Instaxxx Kickstarter Ends Today!

The Kickstarter for my new book of nude instant film ends in a few hours! At 4:45pm EST (1:45 PST) the Kickstarter will end and while you will still be able to pre-order the book you will no longer get any of the fun rewards like the signed print that comes with all Kickstarter versions!

Kickstarter backers get more stuff too like a secret bonus zine for the price of shipping, a super cheap Kickstarter exclusive enamel pin and access to a behind the scenes blog and probably a solid discount coupon for Girls of Driven By Boredom.

Even if you can’t afford/ don’t want/ don’t want your wife to see the book you can still help out a bunch by just throwing in $1. Right now Instaxxx is the 57th most backed photo book in Kickstarter history and about 25 backers short of cracking the top 50. Would love to hit that in the last few hours. Seems a bit out of reach but raising $19,000 did too!

There are still a few Instax signed by porn stars left too. Missy Martinez (see below) and Jillian Janson both have a couple of signed Instax left. The ones of Jillian are kinda extra special because I shot them while being filmed by Showtime for their AVN Awards program so you might see one of your Instax on TV if you get one…

Anyway, that’s it I got no more promotion left in me. Just a few hours left and it’s over!

Back Instaxxx on Kickstarter now!


Missy Martinez Instaxxx

Also, just FYI tomorrow I am in a Valentine’s Day art show called “Dirty” at Tender Trap. It’s the third annual one but the first one I have had art in. I have a photo of Heather Vahn in it and will be taking some photos because I haven’t really shot any parties in a while and why the fuck not? Maybe I can take some dirty photos, make out with a stranger or two and celebrate my new book. Seems like a reasonable way to spend Valentine’s Day right?

Dirty @ Tender Trap

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Introducing My Third Book: Instaxxx

When I was 19 my girlfriend gave me a Polaroid camera and let me take naked photos of her. They were some of the first naked photos I ever took and 17 years later I am still photographing friends, lovers and of course naked models and porn stars on instant film.

I have spent the last 6 months or so working my ass off on my third book “Instaxxx” and the Kickstarter just launched.  This is probably the biggest project I have ever worked on and I hope at the end it’s the best thing I have ever put my name on.

If you have ever been a fan of anything I’ve ever done this is the best possible way to support my work. The early bird reward for the book is only $20 and there’s so many other things you can get like prints and discounts of my zines and even my actual Instax Wide camera. Even donating $5 will help.

Still looking to shoot more for it and I am gonna be working on it through February. Going out to Vegas and LA at this month to work on it as well. I have spent so much time on this book and I have so much left to do but this is the biggest step.

The video for it is pretty amazing as well. It features 20 topless babes talking about the project. My friend Ronen V helped me a ton with it so thanks to him for that and of course thanks to all the girls for helping too!

Oh, and I uploaded over 100 of the photos I have scanned so far to Girls of Driven By Boredom if you wanna check out more of the work.

Now please click here and back Instaxxx: A Book Of Nude Instant Photography!

Instaxxx: The Photo Book!

Instaxxx: The Photo Book!

Instaxxx: The Photo Book!


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Parties & Polaroids

Just a quick update today before I run out to watch more hockey. Playoffs are fucking exhausting. I mostly wanted to make sure I let you know about the party I am hosting on Thursday. It’s been a long time since I hosted a party that I didn’t actually throw but my buddy Carol Sharks asked me to do it and I couldn’t say no.

Her party Baewatch is joining forces with an LA party called Candy to form some sort of Voltronesque super party at Sway (305 Spring St). By the way, I can’t tell if Baewatch is the worst name for a party ever or a really good one. Come to the party and let me know how you feel about it. It’s all lady DJs and the other host is my home girl Pebbles so it’s gonna be me and a bunch of ladies and one of the ladies boyfriends who is providing candy which seems insane but I do tattoos at parties so I guess it makes more sense than that.

I haven’t decided if I am taking photos or not but I will at least be brining my camera so if you really feel like showing me your boobs or balls or something I can at least hook you up with a quick snap or two. I mean that’s just the kinda guy I am.

On a totally different topic I uploaded a bunch of naked Polaroids to the Driven By Boredom Etsy store. Well, technically they are Fuji Instax Wide but you get the idea. I got shots of  Krysa Kaos, Ashlee Graham and polaroids of Ash Hollywood and Sasha Pain together. Two babes in one!

All the Polaroids are signed by the girls and myself and are numbered out of five. First come first served! Get on it!

If you want to see more of my naked Polaroids you can do so over on the Girls of DBB. Just saying.

See you guys tomorrow?

Baewatch Vs Candy

Ash Hollywood & Sasha Pain

Krysta Kaos

Ashlee Graham



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Yesenia On 35mm

I shot Yesenia Linares for the first time years ago. I was really sick and ended up shooting her in the corner of my living room as I died on a couch. We really hit it off and became pretty good friends but for some reason we never took photos again. I think she likes me more than my photography and she has sort of blown up as a model so I get it but I finally convinced her to take some photos with me again.

