Alison Pill Topless

Alison Pill Topless

When I first started Driven By Boredom up again in 2007 after a break of a year or two I used to post nudes of celebrities because people like them and it draws a lot of Google traffic (Vanessa Hudgens comes to mind). I stopped posting them when I started doing photography full time for a living because it looks pretty unprofessional and all that. This new DBB B-Side blog seems like a perfect solution where I can still post these celebrity nude photos but I can keep it off the main page.

So with that in mind here is a picture of Alison Pill topless. She was in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World but more importantly she is one of the main characters in Newsroom which is pretty much my favorite show on TV right now. She accidentally posted the photo to Twitter which seems like a pretty hard thing to do. She apologized to her Twitter followers but she is a total babe so I don’t think anyone minds.

Click the photo of Alison above to see the uncensored photo.


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