The End Of SXSW

It’s finally over. It’s really fucking finally over. I ended my SXSW in ideal fashion last night by seeing just my third band of the whole festival when I shot the amazing Ho99o9 last night. I am still in Austin for two more days but I am just gonna be relaxing and eating BBQ. Perhaps going to the rodeo? Yeah that’s a real thing.

Anyway, I can finally talk about the parties I was shooting this week. I was working for Sailor Jerry as per always and they threw a bunch of secret parties that had more of a lounge vibe than the rest of SXSW. They had bands DJ instead of playing music and there were a lot of couches and free drinks. It was sort of an ideal way to deal with the madness that is SXSW.

The last two nights we had Lust For Youth, the Spits, Ice Age and Andy Animal Djing and we had some good people stop by. In between the two parties I got to shoot my friend and muse Erica for the first time in years time which was amazing. Plus the photos are way sexier than the really fun ones we took at Disney World!

I was really glad not to have to see a billion bands at SXSW because I always get completely burnt out, but I did miss the chance to find that one or two bands that blow me away every year. Fortunately my buddy Eaddy’s band Ho99o9 was playing right next to the Sailor Jerry house at the We Are Family showcase. I kept hearing so much great shit about them and they completely lived up to the hype. Eaddy is honestly one of the best frontmen I’ve ever seen and the other dude is fucking great too. I wanna go on tour with these dudes. It would be amazing shots every night but I am 100% I would break my camera because when they covered Attitude by Bad Brains I totally forgot I had my camera in my hand and just got in the pit.

Anyway, here are a few highlights from the last two days. I will probably update this Road Trip blog once more before returning to reality and updating my site as per normal. I got a lot of images to get up…


Andy Animal


Sailor Jerry Gallery


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