Instaxxx Kickstarter Ends Today!

The Kickstarter for my new book of nude instant film ends in a few hours! At 4:45pm EST (1:45 PST) the Kickstarter will end and while you will still be able to pre-order the book you will no longer get any of the fun rewards like the signed print that comes with all Kickstarter versions!

Kickstarter backers get more stuff too like a secret bonus zine for the price of shipping, a super cheap Kickstarter exclusive enamel pin and access to a behind the scenes blog and probably a solid discount coupon for Girls of Driven By Boredom.

Even if you can’t afford/ don’t want/ don’t want your wife to see the book you can still help out a bunch by just throwing in $1. Right now Instaxxx is the 57th most backed photo book in Kickstarter history and about 25 backers short of cracking the top 50. Would love to hit that in the last few hours. Seems a bit out of reach but raising $19,000 did too!

There are still a few Instax signed by porn stars left too. Missy Martinez (see below) and Jillian Janson both have a couple of signed Instax left. The ones of Jillian are kinda extra special because I shot them while being filmed by Showtime for their AVN Awards program so you might see one of your Instax on TV if you get one…

Anyway, that’s it I got no more promotion left in me. Just a few hours left and it’s over!

Back Instaxxx on Kickstarter now!


Missy Martinez Instaxxx

Also, just FYI tomorrow I am in a Valentine’s Day art show called “Dirty” at Tender Trap. It’s the third annual one but the first one I have had art in. I have a photo of Heather Vahn in it and will be taking some photos because I haven’t really shot any parties in a while and why the fuck not? Maybe I can take some dirty photos, make out with a stranger or two and celebrate my new book. Seems like a reasonable way to spend Valentine’s Day right?

Dirty @ Tender Trap

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Punk Rock & Christmas Cards

1) My punk band is playing our second show ever on Saturday at Otto’s Shrunken Head. Okay, technically that is not even close to true… they have been around for a decade but this is only their second show with me in the band. Okay, that’s not really true either because they played a show when I was in LA last month without me but whatever… it’s only the second show I have played since my last band broke up in like 2012 or something so I am excited about it.

The show is free and we play at 10. It’s the 28th anniversary party for a band called Iconicide. Not sure why a 28th anniversary party is a thing but that’s a long fucking time to be in a band. The last time I played a show with them I gave the singer the mic to do a Black Flag cover with me and he kinda screamed all over it and I was wildly drunk so I decided to flip him over and he hit his head into a cinderblock that was keeping the drums from moving. He was a good sport about it and I am real excited to play with them again. That show was fun as hell.

2) The Driven By Boredom Christmas Card is almost here. You can get on the list for one American dollar. In the past I haven’t charged but if I do it through Etsy it’s super fucking easy for me to deal with it. After the fees and price of the cards and postage and shit I am not making any money I assure you, this is just the easiest way for me to deal with it.

If you aren’t familiar with my christmas cards they are pretty epic. I did make a half assed one a couple years ago but the first two were real solid. The most recent one is pretty great although I must admit they weren’t printed very well. That being said if you want to horrify your friends and loved ones there’s nothing like having one of my Christmas cards on your refrigerator. Also it says Happy Holidays on it instead of Merry Christmas because I am doing my part in the war on Christmas.

Plus if you have all three you can watch my life fall apart in front of your very eyes! Who is that nearly tattoo free babe with the incredible ass? Look at that long luxurious hair looking so slender (in comparison to the Fat Jew)? Oh god, who is that 30 something on the new card? What has become of his life?


Oh, and I got some new postcards made at the same time as the Christmas cards that are for sale now if you care about that sort of thing…

Christmas Is Coming...

Christmas With The Fat Jew

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Public Nudity Zine Pre-Order & Party!

