2017 Gathering Of The Juggalos: Day 1

I got back from the 2017 Gathering of the Juggalos a few days ago but I have taken my sweet time to post these because most of them are already online via the LA Weekly (and all the other Voice Media papers). I will post all those links in part four of this madness. In past years I have broken these photos down by subject but this is my 8th god damn one of these and I just wanna get these photos up and move on with my life. The plan is two posts today and two posts tomorrow and then on to whatever comes next.

Let’s start by talking about what every juggalo in the festival was talking about: Oklahoma sucks. The Gathering was supposed to be in Colorado but several venues fell through because the FBI designates juggalos as a gang because apparently the FBI has never actually met a juggalo. At the last minute they found this place called Lost Lakes Amphitheater in Oklahoma City and it turned out to be kinda a disaster for a bunch of reasons. First of all beer in Oklahoma is watered down which is like some shit I thought they only pulled in Utah. All hard liquor was theoretically outlawed and the place was full of undercover cops were arresting people for selling drugs and supposedly public nudity. I saw supposedly because I only heard rumors but all the nudity got shut down. Not sure how you can even call it a festival with everyone sober and clothed. The place also had weird cut off times for music, it was hot as balls, it was far from the midwest where most juggalos live, it was spread out over miles and the line up sucked. There were probably a third of the juggalos there as normal It was a total bummer.

Aside from all that it was not completely terrible. The combination of the brutal heat and the line up sucking meant I showed up late every day and still managed to take a million fucking photos. I didn’t have to worry about shooting the bands so I could focus on just shooting juggalos cause I knew I couldn’t sell any of the band photos. Oh and my hotel had a pool plus Gia Paige came with me for three of the four days. So really it was chill as fuck.

Day one I only had one gallery due and I flew in to Oklahoma City that day so I didn’t get down to the Gathering until about 7pm. I had an hour of light to get a few shots and then popped on the flash. Mushroomhead headlined and they are real weird looking so I took photos of them and then hung out with Mike Busey and his “Busey Beauties” who have been the highlight of the last few Gatherings. They had to keep stuff PG and they shut down their stage at 11pm cause of the stupid noise rules so I just hung out with them on their bus mostly. It was air conditioned, full of strippers and there was a pug. 0 complaints.

Anyway, that’s all I got for the first update. Day two is coming in a few hours. It’s a much bigger gallery.

Click here to see the mildly NSFW photos from day one of the 2017 Gathering of the Juggalos in Oklahoma City.

2017 Gathering Of The Juggalos


2017 Gathering Of The Juggalos


2017 Gathering Of The Juggalos

2017 Gathering Of The Juggalos

2017 Gathering Of The Juggalos

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Instaxxx LA Release Party – 7.14.17

Last night I threw the second and last Instaxxx release party. The NYC one was fun, the LA version was fucking insane. I am always stressed out when I throw parties and there was plenty of shit to get stressed out over but the party was actually really good and I would have had a ton of fun if I wasn’t the one throwing it.

Superchief Gallery LA is such a great space in DTLA and I am really glad I threw the party there. That being said they don’t really have a DJ set up and apparently I either borrowed the wrong stuff or not enough stuff so Carter Cruise had to DJ off iTunes. It was pretty hilarious but she kinda killed it anyway. When her set was over she was laughing about how she only had the music on her Itunes cloud and so she ran out of music “at some point I just played an A-Trak mix for 2o minutes.”  Sorry Carter!

By the time Kate Mo$$ played it was already after 10 and the party was supposed to end at 10. It did not. Kate Mo$$ played a short insane set that was pretty perfect for the party. I unfortunately missed half of it cause I was doing shit but I am really glad they came out. It was total madness.

Joseline Kelly played after that and then I took photo of her in a bathroom cause the bathrooms at Superchief are grimy and cool looking so clearly I had to shoot some photos in there.

Speaking of girls in bathrooms, huge thanks to Charlotte Sartre and Riley Nixon for hanging out topless on a couch all night. Not sure the photo booth worked exactly how we planned it but it made the party a lot more fun.

