Road Tripping With Lucy Everleigh

So yeah I am actually back in Brooklyn and my epic 15 day road trip is over and I barely updated the Road Trip blog. Sorry about that but I probably averaged about 5 hours of sleep at night and the rest of my time was spent sleeping, eating and taking photos of naked babes. Not a lot of time (or quality wifi) to update stuff.

I just wanted to give you a quick wrap up of the last week and a few photos before we head back over to the main blog.

After dropping off April O’Neil in San Francisco I headed straight to SFO airport and picked up Lucy Everleigh. We headed up to Portland where we met up with my friend Chelsea and she helped us sneak some nudes in a oddly populated rose garden. It was raining and the middle of the day, I am not sure why it was so crowded but we managed a few shots.

The next day we met up with a couple of babes for breakfast and made plans to shoot Amanda Pemberton AKA Apneatic. Luckily for us the breakfast babes (Ivy Aura and Artemis Moon) wanted to come shoot with us and we all got naked in a forest and by we all I mean them. Later Lucy, Amana and Amanda’s boyfriend all went to an hourly rate hot tub because we are fucking creepy.

After that Lucy and I drove up to Seattle and got food with my friend Steak aka Rachael Finley who made this feminist juggalette documentary for Broadly that I have photos in (and am also in if you look carefully). We checked out Seattle for a bit but I didn’t see a single fish and then I drove to a hotel in the suburbs to shoot Lucy, Romance and our friend Hunny. We then ate a bunch of crabs and had a weird hotel party.

From there I went and hung out with my favorite human Kimberly Kane and one of my favorite people to shoot Lily LaBeau. I helped them shoot some custom video for someone which might technically finally make me a pornographer and then we went hiking (driving mostly) on Mt. Rainier. It was pretty rad and I took some lovely photos of Lily which aren’t in this update but you will probably get to see them soon.

I met up with Lucy again the next day and we drove back to Portland and got matching bath tub tattoos (we share a love for warm water and poor tattoo choices) and then got the fuck back to San Francisco where I dropped Lucy off before heading to meet up with my friend January Seraph for dinner and a movie like some sort of normal human who hadn’t just spent two weeks on the road. The Lobster was worth seeing.

I finally left the west coast and after a nightmarish travel experience I ended up in bed back in Brooklyn. The end. Enjoy a few photos of Lucy and assorted babes. Much more soon!

Lucy Everleigh

Portland Babes

Lucy Everleigh & Apneatic

Lucy Everleigh

Seattle Babes

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  1. Nico Phillips
    July 3rd, 2016 | 8:03 am

    Just when I thought pleasure was dead. . . 🙂

    Greetings from Taos, Sir Nate Igor Smith. Been more than a little while. 🙂

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