SXSW Continues…

Music week is in full swing and I have been working parties I can’t really talk about until after they are over. Whatever the case, last night was a ton of fun and I have a feeling tonight is going to be a blast as well. Plus I have legitimately nothing to do until 9pm tonight and that fucking rules.

I did take some pictures of Thee Oh Sees and my friend Justin’s band the Residuals at Hotel Vegas yesterday but other than that I have completely managed to avoid seeing any bands this week which is precisely the plan. Not that there aren’t a few bands I want to see but every year I get so burnt out from SXSW so it’s nice to try to just chill out a bit.

Anyway, here are some highlights from the last two days… Pics from the Sailor Jerry gallery, Hotel Vegas and two parties that aren’t that secret but I would get yelled at for talking about. If you want to come by tonight though just let me know and I can list you.

Thee Oh Sees

King Tuff & Some Art

Hannibal & Some Ladies


Erica & Sarah

Sailor Jerry Original Drawing


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Love//War Photos

Last night I had photos in Love//War the art show about conflict at MAMA Gallery in LA (Curated by Mint&Serf and Paperwork NYC). It was an amazing show with amazing artists and there was an amazing turnout. When the gallery first got really packed I looked at my phone and it was 7:03pm. The show started at 7. It was packed all night long and I assume people who didn’t hang photos of dead birds and crackheads probably sold some artwork. I of course only like putting completely unsellable work in galleries so I have a feeling I wasn’t so lucky.

When I get back to NYC expect a full write up but for now you can just look at photos. I didn’t shoot a ton because I had a lot of friends there and I was just hanging out, but I took enough that you can get the idea of the thing.

Oh, and this blog Drunken Stepfather ran a bunch of my Vegas photos. I uploaded most of the stuff I shot in Vegas to Girls of Driven By Boredom and you can get 10% with the code “stepfather” for the next week.

Now click here to check out the photos from the Love//War opening at MAMA Gallery in DTLA.


Dana DeArmond & Greg Mishka

Packed All Night

Mike Krim Of Paperwork NYC

My Terrible Photos


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LA Art Book Fair & Love//War

If anyone is in Los Angeles this week I am going to be at the LA Art Book Fair at the Geffen Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. I realize any sentence with contemporary in it twice and Los Angels in it thrice can’t be good, but I am actually pretty excited.

I will be there tonight for the opening party and will be releasing the new super limited zine “Fuck LA” that I mentioned yesterday. It features some of my craziest photos taken in Los Angeles. A lot of nudity and drugs and total madness. It’s limited to only 50 copies and each comes with a signed print.

For those who can’t make it to LA, I put a few on my etsy last night but they sold immediately so I added two more so that you guys have a chance but get em NOW cause they should be gone by tonight.

I will also of course be selling/signing Dinner With Igor, Food Tattoos and my insane Vegas photo album as well.

I will be at the Paperwork NYC both most of the time so come find me!

On Saturday as an after party to the book fair I am in a show that Paperwork NYC and my friends Mint&Serf curated called Love//War at the MAMA Gallery in DTLA. It’s a show about conflicting forces and nearly everyone in it is either from NYC or LA. It’s Biggie vs Tupac all over again except not at all.

I have two 20″x30″ photos in the show and am hanging with a bunch of artists I love. I am actually really honored to be in the show. Ed Templeton, Boogie and Sean Maung are three of the best photographers around as far as I am concerned and we got downtown NYC royalty like Leo Fitzpatrick, Eric Foss and the whole Mint&Serf #PPP crew. I am showing for the first time with one of my favorite people Slutlust and I am really proud of all that dude has done. Plus Norman Reedus from Walking Dead is showing so that also rules.

If you can make it out that would be amazing but if not I will be taking a ton of photos.



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