Gathering Of The Juggalos Day 3

Day three of the Gathering of the Juggalos was my take it easy day. There wasn’t anything I actually really cared about photographing. I slept in and got some work done and even published my first article ever that was more writing than photos. Check it out over at Noisey:


So that was cool. I wish people would give me money to write sometimes, not because I am good at it or that it pays well, but writers get a lot more credit for articles. Whenever I collaborate on an article with a writer it instantly becomes their article even if it was my idea and their name is always bigger, etc, etc. Then again they have to do actual work and for the most part get paid even worse than photographers do so maybe fuck it. I don’t know.

Anyway, back to yesterday… The highlight was definitely another bare knuckle boxing match. If you remember Nebraska from last year, he was back and absolutely destroyed a huge dude who looked like he could throw down. They fought two rounds with gloves and any sane ref would have called the fight pretty much instantly but the Wolfpac are not exactly sane and made them take the gloves off after two rounds and the other dude took a hell of a beating. I got some crazy shots.

I only shot one band, Twiztid and I only took like 10 photos of them because I have shot them a million times and only juggalos care about them although they did a collab with Mishka and I sat in on an interview with them and they seem like pretty good dudes.

One of the reasons I didn’t shoot any bands is because I finally got the Gathering of the Juggalos tattoo I have been talking about for years! It was my first tattoo that I ever got while bugs were flying all over me. I just got Whoop Whoop! tattooed to my leg and the guy basically just did it by hand and jammed it in some random spot on my leg. I kinda love it even though some dude on Instagram told me he was unfollowing me because of it. Gonna miss him. 🙁

After Twiztid I went to one of the weird after parties because this insanely hot girl told me she was gonna be dancing there which is one of the few reasons I do anything in life. I took a handful of photos there and then decided to leave so I could get some work done since I gotta be down there kinda early today. On the way out I caught a few minutes of Big Jay Oakerson’s comedy set but he was doing vaguely homophobic sexist and racist jokes which isn’t really my thing cause I am not a bigot. Maybe that’s what he though juggalos would think is funny but he wasn’t exactly killing up there.

I can’t think of anything else interesting that happened yesterday so here’s some random photos of juggalos…

Juggalo Boxing



Big LA & Busey's Beauties


Big Jay Oakerson


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