Love//War Photos

Last night I had photos in Love//War the art show about conflict at MAMA Gallery in LA (Curated by Mint&Serf and Paperwork NYC). It was an amazing show with amazing artists and there was an amazing turnout. When the gallery first got really packed I looked at my phone and it was 7:03pm. The show started at 7. It was packed all night long and I assume people who didn’t hang photos of dead birds and crackheads probably sold some artwork. I of course only like putting completely unsellable work in galleries so I have a feeling I wasn’t so lucky.

When I get back to NYC expect a full write up but for now you can just look at photos. I didn’t shoot a ton because I had a lot of friends there and I was just hanging out, but I took enough that you can get the idea of the thing.

Oh, and this blog Drunken Stepfather ran a bunch of my Vegas photos. I uploaded most of the stuff I shot in Vegas to Girls of Driven By Boredom and you can get 10% with the code “stepfather” for the next week.

Now click here to check out the photos from the Love//War opening at MAMA Gallery in DTLA.


Dana DeArmond & Greg Mishka

Packed All Night

Mike Krim Of Paperwork NYC

My Terrible Photos


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