WoodRocket 5th Year Anniversary – 1.25.18

When I was in Vegas last week for the AVN Awards I had to stop by the WoodRocket 5th anniversary party. WoodRocket is the completely insane adult film company responsible for ridiculous porn parodies like Hamiltoe and Dick & Morty. The company is the brainchild of my friend Lee Roy Myers who once made a Simpsons porn parody where he painted all the actors yellow. Lee Roy and his team make so much weird, brilliant shit and have managed to make a living through sponsorships and selling merch without having to actually charge for their porn. The WoodRocket tagline is “The future of porn” and they are probably right.

When WoodRocket first launched I sat down with the WoodRocket crew and pitched a road trip video series. “Road Strip” helped me pay for my Route 66 road trip that led to my first book “Get Your Kicks”. If it weren’t for WoodRocket I never would have been able to do the trip. Years later I went on a West Coast road trip I shot a photo series that was sort of a continuation of Road Strip, just in still form. One of the girls I brought with me was April O’Neil who is a big part of the WoodRocket team, both starring and directing stuff for them.

Anyway, I love these guys (I had dinner with them instead of going to the actual AVN Awards) so I had to hit their 5 year anniversary party. They turned their studio into a museum to all their weird props and did some of their web series live including Topless Girls Reading books. Unfortunately I could only stay for about an hour so the gallery I posted is mostly just photos of the museum and a handful of party photos. Fortunately I did manage to get my friend Kasey Warner topless on a giant Nintendo console which was my only goal before I left. Oh, also my hero Lloyd Kafuman was there so that ruled.

Okay, this gallery is pretty small but it’s mildly NSFW and it’s a lot of fun so go check it out. And I got a real solid “Girls of AVN” gallery coming next so come back soon.

Click here to see all the photos from the WoodRocket 5th Year Anniversary party in Las Vegas.

April O'Neil

Leeroy Myers

Vuko & FrVuko & Frosty The Snowjob osty The Snowjob

Pat & Lloyd Kaufman

Annika Albrite



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