Sammy’s First Shoot

My friend Sammy hit me up the other day about doing another photo shoot with me. We have done a bunch of quick shoots for projects like my Instaxxx book (she has her own two page spread) and we spent a day shooting 35mm photos that turned into a pretty fun post but we haven’t done a proper digital shoot since the very first time we met. She had never done a nude shoot before, but she found me on Instagram via a mutual friend and we shot her first ever nude shoot.

She was pretty awkward at first but we just hung out in her first NYC apartment and by the end of the shoot we had some pretty nice shots. Since then, she moved into a proper place and she’s someone I absolutely love shooting. So when she hit me up to shoot, I was all about it and hopefully we will get around to that soon.

But a weird thing happened when she texted me… I decided to go back and look at that very first shoot and I realized I had never published it! Once again I lost another damn photo shoot. I sort of know how this happens… I shoot a model digitally and when I get back from the shoot I post a photo or two, and then archive it. Days or weeks later I get the film developed from the shoot and I start posthing that on Twitter or Tumblr or Instagram and then I just move on. In my brain I think I have published the shoot because I’ve posted a bunch of photos from it, but then I find shoots like this from 2015!

The good thing is that I am going through all my old photos and now every time I do a shoot I write it down. This way I won’t lose any more damn shoots. I have gone through everything up through 2013 and I have gone back through 2016 and 2017 looking for missing shoots, but I still have 2014 and 2015 to go so we might find some more lost shoots!  I have more than two dozen shoots waiting to post so hopefully I don’t find too many more!

But anyway, Sammy rules and I am glad to get these photos up now so I can shoot some more and get those photos up! It’s all fucking madness. Oh, and I should mention there are a handful of fully nude photos of Sammy that are only available on Girls of Driven By Boredom. You probably want to sign up for that…  

Now click here to see a set of photos from Sammy’s first ever nude photo shoot!





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