I think that’s it. Thanks to everyone who came out and partied with me and thanks to everyone who bought a book. If you are in LA and still want one get at me quick cause I have about 10 more books than I want to take home with me.

Buy a book here.

Oh, and also I should mention that these photos have an unreasonable amount of nudity in them. Enjoy.

Click here to see the NSFW photos from the Instaxxx LA release party at Superchief Gallery LA.

Instaxxx LA Release PartyInstaxxx LA Release PartyInstaxxx LA Release PartyInstaxxx LA Release PartyInstaxxx LA Release PartyInstaxxx LA Release PartyInstaxxx LA Release Party

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2017 Brooklyn Zombie Crawl – 7.2.17

Meant to get these Brooklyn Zombie Crawl pics up a few days ago but let’s just say I was a little bit preoccupied shipping out hundreds of books this week before I head to LA tomorrow for the LA Instaxxx book release. Let’s just say it’s been a crazy fucking few weeks. I have been working non-stop on Instaxxx so the zombie crawl was a nice break on Sunday.

The crawl started at the Charleston in Williamsburg where we were greeted by zombie Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD and Ben Kissel from the horror podcast Last Podcast On The Left. Kissel is running for Brooklyn Borough President was the “grand marshall” of the zombie crawl. I don’t know enough about him to endorse him but he’s for criminal justice reform and a quick look at his Twitter has progressive Tweets about immigration and LGBQT issues so I am on board with all that. Plus Borough Presidents don’t really have a lot of power so voting for him probably couldn’t hurt… although anyone who has been endorsed by Gary Johnson worries me a little bit.

We left the Charleston around 6:30 and walked to McCarren Park. For some reason there were a bunch of Guardian Angels with us which was kinda cool given that I don’t think I have seen one in the entire time I have lived in NYC. Glad they are still around. We stopped at the park quickly for a group photo and then headed to Greenpoint to stop for drinks at A-Bar. I haven’t been there since the opening, but I ran into a few friends there who had no idea the undead were coming.

From A-Bar we hit Brooklyn Bazaar for the after party where we were met by come competitive eaters in town for the 4th of July including my friend Tim “Gravy” Brown and Michelle Lesco who came in second in the women’s Coney Island Hot Dog Eating contest. Competitive eating legend Badlands Booker was there too but he was there for the entire zombie crawl.

I didn’t take a ton of photos at the after party because my band actually played it but I got some shots of the other bands including Jess O’Lantern, J and The 9’s, and Uncle Jake and the 18 Wheel Gang. Plus my friend Lunchbox did some horrifying sideshow shit and “Everything is Terrible!” headlined with their insane video projections and super weird performance. I wish I could explain the whole thing but I was back stage getting ready for our show. All I know is that they are building a pyramid of Jerry Maguire VHS tapes and I wanna fucking see that shit.

Anyway, my band closed out the night and I ate a raw potato on stage for the two dozen people who suck around after Everything Is Terrible. I have no idea how the potato got on stage but let me tell you, don’t eat a raw potato like an apple because it tastes terrible and it makes it quite difficult to sing.

I gotta pack for LA now. I will post again when I have all the details of the LA Instaxxx book release party worked out but it’s July 14th if you happen to be around. Go look at zombie photos now.

Click here for photos from the 2017 Brooklyn Zombie Crawl!

Brooklyn Zombie Crawl

Brooklyn Zombie Crawl

Brooklyn Zombie Crawl

Brooklyn Zombie Crawl

Brooklyn Zombie Crawl

Brooklyn Zombie Crawl

Brooklyn Zombie Crawl

Brooklyn Zombie Crawl

Brooklyn Zombie Crawl

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Sailor Jerry Fleet Week – 5.24.17

Last night I got to hang out on an aircraft carrier which is probably the coolest location I have been to for a party in all my years of partying. Fleet week started yesterday and Sailor Jerry threw their Fleet Week kick off party on the USS Intrepid. The Intrepid is a decommissioned WWII aircraft carrier that is now a museum and apparently a fantastic place to party.

