In The Woods With Holly Beth

Hey! I am in Detroit right now but I set this post up so you guys can read it even though I am probably doing something fun with Gia Paige. I hope we are exploring an abandoned car factory or eating hot dogs that are named after a neighborhood in Brooklyn and yet are only famous in Detroit. Whatever the case I have some photos for you.

Back in March after SXSW was over I hung out with Giselle Palmer and Holly Beth and we went for an adventure into the woods. I took a ton of photos of both of them and I figured I would post the Holly Beth ones first because I already posted some photos of Giselle Palmer and the only photos I have posted of Holly were these ones in Vegas that were part of a much bigger gallery.

Holly is great and she came to NYC and we hung out a bunch and for whatever reason didn’t really take any photos. I feel like that was a regrettable choice but whenever people come to visit I tend to forget to shoot like a proper set with them unless they have some fancy hotel. I always just shoot a bunch of random 35mm stuff and forget about the rest. I feel like she should come back soon.

We also shot a bunch of non nude photos for a magazine but then I got into an argument with them and they didn’t even send me a copy of the magazine so I haven’t even seen our spread. But if you want to see the photos I put them on Girls of Driven By Boredom. Usually I put like the secret explicit stuff on there, so making the non-nude stuff exclusive seems like radical twist. Or not. Whatever, there’s a lot of photos on there for you to lurk including the full set of the stuff we shot in Vegas.

Okay, I am going to get back to whatever totally fun thing I am doing right now and you guys should go look at these photos.

Click here to see a bunch of photos of Holly Beth naked in the woods!

Holly Beth

Holly Beth

Holly Beth

Holly Beth

Holly Beth



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2017 #MetLifeTakeover – 9.24.17

Yesterday was a hell of a day for me. Things actually started the day before when I arrived at Slattery’s Midtown Pub to prepare for two days of football related madness, none of which had to do with the national anthem. I have explained this here before but I kinda feel like every time I do a Miami Dolphins related post I need to do it all over again…

My friend Michelle and I started the NYC Miami Dolphins fan club in 2008. When I moved to NYC I didn’t really have any friends who watched football and so I would watch them at random bars. Eventually I met Michelle and started watching with her and her small group of Dolphins fans. That small group organically grew until after the 2008 season when Michelle and I decided to start using our web and marketing skills to start promoting it. Dolfans NYC was born.

We started doing raffles and selling t-shirts and coming up with other reasons for people to come to the games despite the Dolphins being a mediocre football team. As we started to generate income we decided to give all the money to charity so we wouldn’t be motivated by profit or fight about money. That decision paid off because it attracted the attention of the Miami Dolphins who have given us a ton of support and opted not to sue us for blatant trademark infringement.

We raised so much money over the years that we actually had to become a not for profit corporation. We couldn’t just deal with beer buckets full of one dollar bills anymore. We needed to make it official. Last summer we filed for our 501(c)(3) status and got it and now I have a no limit AmEx card which says Dolfans NYC on it which is absolutely absurd but great for getting into airport lounges.

Anyway, back to this weekend. Sunday was our annual #MetLifeTakeover event where we bring hundreds of Dolphins fans to the Dolphins @ Jets game and throw a massive tailgate party which starts the night before at Slattery’s with our annual #MetLifeTakeover pre-party.

I got there at 5pm to set up for the 7pm party which was supposed to end at 9. I think we left around 1am after organizing and packing up eight huge bins of assorted Dolfans NYC merch. The party was a good time and we raised $500 for hurricane Maria which unfortunately makes nearly $2000 we have already donated to hurricane relief this year. On a more positive note we got to try out our Snapchat filter that my friend Ricardo at Subdrive records made for us.

After I finally got home from the party I packed up all my personal shit from the night before and tried to get a few hours of sleep before I had to be awake again. I might have managed 90 minutes… I had to be back at the bar in midtown by 6:30. The bar manager was still there from the night before.

We loaded up four chartered buses and took them to MetLife Stadium in jersey to meet up with over a thousand Dolphins fans for a party organized by Urban Tailgate. They took a huge amount of stuff off our plate and were already pretty much set up when we got there. Our own DJ Tropic showed up with them and had music blasting before the busses even pulled in. There was so much god damn food and a bar sponsored by my friends at Sailor Jerry and we set up all sorts of games that bros like to play. And of course we brought some inflatable palm trees. It was pretty great.

