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I have always promised myself I would never shoot a wedding. I am not exactly sure why. Most of the working photographers I know that work full time will at least shoot a wedding from time to time to keep the lights on but it’s a dumb point of pride for me that I’ve never shot one. I mean wedding photography used to be pretty awful but now so many people shoot it documentary style and that work honestly a lot more interesting than plenty of the stuff I shoot. But whatever the case, I still have never shot one.

That being said I always have a camera at my friend’s weddings and take a least a few snapshots with my 35mm point & shoot. A few years ago two of my best friend’s got married in the same month so I did a post with a bunch of 35mm from their weddings. One of them got married an hour from Nashville so I got some stuff I liked there before I ever went to the wedding. And then when Prince Terrence got married in Vegas I got some fun shots there so I posted those as well.

So I come to you with my third 35mm wedding photography post. This time we have two weddings and a bachelor party and about 50 mediocre photos for you to look at.

First up back in August my friend OJ aka Slutlust got married to my old roommate Kara. They got married on the same city bus they met on and it was pretty fucking fantastic. OJ is a NYC nightlife icon so pretty much everyone at the wedding I had met at a bar at 3am. It was pretty wild to see everyone at 9 in the morning waiting for the M14 bus. We all got on and the bus was so packed with all of us that the bus just blew past all the stops until it reached the stop where OJ was waiting. He got on the back of the bus unfortunately so I couldn’t even get any photos of the wedding. A few stops later Kara got on and our friend Brendon James married them in the back. The bus was so packed that none of us in the front could see anything so we actually watched the wedding on Instagram live. It was pretty funny.  From there the bus took us to the Standard Hotel for the after party at Le Bain and it was kinda crazy being on the roof and seeing that club during the day. Hell of a view. I managed to get sun burned in a few hours and went home to pass out by 4pm or something.

Last month my friend Teddy got married. I used to manage his band in college and he runs the graphic design firm CHIPS. He designs all my books and his partner at CHIPS designed the logo to my website. He had a tiny wedding that was just family the night before but then he had a party at his apartment the next day. I was pretty excited about it because I had never actually met his wife which is kinda incredible given how many times I have heard about her. Her name is Molly and she seemed really rad and I need to hang out with her sooner or later but glad I got to finally meet her. The party was fun and I got to see some old friends like my college girlfriend and my fucking little brother who flew in from LA for 24 hours for the wedding and didn’t even tell me he was coming. Also you may recognize Teddy’s filmmaking partner Alex Karpovsky. They make music videos and commercials and this series where famous people talk about therapy and you should check that out because talking about mental health is important and also I took their press photo.

Oh also in this gallery are two whole photos from Teddy’s bachelor party where we went to this virtual reality arcade called VR World which was really amazing even though VR makes me kinda sick. It’s well worth checking out. I also went to OJ’s bachelor party but my camera ran out of batteries as I was taking the first photo.

Okay, I am gonna stop talking now. Time for you to flip through some 35mm snapshots from my friend’s weddings.

Click here to see all the 35mm photos from OJ, Kara, Teddy & Molly’s weddings!

OJ & Kara

Married On The M14


NY Post Bouquet

Molly Young

Teddy & His Mom

Alex & Friend Who's Name I Forget Because I'm An Asshole

David Call & Isabel

VR World

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Meet Sabby

This is Sabby. She is great and you are probably going to like looking at photos of her. I am a big fan of her for a bunch of reasons. Let’s make a list for no reason.

  1. She lives near me.
  2. She is really attractive.
  3. She is fun to hang out with.
  4. Her photos seem to do really well on the internets.
  5. For whatever reason she likes my photos.
  6. Most of her friends seem to be hot sex workers
  7. We both are on the same app network.

So yeah, she is clearly a babe and her living in Brooklyn is super useful. Twice she’s hung out with me when I’ve needed to finish a roll of film and that makes my life way better. She’s also chill as fuck and every time I put her on my Instagram people seem to be really excited about it. Also, she keeps telling me how much she likes my photos of her. It seems really easy to take good photos of her, but I will accept the compliment enough to convince her to take more photos with me. I haven’t actually taken any photos of her hot naked friends but I feel like if I am around her enough eventually she will lead me to some more babes. This is good for everyone.

Now, I could have just written that paragraph but instead I made a list and then repeated myself below. Not sure what that’s about but sometimes you just wanna fill space so it doesn’t look like your website is nothing but photos of naked people and that one day maybe a client will hire me for something like advertizing gig that I found out I didn’t get yesterday. Whatever.

Oh, right, that app network thing. My app/ paid site, Girls of Driven By Boredom is on this network called Findrow. Sabby is also on that and you should give her money. But also give me money. There are extra photos of Sabby on Girls of DBB and I just yesterday uploaded an exclusive set of Alexis Fawx if that’s something you are into too. Just saying.

Anyway, enough rambling and promoting. Go look at some photos already.

Click here to see a bunch of photos of Sabby naked on a roof in Brooklyn.







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