It was hard to beat the Fleet Week kick off party last year which featured Cage The Elephant and Norman Reedus but the Alabama Shakes played this year and when you mix that with the insane location it was one hell of a time.

For some insane reason they gave Daniel “Gravy” Thomas a wireless mic so most of the night featured Gravy running around like a mad man buying sailors rum and hyping the party while Ian Saint Laurent DJd. Around 9 Alabama Shakes came on and ended the party properly. I haven’t really listened to them before but I left fairly impressed.

I really like some of these photos because the scenery was so amazing. You probably are gonna wanna check these pictures out.

Click here to see the photos from Sailor Jerry’s Fleet Week kick off party on the USS Intrepid.

Sailor Jerry Fleet Week

Sailor Jerry Fleet Week

Alabama Shakes

Gravy Thomas & Ian Saint Laurent

Sailor Jerry Fleet Week

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Fader Fort & The Rest Of SXSW

Okay! This is the last South By Southwest update and the first one not typed up in Austin. Usually it’s the exact opposite but this was a very different SXSW for me this year. I didn’t do much and I am not too mad about it. I didn’t see a lot of bands but I did see a lot of friends and I did some pretty great photo shoots including a fairly epic one with two babes on the last day of SXSW instead of doing SXSW things. Anyway, let’s talk about Fader Fort.

Fader Fort is one of the biggest events outside of SXSW at SXSW if that makes any sense. It’s not an official event that happens every year and everyone goes and it’s a whole thing. I have covered it a lot but I haven’t been in a couple years because I was working too much. This year I didn’t actually RSVP but fortunately I was with my Playboy editor Leila when she was going and she got me in. We walked in right as Playboi Carti was playing and so of course she had to interview him because of the Playboy/Playboi thing. I shot a few photos of him live and him with his surprise guest ASAP Rocky and then we went back stage for the interview and a took a couple portraits. I shot Lil Yachty back there too for Playboy and got a few shots of him live as well.

A couple days later I checked out Fader Fort again and the only artist I saw was a dude named Super Duper Kyle who has a song that I had heard but I don’t really know anything about him. He put on a hell of a show though and I had a good time. At the end of his set he actually crowd surfed on an actual surf board. It was pretty amazing honestly.

So yeah, Fader Fort went for several days and I only shot three artists so this gallery isn’t that impressive. To make up for it I have a second gallery filled with some random shots I took along the way. Most of it is just stuff I shot in the streets. There’s a few shots of LA Riots DJing and a shot of Hannibal Buress and his grill which matches nicely with Lil Yachty’s grill so that works well for the images below. Anyway, just look at the galleries right below this paragraph and shout out to North Face for the free jacket even though it was the wrong size.

Click here to see all the photos from the 2017 SXSW Fader Fort!

And click here to see the random SXSW photos I had left over!

Super Duper Kyle


Lil Yachty

Hannibal Buress

Playboi Carti


ASAP Rocky

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Hair Of The Three Legged Dog – 3.17.17

What’s this? Another SXSW post while SXSW is still happening? Yeah, that’s a thing but this one is gonna be way shorter than the last. Yesterday I finally got to work for my favorite client Sailor Jerry. I have shot the last few SXSWs for them but this year we only did the one event but it was a fun one.

The Austin Chronicle throws a party every year called Hair of the Three Legged Dog named after their office dog Hank. Bands play and money is raised for Austin Pets Alive. Sailor Jerry sponsored and so did Fleshlight which was kinda amazing.

I wasn’t there the whole time but with two stages I got to see a bunch of bands. Think No Think was playing when I got there and the end of their set was real fun. My friends White Mystery played after that and they are always fucking great. Black Lips played after them and while their band has changed a bunch since the last time I saw them they were still a good time. Creepoid played inside after that. I met them last year after seeing them play for like one song so it was cool to see them play a full set. And finally I caught Telle Novella play on my way out. Good vibes all around. Oh and Al Lover played a bunch of records.