Around 10am the Miami Dolphins radio show “Cup of Joe” showed up to film before the game. It’s hosted by former Dolphin great Joe Rose who interviewed fellow former Dolphin and current Dolphins Vice President Nat Moore and CEO Tom Garfinkel. We also had another legend (Jim “Crash” Jensen) just show up randomly to the tailgate and party with us.

After that Solo D performed a few songs in the crowd. He is a rapper who mostly writes songs about the Dolphins and unlike most sports themed music is actually really good. I have a weird collection of Miami Dolphins vinyl records and I really want to put out a Solo D record one day.

The tailgate sort of ended with a big raffle we did for a Dolphins helmet signed by one of our best players, Cam Wake. We ended up raising $1800 for charity just with that helmet alone. When you add that to the all the merch we sold and profit we made on the $70,000 worth of tickets we are going to be able to do a lot of great things with that money starting with a pretty sizeable donation to the Miami Dolphins Foundation.

It’s really weird that the thing I have been most successful at in life is running a pro football fan club but here we are. I am actually headed to Florida in just over a week to see the Dolphins play and make that Miami Dolphins Foundation donation but I am gonna fly into Orlando or Tampa and make my way down to Miami with a nude model and shoot a bunch of weird photos and get tattooed and crash with a juggalo sideshow because my life is fucking insane.

Speaking of trips, I am headed to Detroit tomorrow to hang out with my lady friend Gia Paige. Hopefully I shall return with photos of her in abandoned urban ruins and even more photos of her tiny puppies. Gonna try and get an update ready to go before I leave so I can drop at least one more post on you before the weekend, but no promises.

Click here to see all the photos from the 2017 Dolfans NYC #MetLifeTakeover.

Ps. Yes, I know the Dolphins got embarrassed by the Jets and yes, I think it’s bullshit that the President of the United States is using is platform to tell black athletes to shut up, but don’t you think this post is long enough already?

2017 #MetLifeTakeover

2017 #MetLifeTakeover

2017 #MetLifeTakeover

2017 #MetLifeTakeover

2017 #MetLifeTakeover

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Juggalo March On Washington – 9.16.17

At 3am on Saturday I got on a train headed for DC. My band had just played and I was wired from the horrifying 5 hour energy and rum cocktail I down 20 minutes before I play a show. I didn’t sleep a wink on the train. It was 7am when I arrived. I ended up getting about 90 minutes of sleep before heading down to the Lincoln Memorial for Juggalo March on Washington.

I have been photographing juggalos since 2010 and in that time I have grown very protective of them. Juggalos are the most mocked subculture on the planet but if you spend a day with a bunch of juggalos you will come away with a completely different opinion of them. They are the nicest, most accepting, down to earth people you could possibly meet and every journalist I have met covering juggalos comes away with the exact same feeling.

So in 2011 when the FBI classified juggalos as a gang I was mystified. It made no fucking sense to me. Yeah of course some juggalos commit crimes but so do fans of every genre of music. The Insane Clown Posse is a horror movie in music form. Should we be locking up the millions of people who watched IT last weekend?

At the Gathering of the Juggalos in 2012 ICP held a talk to discuss the FBI designation. They had their lawyer come out and talk as well. They then set up an area of the festival where people could come and tell their stories about how this bullshit designation had fucked up their lives. Here’s how I covered it at the time.

Eventually the ACLU got involved and it seemed like this was such an easy to fix mistake but the mistake was never fixed. ICP had their lawsuit thrown out two times and even though they won an appeal in 2015 the lawsuit doesn’t even start until October! It’s been 6 years since this started and they still haven’t had their day in court.

When the Juggalo March on Washington was announced it was met with mostly mockery and not much else. Just a couple months ago when I was at the Gathering of the Juggalos even juggalos didn’t seem to be taking it that seriously. It was sort of an attitude of “this won’t change anything”. It wasn’t until the blog Metal Sucks wrote about the Juggalo March being held at the same time as a pro-Trump rally called the Mother of All Rallies (MOAR) that people started paying attention.

