Lily LaBeau For Wood Rocket

If I had infinite money I would just travel around the world taking photos and hanging out at weird motels and roadside diners with naked models all the time. Unfortunately I am not so lucky, but fortunately I do have my friends over at Wood Rocket (NSFW!).

Wood Rocket is a porn site, but they do things differently and for some reason they enjoy my work even if it’s not particularly pornographic. Wood Rocket makes hilarious original porn parodies that you have probably have seen unless you don’t have the internet. They also make other weird not-so-pornographic videos and things like porn stars reading books and answering absurd questions and a bunch of other fun stuff you guys have probably seen because so much of what they do goes viral. Also everything on their site is free and hopefully they are the future of porn because I am a big fan of everything they do.

A few years ago when they launched I was going on my epic Route 66 road trip and they helped pay for the trip and in exchange I shot a web series for them called Road Strip. It was sadly not one of the things that went viral but it was a lot of fun to do and when I was going on my west coast road trip back in June I asked them if they wanted to do something with me again and they said yes.

Wood Rocket wanted to do more photo galleries and they asked me for five galleries from my road trip. I ended up shooting Lil Brown Eyes in LA, April O’Neil at the Madonna Inn, Lucy Everleigh in Portland, Lucy and two other babes in Seattle and lastly Lily LaBeau on the side of Mt. Rainer. Wood Rocket just posted the first of the galleries and they saved the best for first or something.

Shooting Lily on Mt. Rainier was so cool and it was thanks to Kimberly Kane who had the idea and drove us up there before getting us lost and forcing me to drive. We stopped off at a little overlook thing and escaped into the forest. We were only about 50 feet from the road but it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. I really love these photos and I am glad Wood Rocket posted them first because it’s a perfect introduction to the collaboration.

Now I uploaded a small gallery to Driven By Boredom just so I would have something to post, but you can see the entire shoot for free at Wood Rocket if you click here. I also wanted to give Girls of Driven By Boredom subscribers something so I uploaded the mini shoot Lily and I did the night before the trip to Mt. Rainier. She looks like a sexy school teacher or something and is posing in front of a painting of Mt. Rainier so it’s worth taking a look if you have Girls of DBB.

Now go look at the set of Lily LaBeau over on Wood Rocket already!

Lily LaBeau On Mt. Rainier

Lily LaBeau On Mt. Rainier

Lily LaBeau On Mt. Rainier


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A Different Type Of Instagram

If you weren’t aware already Instagram finally offers support for multiple accounts at once. No idea why they didn’t do that years ago but for someone who runs a half dozen Twitter accounts this comes as great news. To get to the point, I started a new Instagram account.

Now let’s digress…

I decided to start a new account that would just be about photography. Instagram is a photographic platform but very few of the images on my Instagram are images I am proud of. 80% of them are taken with an iPhone and I always put dumb filters on them so people don’t think they are my “real” photography work. But given that Instagram is quickly becoming my most popular social network it’s becoming a reflection of what I do as a photographer.

Over on my Tumblr I post a lot of my 35mm work. I consider it to be my personal work instead of the digital stuff I shoot for a living. But on Tumblr I am followed by so many porn Tumblrs and when I post an image that I am proud of it gets very little attention unless their is nudity involved.

The same thing happens on my Instagram. If I post a photo I really like but isn’t a “sexy” photo it will get half as many likes. As a photographer that really bums me out because it means people don’t give a shit about my work they only give a shit about nudity. I mean, I get it. I am not naive enough to think my work is any good. I just have access to boob and you guys like that. Fine, but I want to do something else too.

So my new Instagram, @nateigorsmith, is going to be about photography. I will feature images of mine that I really like presented unfiltered and uncropped. Most of it will be 35mm film but I have a feeling I will sneak some digital in there from time to time. On top of that I want to feature some of my photo book collection and feature other photographers I like. It will be a place I can discuss the medium of photography and I am pretty excited about that.