I have another new zine coming out. Seriously… another one. I just keep cranking these things out cause I like flooding my living room with heavy boxes and packing peanuts. I think this one is really good and unlike my Arts zine this one has a bunch of nudity which I just need to accept is the only reason any of you ever come here…

“Public” is a public nudity zine in collaboration with my friends over at PopPorn. It’s 44 pages, 56 photos, and more boobs than I want to count right now, but I recommend you do that when you get your copy. At a mere $10 this thing is a god damn steal! And for $40 you can get a copy PLUS a 5″x7″ print of a really rad photo of April O’Neil and Shay Laren who are total fucking babes. Both the zine and the print will be signed by me and the print is numbered out of 25 as well.

Now, for the important thing! We are throwing a party!

The zine comes out February 10th and we are throwing a rager at Leftfield in the Lower East Side. The party starts at 9 and goes all night. Yeah, it’s on a fucking Wednesday because weekends are for assholes. The party is being thrown by myself, PopPorn and Boobs of Bushwick. Do you remember the last time I threw a party with Boobs of Bushwick? That shit was out of control.

We got Prince Terrence DJing, live naked photo shoots, topless girls selling books, a clothing optional dress code and fucking total madness all night. Plus you can come by a zine so that’s important. PopPorn is gonna be giving out free porn and I even have some hats to give away from my Vegas trip. Nothing puts an outfit together like a hat advertising your love for interracial porn!

The party is free, the zine is $10 and the booze will be priced at a cost dictated by what the market will bare given that we live in a capitalist system governed by the principals of the free market. Party forever.

Oh, and one more thing. Since I am promoting a public nude zine that means you will get a bunch of public nude photos over the next two weeks so even if you are a cheap fucking bastard and don’t live in NYC you can still enjoy the zine release anyway. Check back next week for some really good sets!

Now go and pre-order Public already! You need it in your life!

Public Nudity Zine

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Zine Friends On Saturday!

I am really excited about Zine Friends this weekend. I know I wrote about it a little bit last week but I wanted to do an official post since I have been working my ass off getting ready for it. Zine Friends is a zine fair put on by Killer Acid and Wizard Skull at Cotton Candy Machine in Williamsburg. It’s part of Comic Arts Brooklyn, it’s happening this Saturday from 11am to 7pm and I will be there the whole time.

An yeah, I realize that I should not be excited about sitting in a chair for 8 hours but I am real happy to be doing my own table. I have sold stuff at zine fair in the past but never had my own table. I went out and bought dumb stuff like displays for the zines and things like that and made a bunch of new stuff for the fair.

The main thing I have for the fair is my new Arts zine. It features black and white 35mm photos of artists with their art. It’s my first collaborative zine and the first one to feature exclusively black and white photos. Very different from anything I have done before. Plus it has that art school turtle on the cover which is awesome.

I will be of course selling my older zines/ books like Same Old City, Dinner With Igor and Food Tattoos. I might break out the artist proof editions of Fuck LA that I was saving for something special and maybe even some proof pages from the long sold out Get Your Kicks. Oh, and I will have the super rare What Happens In Vegas photo album!

A big thing I have for zine friends is a ton of photo prints. I don’t normally sell 8″x10″ prints because they don’t make me enough money to make it worth to pull images and print them, but I made a ton of 8″x10″ prints just for Zine Friends (and hopefully future zine fairs!). I will also have some Polaroids including some I have never published or made available for sale and some left over prints from Dinner With Igor and Fuck LA.

On top of that I will have Driven By Boredom shot glasses which at the moment you can only get as part of the DBB Grab Bag, I will have a bunch of post cards and stickers I even made some new buttons! Plus there should be a big surprise that I collaborated on with another artist… but I don’t want to give that away until it’s completely finished. It’s pretty fantastic though…

I think that’s all I can remember for now, but I will probably bring a bag full of stuff from my archives. I have some old DBB shirts laying around and I am sure I can find some other crap around my apartment that won’t really be for sale unless you ask about it. So if you read this, and can can make it out and care, let me know.

I guess that’s all I have to say. I will of course be signing anything you want and I am sure some of the artists there in the zine will sign stuff as well. Oh, and everything will be on sale and cheaper than on my Etsy store and you can barter with me and shit. Now here’s Facebook invite and here’s the flyer. See you in Brooklyn Saturday…

Zine Friends!