Once the Metal Sucks blog came out I saw people on Twitter making joke after joke about juggalos fighting nazis and these (truthfully hilarious) memes about some sort of progressive mob of juggalos rising up and murdering nazis with hatchets in league with Antifa. People kept Tweeting me about these things over and over because they know me as the juggalo photographer, but I wanted to take this seriously.

At the Gathering fellow juggalo journalist Camille Dodero and I were talking about how we thought leftist groups should really get behind the juggalos because it’s a civil rights issue. This FBI think is such bullshit and this feels very important even if you don’t care about juggalos. So when people started making juggalo antifa memes I figured I had to explain to my followers why juggalos were actually marching. They weren’t fighting nazis or protesting Trump… they wanted the FBI (and local law enforcement) to leave them the fuck alone.

I started a thread of Tweets that got a few likes and then nothing, but whenever I would see memes I would respond and link them to my Twitter thread. A couple days later as I was going to bed someone retweeted them, and then a few more and when I woke up my phone had exploded and thousands of people were liking and RTing them. People from both sides of the political aisle were retweeting them and it actually became an official Twitter Moment. It was pretty crazy for me, but the really surprising thing was that the responses were overwhelmingly positive.

For the first time in the history of the Insane Clown Posse people were on their side. (Side note: I am not taking credit for this, I just wanted to talk about my small part in it.) Article after article came out about ICP and editors started assigning the march to journalists. Playboy reached out to me about covering it and DCist interviewed me for a story. Former juggalo clients of mine like Vice and Rolling Stone sent teams of people instead. Time and the Guardian and the Washington Post took notice. People started paying attention to this travesty of justice.

So that brings us to the march and me on 90 minutes of sleep getting out of an Uber 100 yards from the Lincoln Memorial. I get out of the car and see hundreds of juggalos gathering around the stage set up in front of the Reflecting Pool on the Mall. The event hadn’t even started yet and there were juggalos everywhere intermingling with tourists.

But it wasn’t just tourists, there were random punk kids and a sprinkling of Antifa (I didn’t shoot them because they had journalists interviewing them at all times).  I met middle aged people wearing juggalo march shirts who didn’t know anything about juggalos but wanted to support. A big group of Democratic Socialists were out handing out flyers and Faygo Not Fascism signs. There were all sorts of people who were just there to back up the juggalo cause.

As far as the juggalos, I saw so many people I knew from Gatherings and ICP events. There were juggalos from every type of background, color and age. There were babies and old men in wheelchairs and veterans and priests and even cthulhu. I met people from all over the country and everyone was hugging everyone, meeting strangers and having a blast.

After everyone gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial the speeches started. We heard from juggalos across the country who had their lives turned upside down from this FBI gang designation. There was woman who had lost her job as a parole officer and a woman who had been kicked out of the military. It was just story after story of completely unfair consequences all because of this absurd gang list. ICP’s lawyer spoke and read a letter from the ACLU and a bunch of my fellow juggalo journalists spoke. Camille spoke, as did Mitchell Sunderland, Nathan Rabin, Steve Miller and Scottie D. Mitchell has covered juggalos for Vice and Broadly and Nathan and Steve have both written books about juggalos. Scottie is the founder of Faygo Luvers the biggest juggalo blog on the planet and someone who has always spread the word about my juggalo photos.

Finally ICP got on stage. They gave an impassioned speech about the gang designation and brought their families and friends out. The stage was packed with everyone from Psychopathic records and their families. After getting the crowd going they had everyone assemble and we begun to march.

I took a ton of photos as we walked around the mall but at some point I just got really into it. I have spent years of my life trying to explain juggalos to the world and this seemed like this really magical moment where people were actually listening. Random onlookers seemed really interested in what was going on and everyone I talked to seemed to support what the juggalos were doing. I even started leading chants and getting involved in the protesting as much as the documenting.

At some point during the march I ran into Anna Merlan a journalist I know (her work on conspiracy theorists is incredible) and she had left the MOAR event because it was completely pointless and decided to check out the Juggalo March. She said it was a couple hundred people and a total bust which made me really happy. As the day went on I heard more and more about how pathetic the MOAR event was and that contrast with the really successful Juggalo March made the juggalos look even better. It was perfect.