But don’t worry, @drivenbyboredom isn’t going anywhere (unless I get banned again I guess) and I have a feeling the new Instagram will have sexy photos from time to time, but it’s certainly not going to be the main course. Whatever the case I have already pulled about 200 images I want to share with you guys and I got a lot more coming. Gonna post a small sample of what’s to come below. You might have seen these images before but maybe not all in the same place.

So this is going to be fun and even if I don’t ever have a 10th of the followers that @drivenbyboredom has, at least they will be followers that like my photography and not just the girls. I hope you will check it out and dig what I am doing.

Thanks and follow me at @nateigorsmith today!

San Juan, PR






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Hockey Is A Game

Most of my regular readers know I am a sports fan but I try and keep that stuff to a minimum because I know you guys are here for the photos I take and not my take on the Miami Dolphins and Washington Capitals. That being said, I decided I should probably address what happened the other day since I keep getting texts from people I haven’t seen in years because my face ended up all over the internet this week.

This week has been a pretty awful one. I went to DJ Jess’ memorial where I was served papers for a law suit that I have almost nothing to do with (but still have to hire a lawyer) and on the way home the car that I was borrowing from my parents to help them move got totaled by a guy who was running from the cops. I hurt my back in the accident and had to cancel on a shoot with Indigo Augustine and miss shooting the final Trouble & Bass party for the Village Voice. I went there to try and shoot it but I had to leave after 10 minutes because my back hurt so much.

The next morning I was supposed to go see my Washington Caps play the New York Islanders in the playoffs but with my back so messed up I wasn’t sure if I could go. I woke up that morning in a lot of pain but feeling much better than the day before. I decided to suck it up and go. And that’s when the weirdness began.

My friends and I are loud fans who make up our own chants and are fairly obnoxious but we don’t start fights and we don’t pick on random people. We just go there to have fun and cheer our team. Unfortunately our exuberance made us the target of some particularly awful Islanders fans. Most of them were great to us and bantered back and forth with us and gave us a hard time but in a fun way but there was some shit thrown at us and some vandalism and some stuff said to us that went over the line.

I ended up writing an open letter to the New York Islanders which talked about our day and I sent it to a few local DC bloggers and stuff. I was pissed and I wanted to gripe about my day but I didn’t even put it on the main page of this site. I ditched it over in the rarely updated B-Sides blog. I wanted people to read it but I didn’t expect what happened next.

Within an hour of me writing it it had gone viral. My Twitter handle @drivenbyboredom was the number one trending topic in the DC area. People started writing blogs and asking for interviews. I did a few of them and then started passing them off to the rest of my Caps crew because I didn’t get the worst of it, they did. I didn’t want to be the face of this thing. Today alone I turned down four TV interviews. The whole thing got out of hand.

I got a lot of love from Caps fans and some of the Isles enemies like the Rangers and Flyers fans but I also got message after message from Islanders fans apologizing for the dregs of their fan base. I have no problem with Islanders fans in general – they just happen to be the enemy this week – and it was great how many awesome Isles fans I have met this week.

Unfortunately there is a segment of way too serious Islanders trolls who have been sending hate mail and Tweet after Tweet and lying to the media about us. I have heard the craziest rumors about what we were doing and I did some more interviews to address some of that stuff. I don’t mind any of this. I shoot naked people for a living, you cannot even begin to guess how much hate I get. These trolls are fun for me but they are not fun for my crew. So I am gonna stop engaging and stop doing interviews because I don’t want my fellow Caps fans to get shit for me not being able to shut my mouth.

So this is hopefully the last of it, but I just wanted to link all the articles I can find about us for posterity. Enjoy reading about this super weird couple of days and for all the Islanders fans who aren’t drunken mouth breathing trolls I wish you guys a moderate amount of good luck and if you beat us this series I hope you take it to the Pens or the Rags. Cause those teams I actually hate!

To start with here’s my original Open Letter to Islanders Fans.

