LA Update & Back Home

So I was in LA for a while and I didn’t update because I didn’t really have access to the internet. Most of the time I was staying with my friend Abella Danger and she just moved and didn’t have internet yet. I did get over to my brother’s house to do some work but didn’t have time to update. So now that I am back home I am just gonna give you a quick recap and let’s just move on with life.

Day 1 in LA I shot this girl Eden Sin that I met in Vegas and a make up artist I met through Bryan Gozzling named Alondra. I shot Eden in public near Echo Park lake and we caused some big traffic jam of people taking photos of her which was kinda great. Alondra I shot at her place which wasn’t quite as exciting but she played Misfits records while we shot which was rad. I didn’t really shoot much digital of either girl because I was primarily working on my Instaxxx book but I got a few shots.

Day 2 I shot my friend Kyle for the Instaxxx book. I shot some 35mm too but no digital at all. That was the day I spent some time at my brother’s house working and I didn’t have anything else set up until I Tweeted about a canceled shoot and a total stranger named Whitney Wright hit me up on Twitter and we took some awesome shots of her climbing a fence completely naked except for these insane pink high heels. I didn’t shoot any digital but I got some GREAT stuff for my book. Thanks Twitter!

Day 3 I shot Lily Lane and again I didn’t shoot any digital. Then I finally checked into a hotel but didn’t get much work done anyway. I had this idea to just invite everyone over to my hotel and see if I could shoot like 6 girls at once. Alondra and Eden and Kyle showed up again as did my friend Alex and I shot some more stuff for my book. It was pretty cool.

Day 4 was my final day in LA. I randomly found out my friend Selina was in town and she wanted to get naked near a palm tree so we drove around Hollywood trying not to get arrested. Not sure we got anything good but maybe the 35mm film I shot will come out. I will find out tomorrow. After that Selina and I went over to shoot Missy Martinez. Selina jumped into some shots and I actually shot a full set of Missy which was great since I didn’t really shoot any other digital stuff while I was in LA. Missy rules and signed a bunch of Instax to give away for my Kickstarter.

After that I drove back to Vegas where Bobbi Dylan let me crash with her for the night. I got in late and had an early flight home but we took a handful of 35mm pictures because I needed to kill a roll. Really awesome of Bobbi for letting me crash with her given that we didn’t really know each other before this trip. Thanks Bobbi!

And that’s it. I flew back to NYC and got sick for two days. Finally feeling better and got to update. Check the main page for all the stuff from Vegas going up tomorrow. And we out…

Missy Martinez


Eden Sin

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Vegas Update #2

I’ve been to LA for a day and a half but just gonna give you these Vegas updates because I meant to post this two days ago and didn’t have any time to finish it/Wifi until now.

First of all I shot the AVN Awards and a ton of my friends won and it was awesome. I posted like 50 photos on Twitter so you can just look at this post and read all the replies to see a ton of photos from the AVNs. Check out the rest on the LA Weekly.

I am not posting any photos from the AEE right now because I wouldn’t even know where to begin but the LA Weekly has a gallery of that as well. I will get to that stuff myself when I get back home a week too late. Sorry.

Now for the fun part… the girls I got to take photos of while I was in Vegas…

Since the last update I got to take photos of some fairly attractive humans. I shot Blair Williams who was sick but I brought her DayQuil and shot her in her hotel room taking medicine, eating food and getting her make up done. Fun BTS stuff with a super babe. She also happened to have a really hot make up artist/best friend.

I finally got some one on one time with Keisha Grey who I am sort of obsessed with. She goes from super adorable to super sexy in an instant and she fucking climbed out of her window onto the wall of the hotel several floors up. It was amazing and then she just took a bath and we took photos and we watched Billy Maddison until she had to go to a party.

Saturday I got to shoot Moth who is an unreasonable babe. She was staying with my bff Lucy Everleigh and two other girls and they managed to destroy their room in a way that was formerly only reserved for British rockstars so of course I shot her in their room. Oh, and speaking of Lucy, her and I and our friend Hunny all got terrible $10 tattoos on Sunday.

