AVN Thursday – 1.22.15

I have been in Vegas for about a day and I have taken some pretty fun photos. Unfortunately it was all after dark so it’s been all flash stuff. No natural light really. Still, I think you are going to dig some of this stuff.

I headed down to the Adult Entertainment Expo and I took a few photos there after I got my credentials and then I went to check in to my hotel. By the time I got back down to the Hard Rock it was getting dark but I ended up shooting my old friend Samantha Bentley. In the middle of our shoot Dahlia Sky showed up so we took a bunch of photos with her too and then my friend Ronen took photos of the three of us.

After that I tried to shoot Adriana Chechik again but she was doing a podcast so Sam and I went up there and ended up on the Porn Directors Podcast. When it was over I took a few photos of Sam, Adriana and Belle Noire who actually retired from porn but was in town with Adriana and doing make up for girls at the convention.

By the time that was over it was pretty late but I ran into some Burning Angels  and snuck out to the parking garage to shoot a handful of photos with Veronica Rose and Taurus.

After that I put my digital camera away but took some more film stuff at parties and around the Hard Rock so I might have some more cool stuff.

Here are a few preview images to hold you over!

Bonnie Rotten AEE

Samantha Bentley

Samantha Bentley & Dahlia Skye

Veronica Rose & Taurus Angel



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