Ava Dalush Returns

Hey look at this! It’s the last lost gallery from 2015! This is a shoot I did with Ava Dalush in LA shortly after the first time we took photos in Las Vegas. Make sure to check the other lost sets of Jenna J. Ross and Kaya & Vonka.

In between the first two shoots we did she retired from the adult industry but still wanted to take photos. I was glad to do it because not only is she great to photograph but she’s just good people. She’s hilarious and British which is a pretty standard combination and we actually went to Olive Garden for some insane reason. It was truly terrible but at least I got to take a bunch of pretty photos of her on some sort of giant hill we found in the Valley somewhere. 

I actually don’t even remember where we were because these photos are so old and it really bums me out to realize I haven’t talked to Ava in the years since. I honestly don’t know how I lost these photos because when I found them I saw that I had already edited them. I had pulled extra high res photos for Girls of Driven By Boredom too and they were already on there but somehow I forgot to post them to this site. It makes zero sense.  I clearly have no idea what I am doing. 

At least 2015 is finally done and now it’s on to 2016! I am going to try and post the “best” of 2016 tomorrow and then I head off to photograph my juggalos again somewhere in Ohio. When I get back from there I can start finish posting the lost sets from 2016 (there’s only two!) and then we can finally only be a year behind on naked girl photos! Huzzah. 

Click here to see all the photos from the second time I shot Ava Dalush way back in 2015.

Ava Dalush

Ava Dalush

Ava Dalush

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