After my shoot from Moth I met up with another super cute cam girl named Holly Beth. I took Holly’s photo at AVN last year and this year I got to shoot real photos of her. We didn’t have a place to shoot but I ran into Hunny (see previous paragraph) and Hunny said we could shoot in her room if her roommates didn’t mind. They didn’t so we went up stairs and on the way ran into two other cam girls and they wanted to be in photos so I shot some solo stuff with Holly and then more stuff with all four of them. And then the roommates showed back up and I finally shot six cam girls together. It was pretty magical.

Sadly during the shoot my Instax camera broke so I sort of didn’t shoot anyone else after that. I did get a few shots of my friend Charlotte Sartre cause we were hanging after the AVN Awards but we didn’t shoot much.

Anyway, I left for LA and I will update you on that shit later, until then here’s some highlights…

Blair Williams


Keisha Grey

Holly Beth

My Free Cam Girls


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Vegas Update #1

Day one and two of my trip to Vegas are in the books and I feel like I have taken a million photos and not sure I like any of them because that’s just how I roll. I have been mostly focused on my assignments for LA Weekly, Mass Appeal and Vice and of course taking photos for my book so I have only really done one full set of babe photos.

I shot a few digital photos of Abigail Mac, Stefanie Joy, and Melissa Moore but I was mostly focused on my other work that aside from one or two pictures the digital stuff is fairly useless. I did a quick set with Bobbi Dylan in a stairwell but we didn’t wanna get caught so it was really fast and then last night as I was leaving to head back to my hotel I shot a few photos of Ramona Flour in the parking garage. All this stuff will probably end up in a Girls of AVN 2016 gallery pretty soon.

The one shoot I did for real was of Jillian Janson. I actually shot her for the Showtime AVN broadcast. I guess they put in little features between the awards and apparently I am going to be in one of them. We shot in this amazing penthouse suite and then went on the roof and finally snuck into a kitchen where we immediately got caught. I took 300 photos so there’s gotta be one good one.

So while I was updating this my friend Taurus just showed up and we took some photos in my hotel room so I guess I will add that to this update too! Not sure if there’s a full set in there either but we got some nice stuff. She’s so fucking pretty.

I should also mention that my Instaxxx photo book Kickstarter hit $11,000 today which is fucking insane and Abigail Mac and Jillian Janson signed some Instax for the Kickstarter so if you haven’t donated or want to raise your pledge you can get one of the signed outtakes. Wow that was a long sentence.

Anyway, I am headed back to the AEE and I am sure I will have plenty of that stuff for you soon.

Jillian Janson

Abigail Mac

Bobbi Dylan

Ramona Flour

Taurus Angel

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Headed Back To Vegas

Leaving for Vegas right now. AVN Awards madness starts today (well it probably started yesterday but I am late). I am shooting stuff for a few clients which pays for the trip but I am mostly in town to work on my Instaxxx book. I can’t tell you how many wild photos I have taken in Vegas and with every porn star in the world in one hotel it’s pretty easy to get some decent shots.

Since I am not actually there yet I can’t give you any new content yet but here’s a few Instax I have shot the last few years during AVN week.

I will be back soon but in the mean time go buy a copy of my book Instaxxx! All of these photos will probably be in it!

Bonnie Rotten & Malice McMunn

Keisha Grey & Abella Danger


Asphyxia Noir & Skin Diamond

Babes In A Bed


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LA Part 2

In a few hours I am gonna be leaving LA for DC and a few days with the family for thanksgiving. I figured I would update you guys on the last few days and give you a few photos before I skip town. Since I left you last I have done a handful of pretty good shoots AND I got to see the Dolphins beat the Rams in one of the worst and best games I have ever seen. The first 55 minutes were terrible and it was raining and miserable and the Dolphins were down by 10. And then suddenly the rain stopped for a few minutes and the Dolphins scored 14 in 4 minutes and won the damn game. It was glorious.

