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I have been MIA for a few days, mostly because I was on my own and instead of using it as an opportunity to get work done I used it as an opportunity to sleep. I got 7 hours sleep the last two nights so I am good to go again. I was starting to fall apart…

At the moment I am in a coffee shop in Albuquerque, NM, which seems like a pretty rad town. I got her last night and explored the hip Nob Hill area because Route 66 runs right through it. It seems like my hipster brethren could get along here well. I have to kill a few more hours here until Ash Hollywood arrives. She was in Vegas for the 4th and we found out you could get a super cheap flight here from Vegas so I am gonna pick her up today and over the next three days drive her back to Vegas with stops in two of the towns mentioned in the song Route 66 and we are going to take a detour to the Grand Canyon tomorrow. Pretty exciting.

The last few days have been really fun but it’s a shame I didn’t have a naked girl with me because New Mexico has some of the best signage I have ever seen and it would have been awesome to have had a girl to take her shirt off in front of a giant teepee or giant sombrero.

I did luck out in Amarillo, TX where I found a babe named Annalee Belle on Model Mayhem who was familiar with my work and was totally down to get topless at the Cadillac Ranch, the insane art project by noted millionaire pedophile Stanley Marsh 3. I was super excited to see the ranch, as it is one of the top three stops on Route 66 in my mind, but less psyched to find out Marsh was in jail for sexually assaulting teen boys. We took some awesome pictures and did it with people all over the place. We got caught by one guy, but he didn’t seem to mind so much…

Yesterday I also had an amazing experience at the exact middle of Route 66 in Adrian, TX. There is a restaurant there called the Midpoint Cafe and it used to be owned by a woman named Fran who was the basis for Flo from the Pixar movie Cars. I got food at the cafe but then another Route 66 traveler told me about Fran and how she sold the cafe but now owns the place next door called Sunshine Station. I headed next door and it was pretty much your standard gift shop along the route but Fran instantly asked me about my trip and was one of the nicest people ever. When I picked out a few items and headed to the register I realized that they only took cash. I asked Fran if there was an ATM near by since I didn’t have any cash and she told me the nearest ATM was 30 minutes away. That’s when Fran just handed me my stuff and wrote down her address. She told me to just send her a check when I got home. I was blown away that someone could be that trusting and awesome. I went to my car and got one of the polaroids I took of the Blue Wale and wrote her a nice thank you note on the back. I took a few photos of her and told her I would send her another photo when I got back home. It was pretty awesome.

When I was in Kansas I also met the inspiration for Mater, the tow truck from Cars so last night I rented the movie on iTunes. I am not a big cartoon fan but it was good to relax a little and get all the details that are in the movie that most people who haven’t traveled Route 66 wouldn’t understand. In Cars there is a line about Route 66 wasn’t about making good time but having a good time and it’s really true. Unlike massive highways Route 66 is an absolute pleasure to drive and it’s really tragic that this part of our culture is disappearing.

Annalee Belle - Naked Cadillac Ranch

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