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Parties & Polaroids

Just a quick update today before I run out to watch more hockey. Playoffs are fucking exhausting. I mostly wanted to make sure I let you know about the party I am hosting on Thursday. It’s been a long time since I hosted a party that I didn’t actually throw but my buddy Carol Sharks asked me to do it and I couldn’t say no.

Her party Baewatch is joining forces with an LA party called Candy to form some sort of Voltronesque super party at Sway (305 Spring St). By the way, I can’t tell if Baewatch is the worst name for a party ever or a really good one. Come to the party and let me know how you feel about it. It’s all lady DJs and the other host is my home girl Pebbles so it’s gonna be me and a bunch of ladies and one of the ladies boyfriends who is providing candy which seems insane but I do tattoos at parties so I guess it makes more sense than that.

I haven’t decided if I am taking photos or not but I will at least be brining my camera so if you really feel like showing me your boobs or balls or something I can at least hook you up with a quick snap or two. I mean that’s just the kinda guy I am.

On a totally different topic I uploaded a bunch of naked Polaroids to the Driven By Boredom Etsy store. Well, technically they are Fuji Instax Wide but you get the idea. I got shots of  Krysa Kaos, Ashlee Graham and polaroids of Ash Hollywood and Sasha Pain together. Two babes in one!

All the Polaroids are signed by the girls and myself and are numbered out of five. First come first served! Get on it!

If you want to see more of my naked Polaroids you can do so over on the Girls of DBB. Just saying.

See you guys tomorrow?

Baewatch Vs Candy

Ash Hollywood & Sasha Pain

Krysta Kaos

Ashlee Graham



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Headed Back To SXSW

Tomorrow I am skipping town for the next two weeks. Headed to my 12th straight SXSW. Because I won’t be able to update like I would normally I am moving everything over to the magical Driven By Boredom Road Trip Blog for daily updates while I am gone. So if you get this and it’s any time between now and the 23rd of March I you should click over there!

For those in Austin or just interested in my life for some weird reason I will be shooting SXSW Film stuff for the Village Voice/ LA Weekly media empire as part of my yearly SXSW Film Portraits. I start Friday on that stuff and go until Monday. On Tuesday I am working the premiere and after party for the new Robert Duvall directed film Wild Horses which should be a lot of fun.

Then South By Southwest Music starts and I am working the art gallery of original Sailor Jerry flash that is part of the official SXSW program (flyer below). Wednesday through Saturday night I am working some private parties that I can’t technically talk about but if we are friends and you want to go hit me up. During the day during SXSW Music I am freelancing for Rolling Stone and Noisey so hopefully I will find some cool stuff for them too.

Should be a fun trip and hopefully I will take an insane amount awesome photos.

Now click here to visit the Road Trip Blog while I am at SXSW! 

Sailor Jerry SXSW Gallery


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Food Tattoos

If you don’t know by now that I am having a release party for my new book Dinner With Igor you probably aren’t looking at my website which would mean you can’t possibly be reading this sentence. But I will remind you again anyway. Dinner With Igor comes out tonight at 10pm at the Woods in Brooklyn.

But you know what else comes out tonight? Food Tattoos! Food Tattoos is my slightly less hyped zine that is hopefully the first in many full color zines. I am really happy with how it turned out and I have done a tiny bit of press for it this week.

Inked Magazine did a short interview with me about it the other day and Vice Magazine ran a gallery of photos from the zine.  The best part of those articles is that strangers keep Tweeting me their food tattoos which I love since I love food tattoos.

Come get your own food tattoos tonight! $40 for any tattoo on this flash sheet by Chris Johnson or this flash sheet by Rukus. Make sure to show up early cause I have a feeling there are going to be a bunch of people wanting cheap, rad tattoos. I know I am gonna try and get one if I have time…

Here are a couple more write ups about the event:  Village VoiceFlavorpillShaw Promotions

I hope to see a bunch of you at the event and take your picture. If you have a food tattoo bring it so I can take your photo. Perhaps there will be a second issue!

