The Driven By Boredom Snapback

I realized recently that the last time I did any Driven By Boredom clothing it was 2009. I figured it was time to step up my game a little bit and frankly I wanted my own black on black DBB Snapback. Fortunately a friend of mine who does the embroidery for another thing I do asked me to shoot his daughter’s Sweet 16 party. Normally I would have said no, but the guy is a good friend and has done a lot for me so I pitched him the idea of a trade. So a few weeks ago I shot his daughters 16th birthday in what was one of the most surreal events I have ever photographed. Did you know 16 year olds love the Electric Slide? And somehow Soulja Boy is still popular? Wild.

(I actually have shot one other Sweet 16 party but it was for current Fool’s Gold recording artist Leaf and Usher was there an Dev and Shwazye performed so it was kinda a different thing.)

Anyway, in exchange for shooting the party I got a couple dozen hats. I got a dozen black on black, six magenta (pink) and six red. Since I am stealing one of each of them there’s very few left so if you want one you better get one now.

The hats are $28 which is a compromise between the $25 I wanted to sell em for and the $30 that I probably should sell them for to justify a shooting a 16 year old girl birthday party.

I shot my friend Bel Vargas in the hats last night but I didn’t really think about shooting any safe for work stuff because I am an idiot so I guess you are just gonna have to deal with some nipples.

Click here to get your very own Driven By Boredom snapback! 

Ps. Also for sale on my Etsy store is the greatest photo I have ever taken.

Bel Vargas Driven By Boredom Snapback

Bel Vargas Driven By Boredom Snapback






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This Way To Your Gathering Of The Juggalos Coverage

Tomorrow I head to my 6th straight Gathering of the Juggalos and that means I am opening up the road trip blog so that I can do quick daily updates while I am on the road and then I can upload full galleries when I get back. I will also be posting links on there to when my stuff runs on Noisey and Rolling Stone who are paying for my trip.

I should also probably mention something about my website and lack of updates recently. My site is up and running after being hacked so that’s great but I haven’t been shooting much but naked women recently which is obviously not a problem but I just hate to fill my site with just nudity because it looks like even more of a porn site than usual. So the combination of the slow season for nightlife, my site being hacked and a pretty shitty bit of depression has made for a pretty empty website.

But yeah that should be about over now. I think I’ve pretty much pulled out of the bullshit in my life, the site is back up and the Gathering will provide for a ton of fucking updates. Plus I got some fun projects coming up so be on the look out.

I also should mention that I shot porn star Brandy Aniston yesterday (who incidentally is an ICP fan). The main point of our shoot was to shoot her topless in Times Square but I did that on 35mm film so I have no idea what that is going to look like. I hope it will be epic. But we also spent about 10 minutes (maybe closer to 5) shooting in her hotel room and actually got a few nice shots.

So to give you guys something else to look at other than Juggalos I uploaded a temporarily exclusive set to Girls Of Driven By Boredom. Most of the set will be posted here eventually but I wanted to upload something for my hard core fans while I am off photographing clowns.

So head over to Girls of DBB to see Brandy Aniston.

And then head this way to the Road Trip Blog for daily Gathering of the Juggalos updates!

Brandy Aniston

Welcome To The Gathering


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Headed Back To SXSW

Tomorrow I am skipping town for the next two weeks. Headed to my 12th straight SXSW. Because I won’t be able to update like I would normally I am moving everything over to the magical Driven By Boredom Road Trip Blog for daily updates while I am gone. So if you get this and it’s any time between now and the 23rd of March I you should click over there!

For those in Austin or just interested in my life for some weird reason I will be shooting SXSW Film stuff for the Village Voice/ LA Weekly media empire as part of my yearly SXSW Film Portraits. I start Friday on that stuff and go until Monday. On Tuesday I am working the premiere and after party for the new Robert Duvall directed film Wild Horses which should be a lot of fun.

Then South By Southwest Music starts and I am working the art gallery of original Sailor Jerry flash that is part of the official SXSW program (flyer below). Wednesday through Saturday night I am working some private parties that I can’t technically talk about but if we are friends and you want to go hit me up. During the day during SXSW Music I am freelancing for Rolling Stone and Noisey so hopefully I will find some cool stuff for them too.

