New Road Strip W/ Charlotte Stokely!

There’s a new Road Strip episode up on Wood Rocket and it is the first episode to feature Charlotte Stokely! Charlotte is pretty much my favorite model ever and is an amazingly fun person to have on a road trip. I loved all the girls I brought along (or they wouldn’t have been part of this project!) but I booked the trip around Charlotte’s schedule. I picked her up on Saint Louis after my adventure with Theresa Manchester and had her for three days of Route 66 road trip fun! In this first episode you get to see amazing silica mining caves in Missouri and a bunch of gratuitous footage of Stokely taking a shower in a St. Louis motel shitty motel. It’s pretty fun.

I had a bunch of unpublished 35mm pictures of Stokely ready for this update but I am on vacation until Wednesday so I only have time to do a quick update today so you just get the video, BUT I had time to upload the pictures to the Girls of DBB App! So enjoy them over there if you have signed up to my app, but the rest of you cheap bastards will have to wait until the next episode comes out!

Personally I can’t wait for the next episode… I haven’t seen it yet, but Charlotte and I went on some epic adventures an I am sure it’s gonna be amazing.

Now click below to see the newest (Very NSFW!) episode of Road Strip featuring Charlotte Stokely!

Road Strip Charlotte Stokely

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New Road Strip! Theresa Manchester In Me St. Louis

Missouri is the “Show Me” state and no one better to show me Missouri than St. Louis native Theresa Manchester! When I was on my Route 66 road trip Theresa just happened to be back in her old home town and couldn’t wait to show me all her city had to offer! This new episode of my Wood Rocket web serious Road Strip is a really fun one! 

The highlight was going to the City Museum. It’s one of the most amazing places I have ever been. It’s a massive art project that takes over an entire building with tons of slides and weird things for kids to play on and a Ferris Wheel on the roof! We shot all over the place until we got caught shooting naked photos… They actually were quite nice about it and didn’t even kick us out. They just asked us to not get caught again. Theresa also hurt her butt on one of the slides on the roof. She still has a scar from it nearly a year later!

We also shot in front of the famous Gateway Arch and a few other places that didn’t make the video. She also took me to get some pretty good food and some serious frozen custard at the famous Ted Drewes. Not all of this is in the video, but it was a ton of fun. Theresa is one of my favorite people to shoot and hang out with so it was a great day. After you are doing watching the new episode of Road Strip  you can check out this gallery of Theresa in St. Louis or go check out Girls of DBB to see even more stuff from the trip.

Next up on Road Strip – Three days with Charlotte Stokely! But in the mean time click here to watch this episode of Road Strip with Theresa Manchester!

Road Strip W/ Theresa Manchester

Theresa Manchester In St. Louis

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Another Road Strip!

Just a quick update to plug the newest episode of my Route 66 web series, Road Strip! It’s the last of three episodes featuring Sidney Scarlet. The trip is the last day of Illinois and we say goodbye to Sidney in St. Louis. But don’t fear, in St. Louis I meet up with the lovely Theresa Manchester as she takes me on a naked tour of her home town and then I pick up Charlotte Stokely and we head out on the road again. So there should be some great episodes coming up!

On this episode Sidney and I got caught by some bikers while we were shooting naked photos in front of a giant rocking chair. The funny thing is that at our next stop we ran into them and they were a German couple driving Route 66 too. They loved that we were taking naked photos and I actually shot one of my favorite images in my Route 66 book while they were watching. I didn’t have photo releases for them so you don’t see that stuff, but the episode is pretty funny. Plus you get to see what a breakfast shoe is (hint: it’s food) and you get to see Lincoln’s lucky nose. It’s all pretty exciting.

So yeah, check out the new episode of Road Strip (NSFW obviously!)  and hopefully I will be back soon with some new and exciting stuff for you guys to look at.

Road Strip: St. Louis Or Bust


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NSFW Week! New Road Strip! App Exclusives!

So I was on the west coast for 10 days and I am finally back and recovered but now I am immediately leaving town to go to one of my best friends wedding. The problem is that while I was on the west coast all I did was photograph cute girls and shot only the one event in Vegas. So now I am going to basically be super busy and not shooting new content for another week and it just doesn’t seem fair to just not post stuff. So instead I am going to use this week to post a bunch of old nude sets that need to see the light of day!

