SXSW DAY 3 – 3.16.15

Yesterday was my chillest day at SXSW in probably 6 years. I even watched some hockey and took a nap. It was magical.

I awoke feeling exhausted and fucking horrible and the coffee, energy drink and caffeine pill. I had within an hour of being awake didn’t help very much. I got a Lyft over to the Gibson guitar showroom where they were setting up a Tower Records themed party to promote the documentary All Things Must Pass about the downfall of Tower Records. There I photographed director Colin Hanks and producer Sean Stuart.

After that I went back down town and shot Jason Schwartzman for the second time this week. This time for his movie 7 Chinese Brothers. Then I walked over to the Intercontinental Hotel for the third straight day, this time to shoot the cast and crew of Manson Family Values headlined by producers the Duplass Brothers Mark and Jay. It’s actually the third time I have photographed Mark Duplass at SXSW and the second time I photographed him laying down. Finally I ended the day shooting the cast and director of the film Babysitter.

I had a few hours to kill before I was supposed to shoot the Get Hard red carpet but I hadn’t slept in days and I was feeling horrible. I had a head ache and felt like I was getting sick. I decided to go back and start editing photos and rest. I started watching some hockey and fell asleep and woke up about an hour later feeling so much better. It was sort of spectacular.

I went back out but the whole thing was pretty uneventful aside from eating pancakes with Quinn Cornchip and taking a few random topless photos of her before she dropped me off.

Just one more day of film left and then it’s on to music week. Enjoy some highlights from yesterday.

Collin Hanks & Sean Stuart - All Things Must Pass

Bob Byington & Jason Schwartzman 7 Chinese Brothers

Duplass Brothers

Manson Family Values

Danièle Watts &  Max Burkholder Babysitter

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