LA iPhone Update

So this has been kinda a weird LA trip in that I haven’t really done any photo shoots. I have one planned for tomorrow and one that probably won’t actually happen today, but it’s been a productive trip nonetheless. When I got in on Thursday I tried to rush over to Ash Graham’s place to shoot her because she had a cool black eye but the light beat me and it was too dark by the time I got there. We took a few photos with my on camera flash of my 35mm point and shoot camera but that was it. After that I got dinner with one of my all time favorite humans and soon to be porn hall of famer Kimberly Kane and then went to sleep because I had none the night before. I took zero digital photos all day.

Friday I had a lunch meeting and then went shopping for a wedding present for the webmaster of this website that you are looking at right now. I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I am in a Bed Bath & Beyond. Just thought you should know these things. Then came one of the main reasons I came to LA. I finally got to see my best friend’s human baby Rowan Simone. Two of my four closest friends had babies and so now I have to hang out with babies. She was cool though and mostly just failed to eat my hand.

Two Men & A Baby

Saturday was my friend Thadd’s wedding. As I have mentioned he is a hero and he runs this website. I brought Carter Cruise so we took a few sexy photos before the wedding, but tried to keep it fairly classy throughout. One of my best friends and designer of all my zines Teddy Blanks was the best man so I got to hang out with him and Carter all day which was great. After the show Ho99o9 was playing a house party so I went over there and jumped into an insanely sweaty and fairly violent mosh pit in my wingtips and suit pants. It was a pretty good look. Ho99o9 are so much fucking fun and seeing them in a house party environment was a lot more appropriate than say the last time I saw them… Great time and I ran into a bunch of friends which was extra fun.

Wedding Party USA

Yesterday I sort of relaxed all day. I hit the motel hot tub, watched hockey, got a bunch of bullshit emails and stuff done and ate a bunch of food. Super boring day that I don’t need to tell you much more about. But, I did hang out with fellow juggalo photographer Devin Doyle and my friend Roxy who I last photographed naked in 2007. They were super drunk and I took some funny photos of them but all 35mm photos except a couple iPhone shots for Instagram.

Party Forever Roxy

Hopefully today or tomorrow will take some digital photos I can share with you guys but until then you get this super boring post with some shitty iPhone photos. Sorry. On the bright side I have so much shit going on in Vegas starting Wednesday and that should be fucking insane.


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