Jenna J. Ross

I had this idea to put up a bunch of old sets this week, but then my girlfriend came to visit and I didn’t get anything done so this is the only one I am dropping. I am shooting this amazing Wayne’s World party tomorrow so that should be up this weekend and then I will get some more throwback sets up next week. Sorry.

Anyway, when I was organizing old photos from 2015 I found a handful of lost sets. I already posted a set of Vonka Romanov & Kaya Lin and I uploaded all of them to Girls of Driven By Boredom already. But, today I bring you this set of Jenna J. Ross.

I don’t really know how I lost this set but it seems to be the only shoot I did on that trip to LA which might explain how I lost it. I am honestly not even sure why I was in LA or why I only did one set, but it’s a pretty fun one. I was introduced to Jenna by my friend (and super weird porn director (the porn is weird, he’s honestly surprisingly normal for a guy who turns beloved cartoons into X-rated nightmares)) Lee Roy Meyers. He is based in Vegas and I was asking him about people to shoot in Vegas at some point. He said I should hit up Jenna, but we didn’t actually shoot in Vegas so I don’t even know how that happened. 

I also don’t even remember where exactly we shot these photos, but it was some sort of state park in or around LA. It is some sort of hiking trail around some sort of body of water and I remembered we were never very far from the road. We weren’t visible to passing cars or anything, but the trail wasn’t that long and honestly any second people could have come around a corner and caught us. We did a pretty good job of shooting most of the set with at least some of her clothes on so we could have covered her up if people appeared, but we got brave and did some full nude stuff as well. We are champions or something. 

After the shoot we went to some sort of chain restaurant that I had never been to before but I don’t remember what it was or what we had. Honestly I don’t remember much, but I do remember that the roll of film I shot during the day got fucked up and  some of the funnier stuff we shot didn’t come out tragically. 

I hope you enjoyed a recap about a day I barely remember from three years ago. It was very well informed and interesting. Sorry I never posted these before, Jenna I hope you forgive me although I am sure I sent you and/or posted a handful of these right after because that’s usually what I do before forgetting a shoot for three years. Lastly, I should plug Girls of Driven By Boredom again because these photos have been on there for a week and the photos there are in higher resolution and there’s a few more explicit shots on there that are exclusive to the Girls of DBB. Go sign up already

Now click here to see a bunch of NSFW photos of Jenna J. Ross getting naked in public back in 2015.

Jenna J. Ross

Jenna J. Ross

Jenna J. Ross

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