip blog every day and then once I get back I will start updating full galleries on the main site again.

Until then I will just leave you with this…

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