SXSW Day 4 – 3.10.14

Yesterday was the last full day of Film/ Interactive for me. Today I start my work for Sailor Jerry. Come by if you are in Austin! We will be at Gypsy Lounge all week. I might not survive that long but I am going to try.

So yeah, let’s run through day four. It was fucking exhausting. My day started out at 10:15am which meant I was up at 8:30am which means I got three hours of sleep. I shot portraits of the cast crew of Late Phases and Starry Eyes. The terrible thing is I don’t know anything about the movie yet. I did a terrible job of figuring all that out but we took some cool photos.

After that I got to shoot the cast of Mike Judge’s new HBO show Silicon Valley. I saw Mike Judge while I was waiting for the cast but I didn’t get to shoot him. I did however get to shoot the rest of the cast including one of my favorite dudes in comedy Kumail Nanjiani. The first time I saw that dude do stand up I knew he was going to be huge. TJ Miller, Martin Starr, Thomas Middleditch, Zach Woods and Amanda Crew. The only one of them I didn’t know was Amanda Crew and she impressed me by pulling out a 35mm camera and shooting me while I was shooting the rest of the cast. I tried to talk a little smack saying she had a kit lens on her camera but it was pretty much the fastest 50mm lens that exists and I was defeated. Turns out she is a bad ass photographer. These are some funny motherfuckers and I cannot wait for this show to come out.

After that I got to shoot Robert Duvall! I shot him once before with Bill Murray and Sissy Spacek for their movie Get Low but this time I got Mr. Duvall alone and think I got some pretty nice shots of him. I shot some black and white too so I can’t wait to see how that stuff turned out.  I got to see his film A Night In Old Mexico and it was pretty great. Well worth watching if you get a chance.

My last film work of the day was to shoot the Cesar Chavez red carpet but unfortunately I didn’t see the movie. I was on so little sleep I almost passed out during Old Mexico so I decided to skip the film and get more coffee into my brain. I get to shoot the cast later today so I hope to see the movie soon!

I took a break and got some food and coffee before heading over to this AT&T/Vice “Mobile Moment” party because Reggie Watts was going to be there. I have been a Reggie Watts fan for many years and it’s awesome to see that dude get all the attention he deserves. Fun fact, his photo has naked photos I have taken saved on it.

Lastly I went and got my final coffee of the day with my old naked model friend of mine. She stopped getting naked but she still rules and it was awesome to see her. Plus I got a ride home!

Highlights below. Much more coming soon!

Robert Duvall

Silicon Valley

Alexandra Essoe

Diego Luna

Reggie Watts

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