Plus as an exciting bonus for you guys shot a couple of portraits Sailor Jerry brand ambassador Daniel “Gravy” Thomas as well. Okay, enough delicious 92 proof spiced corporate branding, let’s look at some photos!

Click here to see all the photos from the Austin Chronicle’s Hair of the Three Legged Dog SXSW Day party at Barracuda! 

Black Lips

White Mystery

Telle Novella

Daniel "Gravy" Thomas



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French Montana – 3.16.17

I had plans right now but she’s apparently hung over and moving slowly so it looks like I have time to get up some more SXSW photos.

Thursday I didn’t have any actual work to do so I took it pretty easy. I started my day by seeing a movie. The SXSW Film Festival is pretty wonderful and I have covered it several times in the past, but this year I only got to see one movie but it was a good one. The Big Sick is a new film by Michael Showalter of the State & Stella. His movie Hello, My Name Is Doris was at SXSW a few years ago and I loved it but not nearly as much as the Big Sick. The movie was written by Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily Gordon about a real life incident where she got really sick and ended up in a coma. Kumail plays himself and it is so god damn funny and sad and amazing and I spent 80% of the movie either laughing or crying or both. I met Kumail about a week after he moved from Chicago to NYC after seeing him to stand up. He did one of the funniest sets I had ever seen and he was just in the audience of the show. One of the comedians was running late so the host Seth Herzog put him on and he killed it so hard. After that I saw him probably a dozen times before he moved to LA. For a time my two favorite comedians in NYC were him and Pete Holmes and Pete now has an amazing show on HBO and Kumail is in one of the best movies I have seen this year. Amazingly both of those projects came from a SXSW live podcast taping with Judd Appatow who produced both projects and told the story about that meetin in the Q&A.

Speaking of the Q&A one of the people to ask a question was fellow Chicago comedian Hannibal Buress. I didn’t even realize he was in town so I hit him up and he told me to come by the MTV Woodie Awards because he was giving out an award. I took forever to get there and I got there just in time to see him give the award. I got to see Rick Ross play too which was not awful. I went with Hannibal’s crew to Mohawk for the House of Vans party and saw a handful of rappers that were all from Chicago (to continue on the theme). I got to see the Cool Kids for the first time since probably 2008 and finally French Montana played.

So yeah we finally get to the point of this meandering name dropping post. French Montana (who is not at all from Chicago) headlined the Vans party. I was sort of near the stage so when he stared playing I took a few photos. Then A$AP Ferg showed up which was kinda funny because the day before I shot Playboi Carti and A$SAP Rocky showed up. Seemed like A$AP Mob was following me. Then the next song Rocky showed up again. After they left I shot one more French Montana song before calling it a night.

Don’t worry this post is almost over. I didn’t shoot a ton of photos yesterday but here are a handful of photos of French Montana and friends. The end.

Click here to see the photos of French Montana, A$AP Ferg & A$AP Rocky at Mohawk. 

French Montana & A$AP Ferg

A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg & French Montana

French Montana & House Of Vans

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IHeartComix SXSW Showcase – 3.15.17

This has been one of my weirder South By Southwest experiences. After 14 of these things in a row I am very used to working 20 hour days and not sleeping for a week straight and shooting thousands of images a day. This year? Not so much.

I have a few jobs this week but mostly I have been just hanging out, seeing friends and eating food. I was pretty upset when the jobs I thought I had lined up fell through (especially because I didn’t bother to get a press pass or RSVP for anything) but honestly it’s been a lot of fun and super stress free which is not something I ever thought I would say about SXSW.

I even had time to do this update while I am in Austin, so let’s catch you guys up…

On Tuesday I did my first ever shoot Playboy which was kinda great. I’ve wanted to shoot for Playboy forever so it was kinda a dream come true. In my high school year book they did one of those “In 20 years…” things and mine was “Playboy photographer” which I beat by a few years but shout out to whoever on the yearbook staff came up with that.

