Ash Hollywood Day Three

I have arrived in Las Vegas, a two hour drive north from Route 66. Ash Hollywood left last night and I am here for a few days to relax, photograph some girls, and give a ton of video footage to Wood Rocket, who I am doing this web series for. Tomorrow I will drive  back down to Route 66 and taking that all the way to Los Angeles where my Route 66 journey will end and part two of my road trip will begin.

Yesterday with Ash was a lot of fun. We checked out Grand Canyon Caverns which is pretty much just a giant hole in the ground, but it was pretty awesome. After that we went to a giant tiki head in the middle of nowhere and then made our way to Oatman, AZ. Oatman is an old gold rush town that somehow has survived along Route 66. They play up on their roots with wild west type shows and things. It was 115 degrees out and we missed all the fake gun fights, but still spent 45 minutes there. Why? Because the whole town is filled with wild donkeys. Seriously. They just walk around town and you can feed them and hang out with them and show them your ass. It was super weird and kinda amazing.

After Oatman we stopped off in a small down on the border of Arizona and California. It was getting close to 120 degrees out and we were hungry so we hit a dive bar/ restaurant called the Silver Dollar Chuck Wagon where they served breakfast all day. I had steak and eggs and a pancake and bacon and a coffee and it was like $10 and the best breakfast I have had on this whole trip. We hung out with some locals and then finally got on the road to Vegas with only a quick stop in Needles, CA.

So Ash is gone and I don’t know if I can find any girls to make the trip to LA with me, so I might finish Route 66 alone, but I am going to have someone meet me in Santa Monica for one last shoot on the pier where Route 66 ends. After that I am headed to San Francisco and maybe Portland before heading back across the country.

For now enjoy this photo of Ash Hollywood that I took on one of the insanely windy roads you have to drive through in Arizona on Route 66.

Ash Hollywood Route 66

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