St. Louis Part Two

Day two in St. Louis started with me meeting up with Theresa Manchester again to get her to fill out some paperwork since she hadn’t the night before. She was staying with a friend who was house sitting in this giant partially empty house so we took some more photos and then all three of us got lunch. At some point a man with face tattoos hugged me.

Later Charlotte Stokely flew to St. Louis and I picked her up at the airport and made her go directly to the zoo with me even though it was raining. We hung out with hippos and elephants and stuff and a peacock rolled up on us and I got in his face with a camera. It was pretty rad. The monkey house was by far the best although the hippos were a close second. Charlotte got topless a few times including around the penguins and then we had BBQ for dinner.

All of it was a good time but we called it an early night so we can set out on my road trip again. Charlotte is going to be with me for a few days and she flys out of Oklahoma City. Should be a good time.

Here’s a quick video of Charlotte hanging out with a lemur.
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