So along with the Catie Parker set from a few days ago and this App exclusive set today I am going to have three more updates of cute girls between now and when I get back next Monday. It’s been a long time since I have done a “Not Safe For Work Week” so get excited! I edited sets of Angel Beau and Arabelle Raphael that I shot last summer and I have a set of Belle Noire that I just photographed a few days ago. I feel like I will run on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday type of schedule but I don’t want to promise anything except for a bunch of fun pictures over the next week.

Today I have for you a new episode of my Wood Rocket web series Road Strip. It came out a week ago but I didn’t have time to do a proper update about it when I was out of town. It’s the second episode starring Sidney Scarlet and it features a ton of footage of her swimming around naked. Plus we take you to exciting places like Cozy Dog (home of the corn dog!) a “giant” watermelon statue and Tall Paul the giant holding a hot dog that I currently have tattooed to my leg! Plus we got her naked in a Target while the power was out. These are things you need in your life!

I also have an App Exclusive set of Sidney that we shot in the shower and outside our hotel in Springfield, IL. The photos are high resolution and ONLY available on the Girls of Driven By Boredom app. You clearly need this app in your life.

Now click here to see the new episode of Road Strip and I will see you guys soon!

Sidney Scarlet App Exclusive

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Road Strip With Sidney Scarlet

A new episode of my web series Road Strip is out! It’s my favorite one so far and it really gets into the heart of the Route 66 trip I did last summer. The first episode took place in Detroit with Dixie Comet which wasn’t even part of the Route 66 trip. The second episode took place in Chicago with Caprice Capone. Most of the episode takes place at Navy Pier in Chicago which is unofficially the start of Route 66, but it wasn’t until this most recent issue that we get on the road!

I drove Sidney Scarlet from Chicago to St. Louis. It took three days even though it’s only a four hour drive. On the first day we spent a lot of time dealing with her broken phone and a terrible rain storm but the episode is still full of really fun stuff like a giant chicken, the Gemini Giant and a ton of nudity! The episode ends with a quick photo shoot we did in our hotel room and guess what? You get to see those photos today! (There are even more shots of Sidney of the Girls of DBB app!)

So click here to watch the new episode of Wood Strip with Sidney Scarlet!

And click here to see the mini photo shoot I did with Sidney Scarlet on the first full day of my Route 66 adventure!

Road Strip Episode 3!

Sidney Scarlet

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Punk Rock Vs Moombathon

Hey you raver fucks, now is your chance to see Fucking Bullshit.  For some reason The Death Set decided to throw a punk rock vs Moombathon party tomorrow night (Thursday) at Santo’s Party House and Fucking Bullshit is opening. I know a lot of my friends don’t give a shit about punk, but they do like absurd dance music so now is your chance to get your glow sticks out and try to throw them at my face as I sing punk rock hits for you clowns.  And then you can see Cousin Culo, Phi Unit and DJ Reck do their thing. For my punk friends, don’t miss this show because we are playing with the Death Set and the K-Holes and I imagine that I will spend most of the set trying to pick fights with club kids. It should be a lot of fun. Anyway, the show starts at 8 and we play at 9. Seriously, right at 9. Don’t be late. Here is a link to the Facebook invite for more info.

Now for the content of this post I have a bunch of shots that Coach Mike took at our last show and a lovely video. It was a lot of fun and we had everyone signing a long. The lead singer of Iconicide took the mic during a Black Flag cover and sang his death metal vocals all over my punk rock vocals. Clearly I had no choice to flip him in the air using only my neck. Fortunately when his head hit a cinder block he did not die and kept on rocking out. So check out the video, the neck flip starts around 1:45 and enjoy Mike’s pictures. See you cowards tomorrow.

Fucking Bullshit @ Hank's Saloon

Fucking Bullshit @ Hank's Saloon

Fucking Bullshit @ Hank's Saloon

Fucking Bullshit @ Hank's Saloon

Fucking Bullshit @ Hank's Saloon

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A Fucking Bullshit Christmas

When my punk cover band Fucking Bullshit performed our last show we decided to do a Christmas tune. We covered Fuck Christmas by Fear and I disrobed before the song and performed it wearing nothing but a Christmas thong and a Santa hat. I asked my friend Sasha to film it since she is a filmmaker and photographer but evidently she was drunker than I thought and she managed to miss Fuck Christmas completely. I was planning on releasing the Fuck Christmas footage on my website on Christmas day. Alas it was not meant to be.