Here is the interview we did with Caps Radio’s John Walton. We compared it to an old school WWF style promo where we were going over the top with our anti-Isles rhetoric. It was supposed to be funny but in retrospect it has been used to say we were instigating.

Here is the first Washington Post article and here is the second.

The ESPN one was a good read.

Here’s a guy who called me a pornographer. That was a fun one.

And here’s an interview with an Islanders Blog where I tried to explain what happened.

The NY Daily News article has my reaction to the NY Islanders weak statement.

Puck Daddy agreed with my assessment.

Boomer Esiason talked about us.

And the rest:

Newsday – Sports IllustratedDeadspin – CBS Sports – OutsportsTed’s Take – NBC New York – NY Post

Anyway, what a weird week. But hopefully that’s the end of this nonsense and I can get back to posting photos of crazy parties and naked babes and fun stuff like that. Let’s Go Caps!

NYC Caps Fans

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Things! And Stuff!!

First of all, happy Mother’s Day! Check out my mom at her wedding in 1978!

Do to one of my best friends weddings and a strange series of coincidences and cancelations I haven’t touched my digital camera in weeks. I couldn’t get into the (first day of the) NFL Draft and I even had a dentist appointment postponed. It’s been a weird month but it’s been a great excuse to start getting my life together. I am in NYC until the end of this month so I am going to use these three weeks to hopefully get a TON of work done.

I have two big projects that I am going to take on while I am in town. I am working on a series of food books as I mentioned way back in November. Finally I am going to really get my shit together. I have a pretty good edit and a great idea how I am going to do it. Hopefully by June I will have at least a layout done.

The second big project is building a damn portfolio site. Not sure why I don’t have one or why you would even care, but hopefully me organizing thousands of photos will end up being good for you somehow. Moving on.

Back in the day on Driven By Boredom I used to post links to websites I thought were cool and things like that. I don’t really do it anymore, but here is one link you should really check out: a group of people are trying to create a road out of solar panels. It’s an amazing project that could completely change the world as we know it. It only took 35 years to build the interstate highway system. If this road actually works there’s no reason we couldn’t see a complete end to gas powered cars in our lifetime. Go donate some money now. 

In other news my Tumblr just hit 10,000 followers. It was my first social network to hit 10k followers and it features a ton of my 35mm work and just random shots from my daily life. Check it out if you haven’t already. My Instagram would have hit 10k if it hadn’t been deleted the first time. Go follow my new one already…

Hmm… What else? Oh! My web series Road Strip has a new episode coming out this week. There are a bunch of good ones coming up so catch up on the whole series already! Very not safe for work!

Last bit of news is that NYC’s own Superchief just opened an art space in Los Angeles and they are having a big show on Thursday for the grand opening. I have at least one photo in it (I gave them a bunch of stuff to choose from) and a bunch of artists I love are in it as well. My buddies (and amazing photographers) Tod Seelie and Brock Fetch are two of the featured artists and other people I dig like Lee Trice, Eddy Segal and Prettypuke are in it as well. So if you are in LA go to the opening on Thursday. If you can’t make it the show will be up until the end of July. Hopefully I will be able to make it out there to see it myself! Really psyched to be in this show!

So check out the flyer for the show and I will be back Tuesday with some photos you do not want to miss…

Superchief LA Opening



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I got a bunch of random small things to mention to you guys so I figured we would do it all in one post. It’s not very exiting content wise but I gotta get the word out. Let’s do this.

The big thing I need to mention is that my site works again. This site does massive amounts of bandwidth. This site gets around 100k visitors a month but the average visitor tends to spend a lot of time on the site and looks at a lot of photos so we are talking of MILLIONS of page views every month and every one of those page views has at least one picture on it. I was on a shared server and when I would get a big link or something my site would just stop functioning or move really slowly. On Monday my awesome host Constant moved me over to my own server so the site is super fast now and hopefully we won’t have any crazy errors popping up any more. They really hooked it up on the price but it’s still nearly twice as much as I was paying so if you dig the site and want to support it you can help me out by signing up for my app, buying me some film or you can email me about advertising or buying prints. Any of that would be awesome.