Should be a fun trip and hopefully I will take an insane amount awesome photos.

Now click here to visit the Road Trip Blog while I am at SXSW! 

Sailor Jerry SXSW Gallery


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On The Road Again…

I am in Vegas and LA for the next two weeks. I won’t be updating the main page while I am out of town but I will be making regular smaller updates over on my special Road Trip blog which I use when I am out of town for extended periods of time.

One of the reasons I am out of town is for the LA Art Book Fair next week and I will be updating this post once I have all the details about the events I am doing for that. In the mean time…

Click here for the Road Trip blog!

On The Road Again

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Antiques Roadshow – 8.9.14

This is going to be a pretty great update. I mean assuming you love Antiques Roadshow as much is I do which is probably unlikely unless you are a 65 year old woman from middle America. I am pretty much obsessed with Antiques Roadshow in a completely non ironic way. It’s sort of the perfect TV show combining great stories, educational information and a wide variety of subjects all with an emotional payoff at the end of each segment when they find out what their items are worth. As someone full of cynicism and hate I love watching people incredibly passionate and in love with stuff I never even considered interesting before. It’s led me to find beauty in things like stone pottery and Federalist furniture. I have watched probably hundreds of episodes.

The Antiques Roadshow finally came to NYC last Saturday for the first time in many years. I tried to win their free ticket lottery but had no luck. I tried to buy a ticket online but they were over $100. I decided to reach out to a friend I met at jury duty who works PBS and amazingly he got me a pair of tickets. My friend Pinky Guest is pretty obsessed with thrift stores and flea markets so I decided to bring her along. I was pumped.

What I failed to mention is that at the same time I was frantically trying to find a ticket I was also pitching the story to my editor at the Village Voice. He liked the idea but was out of town and didn’t try to request a press pass until two days before the show. I already had tickets at that point and I had given up hope of covering it as a journalist, but on Friday afternoon the confirmation came through and I was approved!

I didn’t know what to do about Pinky though, I felt bad just abandoning her there so I had an idea. She writes copy for advertising and has worked professionally as a blogger in the past and she also runs Ebay Shop Of Horrors so I pitched both her and my editor on the idea of her writing a story to go with my pictures. They were both on board and we set out on the greatest three hour adventure of our lives!

When we got to the Roadshow we were introduced to our media escort who would take us around the event since there are a lot of rules in place to protect the privacy of people who have won big money items on the show. For example we could only publish first names of the attendees we interviewed. Our escort also let us cut the line to have our items appraised!

We each were able to bring two items to be appraised by a Roadshow expert. Pinky brought two pieces of her mom’s old jewelry and I brought a terrifying unicorn taxidermy (that Pinky found while searching for Ebay Shop Of Horrors items) and a belt buckle that I bought at a flea market for $5.

Our first stop was to the jewelry appraisers who told Pinky that her first item was worth a couple hundred dollars but could be worth more if she could find a photo of her mom wearing it at Studio 54, a frequent haunt of her mothers back in the day. Pinky was a bit disappointed with that but was excited to learn that the biggest stone in her second item, a bracelet, was a yellow sapphire and not citrine as she believed. It ended up being worth as much as $2000!

I took both my items to a bestashed gentleman at the “Collectables” table. He seemed very excited about both my items and told me that my unicorn was probably made as a souvenir in the 60s in China and might actually be made of dog hair! He told me it was worth $250 which annoyed the hell out of Pinky since she told me about it and I won the ebay auction for $35. “How could your unicorn be worth more than my necklace!?” My belt buckle seemed to be the real prize though and my appraiser seemed to be in love with it. It’s a folk art buckle with an Easy Rider style chopper on the front with an engraving from a father to his son on the back. I found out it was actually made of silver and he showed it to another appraiser before telling me it was worth $75. I was sort of surprised at how low the appraisal was given his level of excitement but considering I paid $5 for it I still left a big winner.