I went over to her place in Brooklyn and I decided I would shoot three rolls of black and white film. I had seven rolls ready to drop off and my photo lab gives me a discount for 10 rolls or more so it seemed like a great reason to shoot some film. I try and make an effort to shoot a few rolls of black and white every month but it doesn’t always happen.

When I got to Yesenia’s place we sort of shot the shit for a while and she made us coffee and by the time we started shooting it was already getting darker in her place. By the time I had finished the second roll it was too dark even with my very fast lens. I had taken a couple of photos of her with my point and shoot camera loaded with color film and it gave me an idea.

Yesenia laughs more than any person I have ever met. It’s one of the reasons she is so much fun to hang out with. I had an idea to finish the color roll of her in front of a white wall but every photo I took would be while she was laughing. My point and shoot camera has a flash the lack of light wouldn’t matter.

So in this gallery you have the results of two rolls of black and white film and one roll of color. The black and white images are soft and pretty and the color ones are harsh with flash and really kind of lovely. I think you are going to enjoy them.

As always there are a few exclusive images saved just for the Girls of Driven By Boredom App. They are in higher resolution too. I put the app on sale for Christmas and it did so well that I am extending the 20% off sale until New Years Day. Use code “dbb” for the discount and get a ton of exclusive high res content like the app only Andy San Dimas set I just posted!

Now click here to see the NSFW 35mm images of the lovely Yesenia Linares!

Ps. Yesenia is in my new book eating fried chicken. You should buy it. It ships next week.

Yesenia Linares

Yesenia Linares

Yesenia Linares

Yesenia Linares

Yesenia Linares



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New Stokely Road Strip; New Signed Polaroids

My Route 66 road trip adventure happened over a year ago, but the video series Road Strip keeps on trucking… The last episode featuring Charlotte Stokely went up today. She’s the most entertaining human ever and she is unreasonably attractive so these are some of the best episodes, but don’t worry, we have some great ones with Ash Hollywood coming up next! I’ve seen nearly all the rest of the episodes and you guys should be excited.

To celebrate the last Stokely episode I put three Polaroids of her, signed by both of us, in my Etsy store. They were taken at the end of my Route 66 trip when I ended up in LA. I need to get some extra footage of Charlotte so I stopped by her place and shot some Polaroids of her on her couch because when you hang out with Stokely if you don’t take her photo a lot you are fucking up. I also updated

I also put a bunch of additional Polaroids in my Etsy store including shots of Theresa Manchester, Calico LaneSasha Pain and Ashlee Graham. Plus there are still Polaroids available from Skin Diamond, Ash Hollywood, Janice Griffith and even Alysha Nett. And, on top of that I added 8″x10″ prints of two of my favorite summer time photos since summer is about to tragically end soon.

Plus I put all these Polaroids plus some extra, never been published Polaroids on the Girls of Driven By Boredom app… so if you like that kinda thing sign up already!

Anyway, you should watch this Road Strip episode because it features an excessive scene of Charlotte lotioning herself in my rental car, a giant Solo cup AND the greatest thing on Route 66… The Catoosa Blue Whale!!! Seriously the whale is the fucking best.

So click here to watch the new Road Strip Episode (catch up here!) and click here to go buy some shit. These things are important!

Charlotte Stokely @ Catoosa Blue Whale

Charlotte Stokely Nude Polaroid

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Sexy Etsy Updates!

I updated the Driven By Boredom Etsy store with some fun new stuff! We have nude signed Polaroids featuring Ash Hollywood, Janice Griffith and Mabel Wolfe. They are all signed by both me and the sexy ladies on them and numbered out of five. I took the Ash Hollywood Polaroids in Vegas after I photographed her for an issue of Hustler. Ash is one of my favorite models and I dig these photos. I shot the Mabel Wolfe shots the day we met in Richmond, VA. We are pretty good friends now so that day was an important one! Lastly the shots of Janice Griffith were shot in her apartment in LA in January. Janice is adorable and brand new girl and she’s totally blowing up. She is so new that she had to practice her signature a few times before she signed the Polaroids because she had never signed anything using her stage name before!

I also added some stickers and buttons to the Etsy store and there is a bunch of things already up there! There are a couple Skin Diamond Polaroids and even an Alysha Nett one left! Plus the last few copies of my book are in the store with exciting inflated prices!

So yeah! Go buy some stuff from my Etsy store! It helps me pay for dumb shit like food and shelter! 

Ash Hollywood Nude Polaroid

Janice Griffith Nude Polaroid

Mabel Wolfe Naked Polaroid

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Naked Polaroids For Sale!

I have been shooting topless Polaroids of ladies since I was 18 years old. I have photographed probably close to 500 women topless or nude on some form of Instant film. You can see a part of that collection in this video Models & Rappers filmed in my apartment.

Once Polaroid stopped making instant film I was pretty bummed, fortunately Fuji picked up the slack and released Instax Wide which is slightly more elongated that the 600 or Supra that I was shooting in the past. I wasn’t a big fan at first but eventually I grew to love it.

