Charlotte Stokely Day One

Charlotte Stokely and I got into way too much insanity today. We got naked in a cave (well she did) we hung out with wild beasts and she drank a half of a bottle of cake flavored vodka and almost poured BBQ sauce on a short order cook.

The highlight of the day was definitely this wildlife sanctuary we visited where they let us play with snakes and alligators and they had tigers and a lion and one of the tigers clearly wanted to murder our tour guide but fortunately there was a cage preventing a gruesome death. The lion seemed super friendly though. They also had emo emu’s and a super neurotic jackal. At the end we asked them if Charlotte could hold an animal while topless and they were super psyched about it and we all took naked photos of her with an albino boa constrictor like she was in a Crucial Taunt video.

The Jesse James wax museum was pretty awesome too, as were the caves and the world’s largest rocking chair and the hot tub at our hotel. All and all a pretty awesome day that I would go into more if I didn’t have to be awake in a few hours because I realized I only have Charlotte for one more day and I need to get her to Oklahoma City by tomorrow night.

After the break is are NSFW photos of her in a cave and her and I hanging out with a snake.

Charlotte Stokely In A Cave

Charlotte Stokely Vs Boa Constrictor


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