After our appraisals we wondered around the convention center talking to people about their items. Pinky interviewed about 25 people while I took pictures. We met a guy who paid $50 for a rifle stock that he found out was worth $10,000 and a couple who live in artist Red Grooms’ former loft and their collection of his art was worth $15,000. We also got to interview the dreamy Roadshow host Mark L. Walberg and talk to one of my favorite appraisers about antique fire arms! It was pretty fantastic. After that Pinky and I watched the 100 Foot Journey proving that we are little old ladies trapped in 30 year old hipster bodies.

Pinky wrote a fantastic article about our trip for the Village Voice that I am pretty proud of… you should click here to read it right now.

After you look at that, take a look at a rough draft of Driven By Boredom’s new photo gallery system. There is a new Driven By Boredom update coming sooner or later but we had to rush things a bit because I broke my old galleries accidentally. They will still exist as they are now, but moving forward we are going to be using WordPress’ internal gallery system. There will be a new design to it, but for now it’s a little clunky. It’s better than the old galleries, but it will get a lot better soonish.

Now click here to see all my photos from the Antiques Roadshow at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC!

Leslie Keno

Antiques Roadshow

Red Groom's Taxi

Antiques Roadshow

Leslie Keno

Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow


Antiques Roadshow

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I Have No Idea What’s Going On

Hey guys. I meant to update yesterday telling you all about the Superchief art show at Culturefix but I have been on a road trip for no reason and I was staying at a random casino in Southern Indiana and I could not even begin to explain why. But anyway, I had two big 20″x30″ photos in the show, as seen below, that you could probably still go look at if you happened to live in NYC and wanted to go see them. Culturefix is a bar too so you could get drunk while looking at them and then get so drunk you buy them. Good plan.

Okay, so yeah I am on this random road trip and right now it’s 1:45am I am in Bowling Green, Kentucky which is something I never thought I would say but there is a Corvette museum here and while normally I wouldn’t care, they had a sink hole open below the museum and I want to see it before they fill in the hole. Seriously, it’s just a giant hole in the middle of a museum. I am gonna check it out tomorrow morning and then from there head to Nashville and then the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Alabama, then hit Atlanta and hang out with a Coathanger or two and then try to make it all the way to South Carolina. Five states in one day isn’t bad. I should be back in NYC sometime Sunday and then I head to the Gathering of the Juggalos on Tuesday. Yup, it’s that time again.

In preparation for Juggalos I have some naked juggalette photos I still need to get up from last year. It’s a long story and I will share that with you Monday (or perhaps from my hotel Tuesday night). I also have some lovely Shay Laren nudes that are ready to go but for a reason I can’t quite explain at this moment I can’t quite post them yet.

Also, today I took some insane photos at the Creation Museum and I can’t wait to share those with everyone but I can’t real with that until I get back but I probably won’t actually have time to deal with that until I get back from the Gathering so just be on the look out.

Long story short, I have no idea what’s going on, but I have a lot of stuff happening and a lot of stuff ready to go up but that won’t actually go up quite yet. In conclusion below are the two photos I have int he Supercheif show, one photo of a juggalette, one photo of  Shay Laren and one from the Creation Museum. Just to make everything weirder I am going to post the photos out of order so you are going to have to use your deductive reasoning skills to figure out what is happening right now. The answer mostly involves lack of sleep mixed with sleeping pills.  See you bastards soon.

Kayvon Vand

Shay Laren

Veruca James

Creation Museum

Gathering Of The Juggalettes

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Things! And Stuff!!

First of all, happy Mother’s Day! Check out my mom at her wedding in 1978!

Do to one of my best friends weddings and a strange series of coincidences and cancelations I haven’t touched my digital camera in weeks. I couldn’t get into the (first day of the) NFL Draft and I even had a dentist appointment postponed. It’s been a weird month but it’s been a great excuse to start getting my life together. I am in NYC until the end of this month so I am going to use these three weeks to hopefully get a TON of work done.

I have two big projects that I am going to take on while I am in town. I am working on a series of food books as I mentioned way back in November. Finally I am going to really get my shit together. I have a pretty good edit and a great idea how I am going to do it. Hopefully by June I will have at least a layout done.

The second big project is building a damn portfolio site. Not sure why I don’t have one or why you would even care, but hopefully me organizing thousands of photos will end up being good for you somehow. Moving on.