Now here are the links to buy books: Dinner With IgorFood TattoosDinner With Igor/Food Tattoos set

Lastly, here is a big gallery of 35mm food tattoo photos. I put this together for the Vice gallery but I didn’t send all of them so this gallery has everything that ran on Vice plus a bunch more. But not all the ones in Food Tattoos… You need to buy a zine for that!

Click here to see a bunch of photos of food tattoos!

Baby Burger Tattoo

Eat Sandwiches

So Many Cupcake Tattoos

Sweet Tea Tattoo

Darth Vader Tattoo

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Dinner With Igor Release Party!

Dinner With Igor officially comes out on Thursday! The book, 7 years in the making, of nothing but photos of people eating is a reality. I somehow raised nearly $6000 on Kickstarter and with that money I was able to make the book bigger and better, create a SECOND (although much smaller) publication called Food Tattoos AND I was able to throw this sweet party you are about to read about.

The Dinner With Igor and Food Tattoos release party is happening this Thursday at The Woods in Williamsburg Brooklyn. It starts at 10 and technically goes until 1am but the party will continue until 4am. It cost $5 unless you donated to the Kickstarter or are in the book. The Kickstarter peoples are already on the guest list but if I told you that you are in the book and you want to come let me know and I will put you on the list.

We are doing $40 food tattoos! Come early to get tattooed. I have a feeling there will be a line. Plus there is an open bar from 10-11 so getting there early is a sound investment.

I got Cap Chris Johnson from Venus Body Arts and Rukus from Black Square Tattoo there from 10pm – 1am although they might go later if you guys are tipping them well. They will also be doing $20 Driven By Boredom tattoos!

Now a food party wouldn’t be complete without food so we have food supplied by Landhaus and free cupcakes from the super sexy Ashley Holt who won Next Great Baker season 3. I am both a huge fan of Ashley and reality shows about food so I was psyched that she won. And now she will be giving you cupcakes with my photos on them so that is really important.

This party is actually the launch of Prince Terrence and Haruka Salt’s new weekly Downtown 81 themed party Club 81. So they will be DJing during my half of the party and then they will be keeping the party going until 4. There’s another late night after party and I will be there all night taking photos so stick around!

I feel like that is all the info I can offer and you probably won’t read all this anyway so let’s just get to the flyer and Chris’ lovely flash sheet. Remember any of these tattoos are just $40!

Oh and if you can’t make the party you can get both books here!

Dinner With Igor Release Party

Food Tattoo Flash Sheet By Chris Johnson

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Book Updates, Food Tattoos & Art Criticism

I got the copies of my new book Dinner With Igor on Friday. They were supposed to come today so that was a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately there was a small print error which and I had to get the books reprinted. Fortunately my printer MGX Copy was great about it and put a rush order on the reprint and the books will be in my hands on Thursday.

On top of that, I will also be getting my 36 page zine “Food Tattoos” from MGX the same day. I am pretty excited about both projects and I can’t wait until you get your hands on them. If you were one of my Kickstarter backers your books will ship Friday, Saturday Monday and Tuesday (hopefully I will get them all done by Tuesday)!

Because of the holidays I am pushing my book release party to January but you can still preorder both Dinner With Igor and Food Tattoos at my Etsy store!

You can get signed versions of them both at a discount if you click right here!

Lastly, I should mention that I am giving a 10 minute talk about the books and some other projects on Wednesday as part of the monthly Bushwick Art Crit Group session. I truly hate talking about my work especially around actual fine artists, but for some reason I agreed to do it, so it should be interesting at the very least. Plus Wizard Skull is talking right after me and that guy spends his days ruining your childhood and that’s worth the price of admission alone (it’s free). So if anyone is bored in Brooklyn on Wednesday come hang out!

Dinner With Igor

Food Tattoos

Bushwick Art Crit Group






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