Juggalos Start Today…

Today I am going to  jump on a plane to Columbus, Ohio and then drive another hour to Heath, Ohio where my hotel is and then finally drive another 25 minutes to get to Thornville, Ohio home of the Gathering of the Juggalos. This will be my 7th straight trip to the most insane music festival on the planet and while I tell myself every year that this is my last year, I keep coming back.

If you do a Google Image search for “juggalo” I have taken nearly half the photos on there. Seriously, it’s wild. I have taken every juggalo photo I ever need to take, but somehow the Gathering keeps calling me back. Part of it is that I am one of the only photographers who will go to this thing so I can pick up a bunch of clients really easily and make a bunch of money for the same amount of work. Another part is that juggalos kinda make the internet explode so it’s pretty good for my social networks and hits and shit like that I have to care about. But I also go cause it’s actually a lot of fun. It’s completely lawless, totally fucking mental and there’s always a few rad bands that play.

So yeah, get excited for this shit. I know I am. In the mean time, I gotta give you some content….

Back in 2013 I shot a “Girls of the Gathering of the Juggalos” feature for Hustler Magazine. Well I took so many fucking photos for them and the article was only 8 pages or something. I meant to post those photos many years ago but I just never did for some reason. So today when I was trying to find something to post I ran into like 7 unpublished sets shot at the Gathering including a pretty amazing set of Pepper Kester and this really fun shoot I did with a girl named Kinky Carnival on actual carnival rides! She was with this band Wolfpac that goes to the Gathering every year and I shot a bunch of their girls for the Hustler article. This one was my favorite though.

So here are three free NSFW photos and I put the full set on Girls of Driven By Boredom. Eventually I am going to do a big dump of all these photos from 2013 but keep the sets as Girls of DBB exclusives. That seems like a good way not to overload my site with juggalos but also give my paying fans some weird bonus content and get all these photos up finally.

So go to Girls of Driven By Boredom for this pretty large set of Kinky Carnival photos and then come back here for hopefully daily 2016 Gathering of the Juggalos updates. By the way if you don’t already follow my Snapchat you probably should for this one…

Kinky Carnival

Kinky Carnival

Kinky Carnival

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Headed Out West

So tomorrow, as I mentioned on the main page, I am headed to LA for a mini family vacation that is going to turn into a lot of road tripping and photographing and fun times and all of that. My parents are visiting my brother in LA and they wanted me to hang out with them for my birthday and Father’s Day and stuff so I turned their plane ticket into a road trip and thanks to my friends over at Wood Rocket (NSFW!) I am actually gonna make a little money while I am traveling.

After I leave LA next Monday I am gonna be heading to San Francisco and shooting photos along the way but I won’t mention of who yet. Gotta keep some stuff a surprise. I am gonna be in the Bay Area for a couple days before picking up Lucy Everleigh and we will be headed north until we get to Portland or decide to murder each other after 15 hours in a car. From there we are hitting Seattle and then I am gonna to Tacoma for some unexplained reason. From there perhaps head up to Vancouver? Who knows?

Eventually I gotta get back to San Francisco where I booked my flight home. For some reason it was actually cheaper to drop my rental car off in SF and it saves me a few hours of driving so I’m not complaining.

Anyway, it should be a fun trip and I will hopefully posting a lot of fun stuff along the way. Check back soon!

Road Trip

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LA & Vegas Trip Starts Tomorrow!

Right now I am packing up a bunch of shit so that I can leave town on the annual Vegas/LA trip I take every January around the AVN Awards. The webmaster of this very website is getting married on Saturday in LA so I am gonna go disrupt his wedding while I am out there. I got a couple shoots lined up in LA and I am taking Carter Cruise to the wedding so I am sure we will get some fun photos there too. I will be posting on here as often as I have new stuff to give you guys.

Also I just got a Leica M6 so I am gonna spend a lot of this trip shooting film and getting used to one of the best 35mm cameras ever made. I have only shot half a roll so far but it’s fairly counter intuitive. I have been shooting Nikon SLR’s for 20 years so everything seems like it’s in the wrong place. I am fairly hopeful that I am gonna get the hang of it real quick though. Should be fun.

Anyway, enough of that. Time to finish packing.

Just to keep you entertained until my next update, here’s a Polaroid of Jasmine Jae from AVN last year

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The Gathering Starts Tomorrow!

12 hours from now I will be headed to the airport and on the way to the 16th annual Gathering of the Juggalos and my 6th straight Gathering. If you don’t know what the Gathering of the Juggalos is I don’t even know what you are doing with your life but The Gathering Of The Juggalos in reverse chronological order. We are talking 10s of thousands of photos. Good luck.

Juggalos are my favorite subculture of all time and I am slowly working on a book with a painter named Jenn Rockwell who has been painting my photos. I hope to release it around this time next year but I we are going to start in earnest on it in January but I am sure after I get back from the Gathering I will be ready to kick it into gear.