Secondly I should be announcing the release info for my Route 66 book tomorrow. I am just waiting on a flyer. I can give you some of the info now though. The book is called “Get Your Kicks” and the book release will be in LA at the new Mishka art gallery above their LaBrea location. There will be a big solo show to go with it. There will be a smaller NYC release at the Brooklyn Mishka store with free booze and stuff but no art or anything. I am so excited for this I can’t even tell you.  A few books will be available online after the releases and if you donated to the fundraiser they will be in your hands by the end of the month!

Thirdly I threw a big party at Slattery’s Midtown Pub on Monday for this DolfansNYC thing I run. It was Monday Night Football so we went big on it.  I know people hate it when I post Miami Dolphins photos on Driven By Boredom so I am only going to mention it in this post in case anyone is interested. The Dolphins got killed but we raised over $1200 for charity through raffles and ticket sales. It was pretty amazing and my dude DJ Tropic killed it DJing during breaks in the game. You can check out all the pictures here! 

I also wanted to mention the B-Sides section of my site. I launched it a while ago but I haven’t really promoted it. I thought my site would be redone by now and the B-Sides are going to be a major feature of that, but we are way way way behind schedule on this thing and the B-Side blog has taken a back seat. I did update it the other day though with a really weird video from my friend Teddy Blanks that was directed by SXSW Film darling M Blash.  Check it out.

I gotta leave you guys with SOME content so rewatch this video about how awesome  and important I am. It’s the right thing to do.

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Introducing Me & Some Boobs

I came up with a terrible/great idea for a new Tumblr. Every time I shoot a naked girl I always take a photo of me and that girl for some reason. About a year ago I started publishing them at the end of the set and people seemed to get a kick out of them. I tend to make really awkward faces in all of them and I think they are kinda funny. Recently I was building a naked girl portfolio so I was going through all the old sets and pulling my favorite shots and while I was at it I started pulling photos of me with naked girls. At the end I had almost 200 images in that folder and this bad idea was born.

Starting today I am going to post several photos of me and a naked girl over at Me & Some Boobs. Yes, I realize that it’s a terrible name for a site, but when I asked my Twitter & Facebook friends the suggestions I got were awful so I decided to just name it the dumbest most obvious thing I could think of and Me & Some Boobs was born.

Anyway, the real point of this site is to promote my new app while at the same time providing links to older naked girl galleries that people haven’t looked at in a while. Also I get to be bragging and self loathing at the same time which is pretty much what I am all about. Yeah well, we all got problems.

Go follow this damn Tumblr and then have a lovely holiday weekend. See you guys soon.

Me & Some Boobs

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Creepy Party Photographer Meme

If you noticed, yesterday was April Fools.  If you came here you would have seen that my website turned into a Tumblr full of pictures of myself as a “Creepy Party Photographer” meme. I was gonna plan something better but I forgot it was April Fools until like 11:30pm so I spent 3 hours making myself into a meme.  The meme is kinda a mix of “Scumbag Steve” and some of the other memes out there. I think a few of them are funny, but you guys can probably do better.  Create your own and then submit them here! I will post the best ones until I get bored with the whole thing.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorites. See them all here. And I will be back tomorrow with some more rad naked photos of Shay Laren!

Creepy Party Photographer Meme

Creepy Party Photographer Meme

Creepy Party Photographer Meme

Creepy Party Photographer Meme

Creepy Party Photographer Meme

Creepy Party Photographer Meme


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Fucking Bullshit All Day

If you recall I front the world’s greatest punk cover band, Fucking Bullshit and while most cover bands are just for fun and kind of a joke, I take my band way too fucking seriously. I have wanted to be in a band my entire life and it turns out I am pretty good at it. I might not have any musical talent but I can put on a mother fucking show and to me that is 95% of live music. You may never get a chance to buy an album from us but we are pretty worth seeing. (And you can always get a T-shirt!) During the show at Lit I broke a bottle of beer, picked up part of the glass and cut my chest with it. I don’t enjoy pain and I have never cut myself before, but the ghosts of GG Allin and Darby Crash took hold. Who fucking knows what I will do for the next show

When it comes to having a band the best thing about being a photographer is that you have a lot of photographer friends. Two of my favorite photographers (both in quality of work and quality of people) brought their cameras to our recent show at Lit Lounge.

