Charlotte Stokely Day Two

I just dropped Charlotte off at the Oklahoma City airport and I am trying to get a few hours sleep before I get on the road again. Today was pretty awesome despite my exhaustion. We made terrible time yesterday and had to skip a few bits of Route 66 for I-44 just so I could get to Catoosa, OK so I could see the big blue whale before it got too dark. Fortunately we made it in time and I think we got some awesome shots at the whale, which is pretty much my favorite stop along the route thus far. They also sold fireworks there so Charlotte bought some sparklers and I bought some smoke bombs which we set off before we went to the airport.

Today we also visited and got her naked in front of some giant praying hands, a giant solo cup, a giant bottle, an some more insane shit I am too tired to remember at the moment. I have taken 22 rolls of film already on this trip, it’s pretty ridiculous  I have had to buy new film three times already. I also went through 60 Polaroids and I don’t even know where to get more Instax film on the road. On the other hand I have only shot one roll of black and white film and only a handful of digital images. Route 66 just makes sense on physical film and in vibrant color. I just wish Kodachrome still existed for this adventure.

I just want to say I have been so fucking blessed to be able to go on this trip and I have had so many rad people help me along the way from the people who donated to my campaign, to the girls like Dixie Comet, Caprice Capone and Theresa Manchester who showed me their town to all the people I have met along the way and especially Sidney Scarlet and Charlotte Stokely for making a serious commitment to this project and being fucking awesome and beautiful and crazy and fun.

I need to get some sleep but here is a quick snap shot I took with my phone of the polaroids and rolls of film I have shot so far…

Route 66 Film

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