The one song Sasha did film was our encoure, Depression by Black Flag. We were not planning on playing it and hadn’t practiced it in weeks but someone tucked a dollar bill into my g-string during the last song so I told the crowd if they paid me $10 I would perform another song. They threw enough money at me so we carried on. Unfortunately I was completely wasted at this point and didn’t remember how it started and we just sort of butchered the song. I wouldn’t even bother posting it except the ending is really amazing and this small Asian man comes up to me and asks to take a photo of me. There is also a lot of footage of me pretty much naked and playing with my genitals on stage. I am sure you will enjoy it a lot but make sure if nothing else you watch everything from the 1:45 mark on…

Merry Fucking Christmas.

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Fucking Bullshit @ Lulu’s

I don’t even know why I need to keep telling you motherfuckers about how life changing my punk cover band is, but you need to know. You get another chance tonight to see Fucking Bullshit if you have the balls for it. We are playing a free show tonight at Lulu’s in Greenpoint. Not only is the show free but you get free pizza with every drink order. You cannot fuck with that. The show starts at 9 and we play around 11. There are two metal bands from Boston playing with us.

Seriously you need to go for one of three reasons. 1) You are a friend of mine/fan of this website and you need to support. 2) You want to just see a wild fucking show and like the idea of watching me do something insanely fucked up on stage 3) You like punk rock and this shit will actually be an amazing fun time for you.

We have played three shows so far and I have bled on stage in two of them.  I will get drunk and possibly vomit. I might get naked. Who fucking knows? I certainly don’t. I can’t promise anything other than it will be a wild show and the more people who show up the more likely it is for the show to end in a horrifying display of violence.

To get a better understanding of what I am talking about look at these photos and then enjoy this short video clip of me trying to knock myself unconscious with a microphone while covering a GG Allin song. I love you all, see you tonight.


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Fucking Bullshit All Day

If you recall I front the world’s greatest punk cover band, Fucking Bullshit and while most cover bands are just for fun and kind of a joke, I take my band way too fucking seriously. I have wanted to be in a band my entire life and it turns out I am pretty good at it. I might not have any musical talent but I can put on a mother fucking show and to me that is 95% of live music. You may never get a chance to buy an album from us but we are pretty worth seeing. (And you can always get a T-shirt!) During the show at Lit I broke a bottle of beer, picked up part of the glass and cut my chest with it. I don’t enjoy pain and I have never cut myself before, but the ghosts of GG Allin and Darby Crash took hold. Who fucking knows what I will do for the next show

When it comes to having a band the best thing about being a photographer is that you have a lot of photographer friends. Two of my favorite photographers (both in quality of work and quality of people) brought their cameras to our recent show at Lit Lounge.

Steve Prue is a commercial photographer who also happens to shoot a lot of naked girls. He and I have shot so many of the same girls it’s not even funny. His portrait work is a lot better than mine, but he likes my event work better than his so we are somehow even. Great dude and great photographer. He dragged the hell out of his shutter and tried to get the hell out of my way and got some wild pictures from my show.

Tod Seelie is a guy that you never need to worry about him getting the hell out of the way. Tod has shot some of the craziest bands and events I have ever seen and does it better than anyone. For a guy who shoots mostly 20 something white people he puts himself in a lot of danger to get the shot. If you crossed a party photographer with a war photographer you would get Tod. I was an honor to have him shoot my band and post it on his website with all the other insane bands he shoots.

Tod’s best of shots can be found here and the entire gallery of images can be found over here. As far as Steve’s shots go I posted my favorites below and the rest you can find on the Fucking Bullshit Facebook page.

Thanks a lot to both of the guys and make sure to check out my favorite shots and a video of our “encore” below – Body Count’s legendary track “Cop Killer”.

Ps. Fucking Bullshit is playing again THIS SUNDAY at LuLu’s in Greenpoint. I don’t have the details but Like us on Facebook and you will be in the know!

Fucking Bullshit By Tod Seelie

Fucking Bullshit By Steve Prue

Fucking Bullshit By Steve Prue

Fucking Bullshit By Tod Seelie

Fucking Bullshit By Steve Prue

Fucking Bullshit By Tod Seelie

Fucking Bullshit By Tod Seelie


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