On Wednesday I went down to Fader Fort with my Playboy editor and she interviewed Playboi Carti because how could she not and we did a thing for Playboy’s social with Lil Yachty. I shot photos for that stuff and shot them performing live as well. I will get that stuff up later.

Anyway, on Wednesday night I hit the IHeartComix showcase at Clearport ATX because my friends and current favorite live band Ho99o9 were playing. They are one of the most insane bands around and they have a new album dropping soon so I had to go hang and shoot them. When I got to the party Sad13 were playing and I got a few shots of them.

Pomo was next and they played super smooth dance music. I dug it but I couldn’t imagine what people were going to think of Ho99o9 after grooving to Pomo. Sweater Beats was DJing after them so it was a really weird idea to put an insane punk band in between that stuff but shout out to Franki Chan for booking it. I love shows like that.

When Ho99o9 got on the place exploded. A mosh pit broke out even before they started playing. It was fucking wonderful and it lasted for all of two songs before a fight broke out and a bunch of kids rushed past the bouncers working the door and suddenly it was complete chaos. The club had no idea how to deal with any of it so they just cut the music as club security dealt with a mosh pit like people were rioting.

So the show got shut down after 5 amazing minutes and when we got out side kids just started tearing down all the Ho99o9 posters and took them all home before the cops even  showed up. Good times.

I didn’t shoot a ton of photos because I was mostly there to see Ho99o9 and they only played for a second, but the photos are probably worth looking at anyway. I mean if you read this far down the page you probably care enough to spend a few more minutes looking at 30 photos right?

So click here to see the pictures of Ho99o9 and more from the 2017 IHeartComix SXSW Showcase.

IHeartComix SXSW Showcase

IHeartComix SXSW Showcase

IHeartComix SXSW Showcase

IHeartComix SXSW Showcase

IHeartComix SXSW Showcase

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2017 AVN Awards – 1.21.17

I am back from my two week LA & Vegas trip and ready to get you some photos. I do this trip nearly every year around the Adult Video News Awards. I think I have shot the AVNs or at least the events around the AVNs every year since 2008. The trip is how I got started photographing people in the adult industry and now it’s become a good way to see friends, meet new models and make some money… plus with only a few hour drive to LA it’s a good excuse to hit up LA for a week without having to pay for a flight.

Given that the AVN Awards happened over a week ago I am clearly a bit late on these photos, but I shot them for the LA Weekly and posted that link everywhere so I figured that if you really wanted to see my AVN Awards coverage you had plenty of opportunities to do so. That being said, my edit is much bigger than the LA Weekly gallery and of course you don’t get to read a long, pointless, poorly written blog about it.

This year’s AVN’s were pretty cool because a lot of my friends won stuff. Adriana Chechik won Female Performer of the Year, Greg Lansky won back to back Director of the Year awards and my friends cleaned up the acting awards. Best supporting actress went to Joanna Angel and Xander Corvus won best actor. Best Actress went to Kleio Valentien who I actually helped get into porn many years ago after sending this 2009 photo shoot to Burning Angel! (Update: That gallery is broken for some reason but you can find it on Girls of DBB!)

Also it was hosted by Riley Reid (and Aspen Rae) and a bunch of other friends won awards too like my LA landlord Abella Danger who won best Star Showcase. Holly Hendrix won Best New Starlet and we aren’t friends yet but we talked about shooting soon so hopefully we will be by next AVN.  Oh, and Sgt Kabukiman NYPD was there and he’s pretty much family.

Okay, let’s get to these photos. My shots from the Adult Entertainment Expo will be up ASAP too.

Ps. Donate to my Kickstarter. Many AVN Awards winners are in the book.

PPs. Did I mention Flo Rida performed? He did. We got low.

Click here to see all the photos from the 2017 AVN Awards at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, NV.

Adriana Chechik Wins Performer Of The Year

Flo Rida

Annika Albrite & Mick Blue

Doug Benson & April O'Neil

Kendra Sunderland

Carter Cruise & Spencer

Kleio Valentien

2017 AVN Awards

Broques & CobrasnakeBroques & Cobrasnake

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