Steve Prue is a commercial photographer who also happens to shoot a lot of naked girls. He and I have shot so many of the same girls it’s not even funny. His portrait work is a lot better than mine, but he likes my event work better than his so we are somehow even. Great dude and great photographer. He dragged the hell out of his shutter and tried to get the hell out of my way and got some wild pictures from my show.

Tod Seelie is a guy that you never need to worry about him getting the hell out of the way. Tod has shot some of the craziest bands and events I have ever seen and does it better than anyone. For a guy who shoots mostly 20 something white people he puts himself in a lot of danger to get the shot. If you crossed a party photographer with a war photographer you would get Tod. I was an honor to have him shoot my band and post it on his website with all the other insane bands he shoots.

Tod’s best of shots can be found here and the entire gallery of images can be found over here. As far as Steve’s shots go I posted my favorites below and the rest you can find on the Fucking Bullshit Facebook page.

Thanks a lot to both of the guys and make sure to check out my favorite shots and a video of our “encore” below – Body Count’s legendary track “Cop Killer”.

Ps. Fucking Bullshit is playing again THIS SUNDAY at LuLu’s in Greenpoint. I don’t have the details but Like us on Facebook and you will be in the know!

Fucking Bullshit By Tod Seelie

Fucking Bullshit By Steve Prue

Fucking Bullshit By Steve Prue

Fucking Bullshit By Tod Seelie

Fucking Bullshit By Steve Prue

Fucking Bullshit By Tod Seelie

Fucking Bullshit By Tod Seelie


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New York Lives Documentary About Me

Last spring a guy named Jeremy Rocklin approached me about doing an episode of his web series New York Lives on me.  They are great little documentaries about interesting New Yorkers or places/events in New York. I loved his work so I agreed to do it.

I sat down with him months ago and he interviewed me for about an hour about the website and my life and all that stuff… but he needed more footage.  He wanted footage of me shooting a girl and shooting a party.  I had an idea to shoot a girl naked in Chinatown but people kept flaking on me.  Finally Veruca James was visiting from Chicago and was really into the idea. We went down there with Jeremy and shot some crazy stuff all over lower Manhattan. You may have seen the photos here.  A few days later I brought him to Lit Lounge and he shot a little b-roll footage of me shooting the Thursday party there NC-17. It was pretty dark and he didn’t need much stuff so that was quick and easy.  Finally he came with me to Red Rocket tattoo where my friend Betty Rose gave SB from Rocky Business his first tattoo… it just happened to be of my logo.

Jeremy got great stuff and sent me the video. I thought it was great, but in the months he was working on it I ended up losing 30 lbs.  I hated seeing how fat I was in all the footage. It seriously was awful. Plus I had this horrible mustache as you will see in the film because I played “mustache guy” on an episode of this HBO show Girls that will be out in January.  There wasn’t that much footage of me talking in the documentary, it was just my voice over photos and video, so I begged Jeremy to reshoot part of the interview.  Luckily for my ego he agreed and we shot a little bit more footage at my apartment a couple weeks ago.

He finally put it all together and created this madness that is 7 minutes about my life. This thing is perhaps the first in the series. It focuses on the girls mostly but he want to do future episodes about my new punk band and my Miami Dolphins club. I hope it happens cause shooting this was a lot of fun.  Just wanted to thank my friends who helped out on this… Veruca, SB and Betty Rose. And thanks to Ballpoint Pens and The Death Set for the music!

Now check out the documentary! And be warned… it’s NSFW.

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