About a year ago I started shooting sets of 5 Fuji Instax Wide shots of girls when I would do nude shoots with them. I had the girls sign the back and then I signed them and numbered them out of five. I have sold a few here and there over the last year but I kept meaning to get them up online. Well that day is finally here!

I added five sets of nude/topless Polaroids to my Etsy store and you can get your hands on some pretty fun photos of some pretty hot babes! If they sell pretty well I will put up a bunch more. I have about 15 sets ready to go, but I wanted to start slow with these and see how it goes.

So go to my Etsy store now! Or just click any of the photos below to be taken directly to that item. First come first serve!

First we have April O’Neil who I have been trying to do a real shoot with for what seems like my entire life. I shot these on our quick mini shoot for a Hustler article. April is such a babe.

April O'Neil Topless Polaroid

Next we have Skin Diamond from our very recent, yet to be published shoot in her apartment. I am pretty excited about the set so these shots should be a good preview!

Skin Diamond Nude Polaroids

Next we have some shots of my good friend and burlesque performer extroidinare Madame Rosebud from our shoot at Galapagos Art Space.

Madame Rosebud Nude Polaroids 

Up next is the amazing Alysha Nett! She is one of my favorite naked babes and she sells her signed Polaroids for a lot more than I do. Three of them sold when I casually mentioned that I shot them so get these now!

Alysha Nett Topless Polaroid

Lastly we have my homegirl Phoenix Askani. I shot these on my couch when she was in town visiting. We took a bunch of photos in the snow and then shot these for fun.

Phoenix Askani Nude Polaroids

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2013 DolfansNYC #MetLifeTakeover – 12.1.13

Yesterday my friend Michelle and I organized an event called the #MetLifeTakeover where we bought and sold 760 tickets to the Miami Dolphins Vs. New York Jets game at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. We run Dolfans NYC, the New York Miami Dolphins fan club. I mention this pretty regularly during football season, but you might not realize how big this thing we do is. During yesterday’s game you could hear us on TV and Marv Albert mentioned us when the Dolphins scored their first TD. After the Dolphins put the game out of hand most of the Jets left the stadium and all that was left was two sections in the nose bleeds and a few other Dolphins fans scattered throughout the stadium.

After the game Dolphins player after player mentioned us on Twitter and even the coach gave some love on his radio show to the Dolphins fans in the “cheap seats” who made the team feel like they were playing a home game. Being able to actually impact a game like that was a really amazing moment and yesterday was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. We even got the hashtag #MetLifeTakeover trending! I am so proud of my Dolfans NYC community and all the Dolphins fans that joined us from around the northeast.

But before all that happened we organized a pretty sweet tailgate party. We had the whole thing catered and PBR and Sailor Jerry provided the booze for the pregame festivities. We had rapper Solo D perform a bunch of Dolphins themed songs including one he wrote for #MetLifeTakeover. The Dolphins shipped us a MASSIVE Dolphins flag and we unfurled it in the parking lot while Solo D played. I had to climb on top of an RV to take photos. We had some guests including Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkle, Dolphins legend Nat Moore as well as some people you have never heard of but was still pretty cool in the Dolphins world (Omar Kelly & Miko Grimes).

The whole event went off perfectly thanks to my friend Michelle’s insane organizational skills and I bought a bunch of inflatable palm trees so I pulled my weight as well. After the game we got back on the four busses we chartered and headed back to our normal Sunday home (Slattery’s!) for victory drinks. I was completely exhausted but it was a day I will remember forever.

Click here to see all the photos of the Dolfans NYC #MetLifeTakeover tailgate party at the Meadowlands in New Jersey.

Dolfans NYC #MetLifeTakeover

Dolfans NYC #MetLifeTakeover

Dolfans NYC #MetLifeTakeover

Solo D Dolfans NYC #MetLifeTakeover

Dolfans NYC #MetLifeTakeover

Dolfans NYC #MetLifeTakeover

Dolfans NYC #MetLifeTakeover

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DolfansNYC Halloween – 10.31.13

I know I told you I wasn’t going to bug you guys with too much of my Miami Dolphins nerdiness but these pictures are kinda great so just enjoy it. As I have mentioned like 200 times I (with my partner Michelle) run the New York City Miami Dolphins fan club, Dolfans NYC. We throw big parties at Slattery’s every time the Dolphins play but we really do it up for prime time games.

On Halloween the Dolphins played the Bengals and we threw a costume contest that was won by Mr. McGibblets although my amazing “Tired of Losing” costume was not eligible.  We also had DJ Tropic DJing, raised a bunch of money for breast cancer research and most importantly the Dolphins won with an overtime safety. Pretty fantastic night.

So go enjoy these halloweeny football photos. I mean it’s Sunday and all, what else do you have to do? Watch football?

Click here to see all the photos from the DolfansNYC Halloween party at Slattery’s Midtown Pub!

Igor DolfansNYC

DJ Tropic

Dolfans NYC

Rick Ross In The Building

Mr. McGibblets

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