Sidney Scarlet Day Two

On day two of my adventures with Sidney Scarlett we awoke in Pontiac, IL where we immediately headed to a restaurant with a giant bull sign in front. It was pretty awesome. I had a bunch of meat and eggs and stuff in a skillet. I tried to put Sidney on the bull out front but it was too tall and she sucks and climbing. We stayed in Pontiac a bit longer so we could check out the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame. It was very worth it and there is a war museum upstairs where we talked to the son of the man who founded it. He told us stories of his father in WWII and his horrible experiences in Vietnam. It was very moving.

We then headed straight for the Beer Nuts factory where all the Beer Nuts in the world come from. Then we ate Beer Nuts. It was pretty awesome. Then we went to Funk’s Maple Sirup and bought maple sirup and yes, that is sirup with an i.

From there we went to Atlanta, IL which is pretty much the best town ever because they have a Paul Bunyan statue that is holding a huge fucking hot dog. Seriously, it’s my favorite thing ever and there is like a 60% chance I am going to get it tattooed to me by the end of this trip… perhaps tomorrow. They also have a water tower that has a smiley face on it and we ate at a really awesome diner that had amazing pie and a bacon wrapped filet mignon.

After that we hit Lincoln, IL for the watermelon statue that commemorates the time that Abe Lincoln toasted the town with a glass of watermelon juice. It was amazingly unimpressive. The world’s largest covered wagon on the other hand was fucking awesome and Abe is riding it.

Sidney got naked in front of a lot of this stuff so there was a lot of pulling boobs out and then running away. You’d think I would be the one convincing Sidney to do this stuff, but on a few occasions I was the one who didn’t want to risk it. When we ran into an FBI office in Springfield, IL we recorded a pretty hilarious (and NSFW) video of Sidney trying to convince me to take photos of her naked infront of the FBI. Check it out after the break.

Our night ended with a trip to Cosy Dog the birthplace of the corn dog. It was fucking amazing and really delicious and I bought two stuffed animal hot dogs that hug each other. Best shit ever. We then checked into a Travelodge with the promise of a swimming pool but it was broken so Sidney took a bath instead and I took photos. I mean why not right?

Check out the video of us at the FBI and I am gonna get some sleep so we can make our way to St. Louis tomorrow. There is another Giant, a lot of Lincoln stuff and a rabbit ranch on the way! Get pumped!
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