Headed to the Gathering to cover it for Rolling Stone as always, plus I picked up work from Vice’s music blog Noisey and I am also spending tomorrow with my friends band Ho99o9 documenting their first trip to the Gathering. The Village Voice isn’t covering it this year which is a total bummer but maybe I can send them a gallery anyway for old times sake.  As always hoping to pick up a few new clients on the road so I guess we shall see…

Anyway as always these photos are gonna be fucking crazy with a bunch of weird people, naked fat girls, huge bands and a lot of great people I have met after doing this for six years. I will be posting on this Road Trip blog every day and then once I get back I will start updating full galleries on the main site again.

Until then I will just leave you with this…

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Off To LA & Vegas!

Today is day one of my yearly trip to Vegas for the AVN Awards aka the porn Oscars. A porn conference in Vegas believe it or not brings out some of my craziest photos believe it or not. I hope to get some wild stuff this weekend.

Vegas has been so good to me photographically that a few months ago I made a special super limited Vegas print collection called What Happens IN Vegas. Pick one up here or at the LA Art Book Fair but I only have four left!

After that I head back to LA for a week to shoot an album cover for one of my favorite bands and then I am doing a bunch of stuff for the LA Art Book Fair with the crew over at Paper Work NYC.

The Road Trip blog is one of my favorite things on my site cause I can do little daily updates with a few of the best photos from my extended trips, so check back here for a bunch of naked porn stars and info on the LA Art Book Fair stuff I am doing. There should be some cool stuff.

For now here are a few photos from the AVN Awards last year!

2014 AVN Awards

2014 AVN Awards


2014 AVN Awards

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Charlotte Stokely In Hustler

Charlotte Stokely is pretty much my favorite model on the planet and I just spent four days with her on my Route 66 trip, but I didn’t get to shoot her until January of this year when I shot her for an article about the AVN Awards for Hustler Magazine. That quick 20 minute shoot while she was getting ready for the AVN Awards turned into a day road trip and then finally into this Route 66 road trip.

A bunch of photos from the first time we shot, and a bunch of photos from our first road trip to Joshua Tree National Park ended up as a massive 10 page spread in the newest Hustler Magazine. I am actually really proud of it and you guys should get a copy if you can find one. It’s the October issue even though it’s out now. I wrote the interview too!

In celebration of the magazine coming out I am going to be releasing the full set of photos I shot with Charlotte at her hotel before the AVN Awards exclusively on the Girls of Driven By Boredom Mobile App. Once the Hustler issue has been out a while I will post the other sets I shot of Charlotte on our road trip, but for now the only way you can see my pictures of Charlotte is in Hustler or on the app.

Here are a few shots to get you excited… now go sign up for my damn app!

Charlotte Stokely

Charlotte Stokely

Charlotte Stokely

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Theresa Manchester

Yesterday I mostly hung out in Oklahoma City with my old friend Heidi. She was a really good friend when she lived in NYC but I haven’t seen her in ages so we got food and she showed me her city and we found out that a bus ticket back from Amarillo, TX was pretty cheap so she ended up coming on a day of my road trip, but because we left so late and I ended up with some car trouble we only made it about two hours outside of OKC before we decided to stop. So really nothing exciting happened today although Heidi did jump in a pond at some point.

BUT, what did happen is that I edited a full set of Theresa Manchester getting naked in public in St. Louis. She got naked at the St. Louis Arch and then again in front of this giant bottle. I won’t be uploading the set until I get back from my road trip, BUT you can see the whole thing NOW if you sign up for the Driven By Boredom Girls Mobile App.

If you sign up for the app you will get exclusive content and photo sets before they go online and starting with this gallery of Theresa, higher resolution images. It’s all pretty exciting and really cheap. So sign up now and see a lot more of this!

Theresa Manchester Naked In Public

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Welcome To My Road Trip!

The road trip has begun! As we speak I am on the way to the airport (at least I hope I am, if not I am probably going to miss my flight, but I wrote this yesterday so who really knows). I am headed to Detroit, Michigan where I will rent a surprisingly cheap rental car, hopefully hang out with some juggalos and then drive my ass to Chicago. I am shooting the infamous Porn ‘n’ Chicken party Monday night and then I begin my slow trip across the United States via as much as the old Route 66 as possible. I will be taking multi day stops in St. Louis, Las Vegas and LA before heading up the coast to San Francisco and Portland. After that I gotta somehow get my ass back to Chicago and finally fly home from Detroit on July 23rd. It should be pretty insane.

I will be updating this site as often as possible with tales and photos from the road. Hope you are at least 1/15th as excited as I am!

Here are my VERY tentative dates incase you are wondering:

  • June 22-23 – Detroit, MI
  • June 23-25 – Chicago, IL
  • June 27-29 – St. Louis, MO
  • July 1st – Tulsa, OK
  • July 2nd – Oklahoma City, OK
  • July 3rd – Amarillo, TX
  • July 4-5 – Albuquerque, NM
  • July 6th – Flagstaff, AZ
  • July 7th – The Grand Canyon
  • July 7-9 – Las Vegas, NV
  • July 10-12 – Los Angeles, CA
  • July 12-15 – San Francisco, CA
  • July 15-16 – Portland, OR
  • July 17th – Seattle, WA
  • July 18-19 – Driving non-stop back to Chicago
  • July 19-21 – Pitchfork Music Fest – Chicago, IL
  • July 22-23 – Detroit, MI
  • July 23rd – Back To Brooklyn!
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