SXSW Day 2 – 3.8.14

Day two got a bit busier for me and it was fucking raining all day. First thing when I got to Austin I headed over to the Intercontinental where I shot Leslie Bibb, Thomas Sadoski and director Liz Tuccillo. Their film Take Care was co-produced by my friend AJ so I was glad I got to shoot it for the Village Voice/LA Weekly slide show I am working on.

After than I headed across the street to the Driskill hotel to photograph Juliette Lewis and Jonny Weston to promote their film Kelly & Cal. I have had a lifetime crush on Juliette Lewis and I have now met her three times and each time I am more smitten than the last. I shot her band a few years ago at SXSW and they were fantastic as well. I hope I get a chance to see the film soon!

Next on my list was walking over to Red 7 where it had been turned into the bar Titty Twister for the new Dusk Til Dawn TV show. I got to shoot Robert Rodriquez, Danny Trejo, Robert Patrick and a whole lot of people in front of the sign. It was pretty fucking cool.

My last photo shoot of the day was with Jeremy Sisto, David Walton, Vincent Ventresca and this rad kid Joshua Rush who was prank calling pizza places in Alaska using Siri. It was pouring rain the whole time so I kept them dry on the porch but I got pretty soaked.

It only got worse when I shot the red carpet for Neighbors. I sort of hate the red carpet stuff and I wanted to see Neighbors and shooting red carpet stuff is better than waiting in line. Still I got pretty wet but at least I was slightly under the marquee. The movie was pretty hilarious and I think I shot some pretty good shots of girls losing their minds over Zac Efron. I gotta wait till the roll of film gets developed though.

Lastly I hit the Heart Machine/ Wild Canaries after party at Cheer Up Charlie’s. I didn’t take any photos but I had a lot of fun and got to hang out with AJ and my friend Teddy and my little brother. I am shooting Heart Machine and Wild Canaries tomorrow so I it’s gonna be funny shooting people in a professional setting that I partied with the night before. I also get to shoot (And see!) the film my brother edited tomorrow. It’s called Two Step and I am pretty excited.

Here are a few shots from yesterday!

Juliette Lewis - Kelly & Cal

Dusk Til Dawn

Take Care

Break Point

Zac Efron & Ike Barinholtz

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