Headed Out West

So tomorrow, as I mentioned on the main page, I am headed to LA for a mini family vacation that is going to turn into a lot of road tripping and photographing and fun times and all of that. My parents are visiting my brother in LA and they wanted me to hang out with them for my birthday and Father’s Day and stuff so I turned their plane ticket into a road trip and thanks to my friends over at Wood Rocket (NSFW!) I am actually gonna make a little money while I am traveling.

After I leave LA next Monday I am gonna be heading to San Francisco and shooting photos along the way but I won’t mention of who yet. Gotta keep some stuff a surprise. I am gonna be in the Bay Area for a couple days before picking up Lucy Everleigh and we will be headed north until we get to Portland or decide to murder each other after 15 hours in a car. From there we are hitting Seattle and then I am gonna to Tacoma for some unexplained reason. From there perhaps head up to Vancouver? Who knows?

Eventually I gotta get back to San Francisco where I booked my flight home. For some reason it was actually cheaper to drop my rental car off in SF and it saves me a few hours of driving so I’m not complaining.

Anyway, it should be a fun trip and I will hopefully posting a lot of fun stuff along the way. Check back soon!

Road Trip

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