Audrey Noir

I figured I needed to get some photos up before the long weekend and when I started looking for photos to edit I realized I still had the shots I recently took of Audrey Noir on my computer and I didn’t even have to walk into my livingroom to get a hard drive. Fantastic.

Audrey had talked to me on Twitter a few times over the years but recently she hit me up asking to shoot. I told her I would hit her up next time I was in LA because she is really cool looking. She looks like she belongs in a Tim Burton movie which is appropriate because she showed up wearing Beetlejuice underwear.

So yeah, I am in LA in July for my Instaxxx book release party (buy my book!) and I had to go over to Superchief LA to talk about the set up for the party and I figured I could kill two birds with one stone and shoot there. It’s a great space and I already shot Ivy Diamond there when they first opened and Raven Rockette on the roof.

Audrey and I went out back to where a building had been partially torn down and there was just an insane rubble pile. Audrey fucking rules and was all about it and just jumped into the ruins even though it smelled like human feces because we were in the middle of downtown LA and it was a hobo toilet as much as it was a rubble pile.

We took a ton of photos as quickly as we could because Audrey could be seen easily from the street and homeless people kept shouting things at her. She didn’t seem to mind and we got some really fun stuff. Plus we got milkshakes so that was cool too.

After the shoot we took some more photos in the back of Superchief (and in one of their bathrooms) but I figured I would save those for Girls of Driven By Boredom. Speaking of, all these photos have been on Girls of DBB in high resolution since yesterday. Just saying…

Click here to see the NSFW photos of Audrey Noir in a pile of rubble behind Superchief LA.

Audrey Noir

Audrey Noir

Audrey Noir


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