I uploaded these photos of Michelle to Girls of Driven By Boredom last week and then totally forgot to write up this post and give you guys the pictures too. Well here we are and it’s Monday night and you are finally getting an update. My bad.

So here are some photos of my friend Michelle. I actually met her on Tinder years ago and we hung out once and didn’t really talk again but we were friends on Instagram so when I was working on my book Instaxxx she hit me up and asked me if she could be in it. She’s not a model or anything and I was really looking for more people to be in the book that weren’t professional naked people so I was excited to have her in it. 

One night I hit her up about doing it and she told me she couldn’t because she had to pick her friend up for the airport and I made some dumb joke like “is she hot and does she want to be naked in a book?” and Michelle replied “actually she probably would be down” and later that night I showed up at Michelle’s apartment and we shot a bunch of photos of her and her friend and a few of them ended up in the book. (There are some digital outtakes on Girls of DBB somewhere too.) I think they were the first professional naked photos either of them had ever taken.

After that night Michelle and I stayed in contact and actually became pretty good friends and she told me that after we took photos she became way more open to doing naked photos and had shot with a mutual friend of ours and she wanted to do a proper shoot with me. I was down and we took a bunch of photos of her in her bedroom and now you get to look at them.

I should plug Girls of DBB one more time, because by the time Michelle got out of her underwear it was too dark in her room and so most of the fully nude photos were pretty bad so instead of giving them to you guys I figured I would just put them on Girls of DBB and make the people who want to see those pay for them so that I can afford to eat delivery food every day of my life and never learn to cook.

Yeah, now go look at some damn photos and remind me to take more photos of Michelle ASAP now that I have published these because I think the world needs more photos of her. 

Click here to see the full gallery of NSFW photos of my friend Michelle!




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