Anyway, you wanna see some babes. Let’s get to that…

I was watching hockey the other day at my brother’s place when Ivy Aura decided she wanted to hang out. I met her in Portland in June and she was in LA making adult movies but had the day off so she came by. We didn’t do a full shoot or anything but I did shoot a few photos of her on the wall with the projector I was watching hockey on. We played one of her Porn Hub videos on the wall and I shot her in front of it. It was kinda funny.

The next morning I went and shot this girl Kasey Warner who has this adorable place not to far from my brother’s and we shot in her back yard. Like everyone in LA she has an adorable dog and we did a few photos with it. The dog hated me at first but we bonded and I spent like 30 minutes just petting her dog after the shoot. It was great.

Later that same day I went to shoot Dahlia Sky. I am kinda a huge fan of Dahlia’s existence and we had never done an 1 on 1 shoot before. We finally had a chance and it was sadly too dark in her place and I had to use a flash which I hate but I think we got some good stuff anyway. Honestly Dahlia is fucking amazing so it doesn’t really matter how good my photography is.

The next day was the Dolphins game and then I went and hung out with Abella Danger who I kinda feel like is my little sister because all we do is talk shit to each other whenever we hang out but it’s fun anyway and I occasionally take photos of her butt. Wait, scratch that sister thing.

Today I went out to Santa Monica and shot Jillian Janson under the boardwalk and on the pier. Most of the pictures are safe for work but we shot some naked ones quickly too and Jillian is so fucking hot it’s kinda irrelevant if she’s wearing clothes or not. You are gonna really dig the photos.

That brings me to right now. I had plans tonight but they got canceled so instead of hanging with babes for one last night I am updating my website which is probably for the best anyway. Besides I need to repack after two weeks on the road.

Now go look at some photos…

Jillian Janson

Ivy Aura

Kasey Warner

Dahlia Sky

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LA Part 1

I have been in LA all week and I have shot a bunch of babes and a ton of instant film for my new book and it’s been a pretty good time. Last night I went to the AVN Nomination party and shot that for the LA Weekly, but more on that later. I have four more days in LA and a few more shoots planned so hopefully Part 2 of my LA Road Trip blog will be as filled with babes.

Let’s do a quick run down of the shoots…

I shot Riley Nixon with her dog Pig. She’s a fantastic model and her dog is my new best friend now. You are gonna dig these photos.

I shot Daisy Ducati in my rental car. I got this huge SUV for some reason even though I wanted a compact so I figured I should shoot it. Glad I shot in it right away because on Wednesday I opened my car door and a woman drove right into it.

I shot Cassidy Klein and Melissa Moore in this shitty hotel room I was staying in for a couple days. The light was hideous but I took a bunch of good flash stuff using film but I shot almost no digital so you won’t be seeing a set of this but probably a bunch on my Tumblr.

I shot Heather Vahn at the place she rents in Beverly Hills when she’s in LA. I really like these photos. Heather is a great model but we have never done a proper shoot before. It’s always just been us taking random shots in her hotel room. Glad we did a proper shoot.

Lastly I shot Joseline Kelly at my friend Dave’s house and unfortunately I got stuck in horrible traffic so by the time I got there we had lost all the light and then Joseline got way too stoned. I got some decent photos and some really good Polaroid stuff but I feel like her and I can do much better at some point.

But yeah, so far so good and hopefully I got a bunch more to shoot so keep checking back!

Riley Nixon & Pig

Daisy Ducati

Melissa Moore & Cassidy Klein

Heather Vahn

Joseline Kelly

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Day three of the Juggalos was pretty productive. Most of the day was spent following professional wrestler and viral video sensation Jeff Hardy around for a profile the LA Weekly. We followed him from his hotel room to the Gathering and took shots of him getting ready for his headlining fight at Juggalo Championship  Wrestling’s yearly event Bloodymania. It was a lot of fun since he was one of my favorite wrestlers as a kid and I found out he’s only a couple years older than me. Apparently he started wrestling on TV at age 16.