This article is getting really long and I feel like I have so much to say but let me just pause to mention that I grew up in DC going to protests and the DC Police are so good at crowd control and not letting things get out of hand. I have seen protests in other cities go haywire so quickly, but in DC the cops know exactly what they are doing. And I point this out because there were almost no cops at all at the juggalo march. There were a few spread out mostly blocking traffic. They clearly understood what was going on with the march and just left everyone alone. I didn’t see a single police interaction or any negative event at all to be honest.

As the march wrapped up back at the Lincoln Memorial I was pretty much destroyed. I was running all around the route trying to capture everything on 90 minutes of sleep the day after my band had played a show where I had beat the hell out of myself. I chugged a gatorade and chased it with a bottle of water and walked around the Lincoln Memorial with some punk girls I met when we both happened to notice that Ian MacKaye was watching the juggalos. One of them gave me a bunch of stickers with her boobs on them which I appreciated.

As we walked around some bands played and I took it easy waiting until ICP would finally headline the post march concert. After the girls dipped I talked to some more journalists and juggalos and ate some cold McDonald’s cheeseburgers that Psychopathic TV had laying around backstage. All I could think about was passing out but I couldn’t miss this set. Finally around 9PM, more than 8 hours after I got there ICP started to play. I tell everyone who hasn’t seen them that no matter what you think of their music you need to see one of their shows. They put on this wild set and it’s like a religious experience to their fans. That combination makes for an incredible moment even if you don’t like their music, but after all the shows I have seen, it was still surreal to watch them with the Lincoln Memorial on one side and the Washington Monument on the other.

When I finally got back to my parents apartment I was just done with being alive but I had to send images to my clients that night. I dumped the images and took a bath and washed the Faygo, sweat and sunblock off me while they transferred. One of my old friends came over and he and his girlfriend hung out while I edited. He and I liked ICP back in the 90’s when we were kids so it was cool to hang out with him while I worked. I finally finished editing around 3am and got a couple hours of sleep before I headed back to NYC for a hurricane Irma fundraiser I had to host in the afternoon. That night I slept for 10 hours. It was a hell of a weekend.

The best part of this whole thing was that nearly all the press coverage was super positive. I really think this is a big moment for juggalos. Maybe people will finally respect them a little bit or at least just leave them alone. So before I get to my coverage I wanna share with you a couple videos I thought were particularly good. Both of them feature my friend Chris AKA Mankini who to be honest is the perfect subject for a video about the march. He’s from the area so he let dozens of people stay with him, he is super nice and of course he’s a giant dude who wears a bikini all the time. You can’t beat that. So check out the Reason video about the march and then check out the Guardian video which I am actually in the background of a couple of times.

Now finally we get to my coverage…

First check out my Playboy article. I wrote the (heavily edited) intro, and interviewed juggalos and took all the photos. It’s almost as if I am an actual journalist.

I also did a big gallery for Voice Media Group who I always shoot juggalos for. Here’s just the LA Weekly gallery since they are all the same even though it was published via a bunch of alt weeklies.

And now finally here’s my huge gallery:

Click here for all my photos from the Juggalo March On Washington!

Juggalo March On Washington

Juggalo March On Washington

Juggalo March On Washington

Juggalo March On Washington

Juggalo March On Washington

Juggalo March On Washington

Juggalo March On Washington

Juggalo March On Washington

Juggalo March On Washington


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Random Update #482

I haven’t updated the site in a minute and I got some stuff to sell you and some stuff to tell you and maybe a couple photos and figured we could do it all in some random update with all the things. Where should we start?

My band is playing at Lucky 13 tomorrow night at 9pm and right after it’s over I am somehow driving to DC for the Juggalo March on Washington. I don’t know if you saw but I had a Twitter Moment about it and it went crazy viral and that was a whole thing so now I am photographing it for Playboy and LA Weekly and a bunch of other alt-weeklies and a documentary filmmaker is gonna follow me around for part of it which is a whole thing. As soon as that’s over I gotta drive right back so I can throw a Miami Dolphins watch party and help raise money for people affected by Hurricane Irma. I probably won’t sleep at all but it should be interesting if nothing else.