Back in the day on Driven By Boredom I used to post links to websites I thought were cool and things like that. I don’t really do it anymore, but here is one link you should really check out: a group of people are trying to create a road out of solar panels. It’s an amazing project that could completely change the world as we know it. It only took 35 years to build the interstate highway system. If this road actually works there’s no reason we couldn’t see a complete end to gas powered cars in our lifetime. Go donate some money now. 

In other news my Tumblr just hit 10,000 followers. It was my first social network to hit 10k followers and it features a ton of my 35mm work and just random shots from my daily life. Check it out if you haven’t already. My Instagram would have hit 10k if it hadn’t been deleted the first time. Go follow my new one already…

Hmm… What else? Oh! My web series Road Strip has a new episode coming out this week. There are a bunch of good ones coming up so catch up on the whole series already! Very not safe for work!

Last bit of news is that NYC’s own Superchief just opened an art space in Los Angeles and they are having a big show on Thursday for the grand opening. I have at least one photo in it (I gave them a bunch of stuff to choose from) and a bunch of artists I love are in it as well. My buddies (and amazing photographers) Tod Seelie and Brock Fetch are two of the featured artists and other people I dig like Lee Trice, Eddy Segal and Prettypuke are in it as well. So if you are in LA go to the opening on Thursday. If you can’t make it the show will be up until the end of July. Hopefully I will be able to make it out there to see it myself! Really psyched to be in this show!

So check out the flyer for the show and I will be back Tuesday with some photos you do not want to miss…

Superchief LA Opening



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NSFW Week! New Road Strip! App Exclusives!

So I was on the west coast for 10 days and I am finally back and recovered but now I am immediately leaving town to go to one of my best friends wedding. The problem is that while I was on the west coast all I did was photograph cute girls and shot only the one event in Vegas. So now I am going to basically be super busy and not shooting new content for another week and it just doesn’t seem fair to just not post stuff. So instead I am going to use this week to post a bunch of old nude sets that need to see the light of day!

So along with the Catie Parker set from a few days ago and this App exclusive set today I am going to have three more updates of cute girls between now and when I get back next Monday. It’s been a long time since I have done a “Not Safe For Work Week” so get excited! I edited sets of Angel Beau and Arabelle Raphael that I shot last summer and I have a set of Belle Noire that I just photographed a few days ago. I feel like I will run on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday type of schedule but I don’t want to promise anything except for a bunch of fun pictures over the next week.

Today I have for you a new episode of my Wood Rocket web series Road Strip. It came out a week ago but I didn’t have time to do a proper update about it when I was out of town. It’s the second episode starring Sidney Scarlet and it features a ton of footage of her swimming around naked. Plus we take you to exciting places like Cozy Dog (home of the corn dog!) a “giant” watermelon statue and Tall Paul the giant holding a hot dog that I currently have tattooed to my leg! Plus we got her naked in a Target while the power was out. These are things you need in your life!

I also have an App Exclusive set of Sidney that we shot in the shower and outside our hotel in Springfield, IL. The photos are high resolution and ONLY available on the Girls of Driven By Boredom app. You clearly need this app in your life.

Now click here to see the new episode of Road Strip and I will see you guys soon!

Sidney Scarlet App Exclusive

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Return Of The Road Trip Blog

Last summer I left town for 31 days on a cross country road trip and I came up with the idea of creating a specific Road Trip Blog. It was a way for me to create smaller daily posts that I could get up very quickly from the road. That way there would be constant new updates but I didn’t have to spend all day in front of the computer to get them up. I then brought the blog back when I was at the Gathering of the Juggalos last year because the internet was so questionable. Once again, I am bringing it back.

Today I am in Austin, Texas for my 11th straight trip to the South By Southwest music/interactive/film/comedy festival. I will be here for almost two weeks and starting Friday I will be shooting constantly. The first week I will be shooting mostly SXSW Film related stuff with some interactive or comedy stuff thrown in. On Tuesday night I start work for Sailor Jerry shooting the Sailor Jerry House at Gypsy Lounge all day every day for 4.5 days. The next day I am getting tattooed my pretty much my first tattoo artist every and then I will be heading the fuck home on the 18th. Should be a crazy trip. So follow along!

Click here to view daily updates from South By Southwest!


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