But before we met up with Jeff I also got to shoot part of WolfPac’s annual juggalo fight club. I saw two matches, the first of which was fairly brutal (see face below). The winner of the day goes on to fight the previous champion Nebraska Warrior who I have spent a few years documenting for different outlets. I hope to catch that championship fight today. I haven’t seen Nebraska yet and I kinda love that guy.

Yesterday was also a fairly nudity filled one. I got to do a proper photo shoot with Sydney Krey, one of the Busey Beauties I met last year. She is such a babe and we shot behind some toilets which is a pretty classic Driven By Boredom vibe I think. I also randomly stumbled into one of the tents last night where they were apparently having a foam party but it was mostly just some naked girls on stage. Good times.

Oh, I should also mention that the wrestling event Bloody Mania was kinda amazing. One of the longest tenured JCW wrestlers (and one of Violent J’s best friends) Rude Boy announced that he was diagnosed with dementia from wrestling head injuries and had to retire. It was heartbreaking and I did not expect to be tearing up at a juggalo wrestling event. Violent J also wrestled for the first time in 8 years. He gained a ton of weight and lost all of it since last year. He did a moonsault off the top rope and was honestly impressive. More on all this later in a separate post so only the wrestling nerds have to read it, but for now links to my coverage in other outlets.

Oh, wait. Did I mention I saw fucking Slick Rick?!

And now 5 random photos…

Jeff Hardy


Juggalo Fight Club

Violent J  @ Bloody Mania

Sydney Krey

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I got down to the Gathering pretty late yesterday. One of the writers I am with from the LA Weekly decided to make his own juggalo toy out of a Big Boy bank he bought at breakfast and it became a whole thing. I actually built a fake website for the toy today and he actually sold it at the Gathering. Incredibly stupid but it might make for a pretty good article (that I will post once it’s up).

When I got there a documentary filmmaker doing something on juggalos convinced me to do an interview and by the time that was over I only had an hour or so of good light. I still got some pretty decent shots before Gwar went on. Gwar did some insane political show where they murdered Obama, Trump and Hillary and sprayed a lot of pink blood on everyone. Good times. Violent J of ICP also preformed his solo album Wizard of the Hood with the help of Shaggy and Twiztid and a bunch of dwarves. Real weird.

Late night I shot some wrasslin’ because the LA Weekly is doing a story about wrestling at the Gathering. There will be a lot more of that tonight. Unfortunately I am kinda terrible at shooting wrestling and didn’t bring a long lens so all of that stuff will probably be horrible, but I am sure I will get enough decent shots for the article.

Very last thing we did was head to the Busey Beauties party which was a fucking insane but pretty much everything they do is nuts so yeah.

This is an incredibly boring update but I am unreasonably exhausted and I still have two more days of this. I am pretty sure I am going to die soon.

Here’s some of my LA Weekly coverage posted since yesterday:

And now here are five random photos from the day…Gathering Of The Juggalos

Wizard Of The Hood

Gathering Of The Juggalos

Gwar @ Gathering Of The Juggalos

Gathering Of The Juggalos


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Gathering Of The Juggalos Day 1

Yesterday was fucking exhausting but I managed to take 700 photos and didn’t at all die which is a success no matter how you look at it. I have no idea how I am going to make it through four days of this with four or five clients but I gotta make a living somehow and it’s better than a real job right?

I didn’t get to see much music yesterday because I was mostly out shooting juggalos but I got to see Rittz and Tech N9ne. Tech is always fucking amazing and he plays every year so I always make sure to pay attention to his set. Today Gwar is playing which should be cool but over all there isn’t a ton of music this year I am excited about.

Mike Busey and his Busey Beauties are back and I hung out with them a bit last night but didn’t shoot a ton of photos. Will make up for that today since everyone seems to fucking love those shots. I did shoot a bunch of naked juggalettes which everyone also seems to love so there should be bunch of weird nudity this year if that’s important to you.

Here’s some links from my LA Weekly coverage so far:

And now here’s some random photos for you to look at…

Gathering Of The Juggalos Day 1

Gathering Of The Juggalos Day 1

Gathering Of The Juggalos Day 1

Gathering Of The Juggalos Day 1

Tech N9ne



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