Next up let me sell you guys some stuff really quickly. I finally shipped out all the Instaxxx books to the people who donated to my Kickstarter. I had to create a smaller international edition so that I could ship it for a reasonable price and it still cost me $8 more shipping than I charged so that was fun. The good news is I made about 75 extra copies so that if you live outside the US you can get the smaller version of the book.  Plus on top of that I also created a bundle with the companion zine NOT SAFE so you can buy them both together and save some money.

Speaking of Instaxxx and selling you things I had wonderful human and famous porn babe Stoya sign copies of Instaxxx so if you want one signed by her (and me!) you should buy one ASAP since I sold a few of them before I even made them available to the public. They will sell out quickly.

The last thing I have to try and sell you is a t-shirt of Giselle Palmer. I made Instaxxx shirts through TeeSpring of Charlotte Sartre and people seemed to really like that so I wanted to make another one. I had people vote on Twitter and they picked Giselle Palmer. She is such a babe and I have a feeling she’s gonna be one of the biggest names in the adult industry soon but I am pretty sure people voted for it because of her sweet X-Files poster.

Giselle Palmer T-Shirt

Continuing on with this insane post I recently updated my blog 2000 Words. I told the story about the time I was in Philly and some drunk guy was passed out in my car when I came back from watching a movie. It was inexplicably weird. I need to remind myself to update 2000 Words more often. If you don’t know about it, the idea is that I pick a photo (or photos) from my archives and write a story about it. If a picture is worth 1000 words, here’s 2000. You get it right? Check out out already. Oh, and here’s the photo I wrote about this time. What the hell man?

How Did You Get In My Car?

And lastly here’s some photos for you to look at. I shot a corporate happy hour thing for my friend Fatou who was working for an internet advertising company called SintecMedia. It was actually her last day amazingly. I didn’t want to do a whole update about it because no one comes here to look at corporate events but it was on the roof of the Arlo NoMad hotel at this new bar called The Heights. It was an amazing view and  they have this insane overlook that you can walk out on and look down at the city. I recently developed a fear of heights that I am trying to rid myself of so it was really something to just stand there. Plus I actually love shooting events like this so I figured I would at least put a few of them on the site. I seriously do love shooting corporate stuff like this, so hey hire me already.

Click here to see the photos from the SintecMedia happy hour and I am gonna go do something else now. See you guys when I get back from DC…


The Heights & Arlo NoMad

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Audrey Noir

I figured I needed to get some photos up before the long weekend and when I started looking for photos to edit I realized I still had the shots I recently took of Audrey Noir on my computer and I didn’t even have to walk into my livingroom to get a hard drive. Fantastic.

Audrey had talked to me on Twitter a few times over the years but recently she hit me up asking to shoot. I told her I would hit her up next time I was in LA because she is really cool looking. She looks like she belongs in a Tim Burton movie which is appropriate because she showed up wearing Beetlejuice underwear.

So yeah, I am in LA in July for my Instaxxx book release party (buy my book!) and I had to go over to Superchief LA to talk about the set up for the party and I figured I could kill two birds with one stone and shoot there. It’s a great space and I already shot Ivy Diamond there when they first opened and Raven Rockette on the roof.

Audrey and I went out back to where a building had been partially torn down and there was just an insane rubble pile. Audrey fucking rules and was all about it and just jumped into the ruins even though it smelled like human feces because we were in the middle of downtown LA and it was a hobo toilet as much as it was a rubble pile.

We took a ton of photos as quickly as we could because Audrey could be seen easily from the street and homeless people kept shouting things at her. She didn’t seem to mind and we got some really fun stuff. Plus we got milkshakes so that was cool too.

After the shoot we took some more photos in the back of Superchief (and in one of their bathrooms) but I figured I would save those for Girls of Driven By Boredom. Speaking of, all these photos have been on Girls of DBB in high resolution since yesterday. Just saying…

Click here to see the NSFW photos of Audrey Noir in a pile of rubble behind Superchief LA.

Audrey Noir

Audrey Noir

Audrey Noir


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