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So I was in LA for a while and I didn’t update because I didn’t really have access to the internet. Most of the time I was staying with my friend Abella Danger and she just moved and didn’t have internet yet. I did get over to my brother’s house to do some work but didn’t have time to update. So now that I am back home I am just gonna give you a quick recap and let’s just move on with life.

Day 1 in LA I shot this girl Eden Sin that I met in Vegas and a make up artist I met through Bryan Gozzling named Alondra. I shot Eden in public near Echo Park lake and we caused some big traffic jam of people taking photos of her which was kinda great. Alondra I shot at her place which wasn’t quite as exciting but she played Misfits records while we shot which was rad. I didn’t really shoot much digital of either girl because I was primarily working on my Instaxxx book but I got a few shots.

Day 2 I shot my friend Kyle for the Instaxxx book. I shot some 35mm too but no digital at all. That was the day I spent some time at my brother’s house working and I didn’t have anything else set up until I Tweeted about a canceled shoot and a total stranger named Whitney Wright hit me up on Twitter and we took some awesome shots of her climbing a fence completely naked except for these insane pink high heels. I didn’t shoot any digital but I got some GREAT stuff for my book. Thanks Twitter!

Day 3 I shot Lily Lane and again I didn’t shoot any digital. Then I finally checked into a hotel but didn’t get much work done anyway. I had this idea to just invite everyone over to my hotel and see if I could shoot like 6 girls at once. Alondra and Eden and Kyle showed up again as did my friend Alex and I shot some more stuff for my book. It was pretty cool.

Day 4 was my final day in LA. I randomly found out my friend Selina was in town and she wanted to get naked near a palm tree so we drove around Hollywood trying not to get arrested. Not sure we got anything good but maybe the 35mm film I shot will come out. I will find out tomorrow. After that Selina and I went over to shoot Missy Martinez. Selina jumped into some shots and I actually shot a full set of Missy which was great since I didn’t really shoot any other digital stuff while I was in LA. Missy rules and signed a bunch of Instax to give away for my Kickstarter.

After that I drove back to Vegas where Bobbi Dylan let me crash with her for the night. I got in late and had an early flight home but we took a handful of 35mm pictures because I needed to kill a roll. Really awesome of Bobbi for letting me crash with her given that we didn’t really know each other before this trip. Thanks Bobbi!

And that’s it. I flew back to NYC and got sick for two days. Finally feeling better and got to update. Check the main page for all the stuff from Vegas going up tomorrow. And we out…

Missy Martinez


Eden Sin

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