Off To LA & Vegas!

Today is day one of my yearly trip to Vegas for the AVN Awards aka the porn Oscars. A porn conference in Vegas believe it or not brings out some of my craziest photos believe it or not. I hope to get some wild stuff this weekend.

Vegas has been so good to me photographically that a few months ago I made a special super limited Vegas print collection called What Happens IN Vegas. Pick one up here or at the LA Art Book Fair but I only have four left!

After that I head back to LA for a week to shoot an album cover for one of my favorite bands and then I am doing a bunch of stuff for the LA Art Book Fair with the crew over at Paper Work NYC.

The Road Trip blog is one of my favorite things on my site cause I can do little daily updates with a few of the best photos from my extended trips, so check back here for a bunch of naked porn stars and info on the LA Art Book Fair stuff I am doing. There should be some cool stuff.

For now here are a few photos from the AVN Awards last year!

2014 AVN Awards

2014 AVN Awards


2014 AVN Awards

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