Meet Mel

I met Mel around 5am one New Years in a bar that no longer exists. She gave me her number but I think when I texted her a few days later I don’t think she had any idea who I was. We became friends anyway and I found out she was a photographer too. This would come in handy later…

When I started working on my Instaxxx book she seemed like she was interested in being in it but we didn’t really make an effort to shoot anything. On Halloween we ended up going out together and I took a topless photo of her on my couch before we went out but she was covered in fake blood and it wasn’t exactly an image I wanted in my book. Fortunately a few months later she would come up with something.

Mel had been scouting locations for a shoot of her own and she found this Motor Lodge in Queens we wanted to shoot at. Unfortunately the day we had to shoot I got hired for an event that night so we didn’t have a lot of time. We ended up renting a room at another location she had scouted, the Liberty Inn, one of the last hourly rate hotels in Manhattan. Of course an hour in a Chelsea hotel costs as much as all night in most places but we still ended up with a pretty great location for under $100.

I took a great instax of Mel that ended in my new book and she let me shoot a whole digital set with her which was awesome. Mel had never done a real nude photo shoot before so it was awesome that she trusted me enough to let me shoot her and publish the photos.

Mel is also going to be doing an Instax photo booth at the Intaxxx release party at the Superchief NY space on the 29th of June! Come get your photo taken by a babe with a babe and buy my damn book!

Now click here to see all the NSFW photos of Mel at a creepy hourly rate motel!

Ps. These pics are in high resolution at Girls of DBB!




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I have talked a ton about my new book Instaxxx that will be out at the end of the month, but what I haven’t really talked about is the companion zine “NOT SAFE“. When I raised over $20,000 on Kickstarter I wanted to do something to give back to the people who backed by book and also to the women who have shot with me over the years.

I decided to do a zine that served several purposes. The first goal was to create a bonus for my Kickstarter backers. Everyone who bought Instaxxx via Kickstarter had the ability to buy NOT SAFE for $5 including US shipping. The second goal was just to create a zine with some of my favorite photos from some of my favorite models. I wasn’t trying to create a portfolio or anything but I thought it would be good to have something I could hand to a model or a client and say “hey this is what I like to do”.

But this zine had a greater purpose and that was to thank the women who have shot with me over the years and give a message to my fans who enjoy looking at my work but don’t really have any respect for the women who I photograph.

The title NOT SAFE refers to both the puritanical idea that nudity is somehow offensive and is “Not Safe For Work” and the sexist culture that has created a world where women can’t go online or walk down the street without being harassed. The cover features my friend Kate wearing some adorable double entendre kitty underwear that in this case is meant to invoke Trump’s horrifying “Grab her by the Pussy” line.

I see my “fans” posting awful comments on the blog and on my Instagrams and via Twitter. You can say any negative comment about me and I will leave it up but I delete and/or defend every negative comment about the model. They are putting themselves out there, often just because they want to work with me and it drives me crazy to see people attack them.

Women get harassed just for existing and when a woman puts herself out there and poses nude that stuff is taken to another level. I started out taking naked photos just because I liked looking at naked women. I didn’t even consider what the women would go through. The last decade of doing it professionally has made me think about that shit constantly. Seeing what women have to deal with just for taking a sexy photo is so fucking upsetting.

So this zine is a thank you to those women who put up with that shit every day, it’s about how nudity shouldn’t be considered offensive and it is a message to you guys to think about how you treat women both online and in real life. Plus it has a bunch of pretty photos of pretty women in it.

You can pre-order NOT SAFE as part of the Instaxxx pre-order here.

One dollar from every zine sold will be donated to Safe Horizon a charity that helps victims of violence including rape, sexual assault and domestic abuse.

Both Instaxxx and NOT SAFE start shipping June 30th.


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Meet Giselle Palmer

When I was in Austin for SXSW back in March I was bored waiting for a band to play. I started refreshing my Twitter over and over again and I noticed a notification from someone named Giselle Palmer. I lurked her page and almost instantly knew I needed to take her photo. I DMed her and said “if we are ever in the same place I would love to take your photo” and she messaged me back that she lived in Austin. A few hours later I was in her apartment taking photos.

I was in the middle of working on my Instaxxx book (goes to print today!!) and I knew I could get some good shots of her in her apartment using the flash of the Instax camera. I was right. She has her own spread in my book and another photo in my next zine. Unfortunately it was nighttime and  her apartment sucked for taking digital photos. We decided to plan a second shoot during daylight hours but I only had two more days in Austin so I figured I should shoot some digital stuff just incase and I am glad I did.

Turns out that Giselle is hot enough that shitty lighting and mediocre photography doesn’t really matter! I have a gallery of more than 70 photos for you and not one of them is correctly white balanced but every one of them is real hot. I feel like I spend a lot of time telling you why I took terrible photos, but to be honest no one really cares but me. You guys are just gonna look at these photos and think “holy shit Giselle is hot” and not even notice that most of them are underexposed. I get it. Let’s move on.

So a few weeks after I left Austin, Giselle took a trip to LA to shoot some porn. She started webcamming in December of this year so in January she went to Vegas to check out the AVN Awards. While she was walking around Naughty America noticed her and flew her back out to Vegas to shoot her first porn scenes. When I met Giselle that is all she had ever shot. I don’t even think the scenes were out yet and no one had ever heard of her, but when she went to LA she never left.

Within days of visiting LA she got the biggest agent in porn and seems to be shooting nearly every day. She blew up instantly like I knew she would. She is so hot, so rad and a total creep and I mean that in the best way. Real glad I got to shoot her before she gets way too big to shoot with me.

Anyway, I thought this would be a good introduction to Giselle but just wait until you guys see the rest of the stuff we shot. On my last day in Austin we went out with Holly Beth and spent all day in a park shooting some really pretty stuff. I think you guys are gonna really love it.

Finally, I should mention there are some extra explicit shots on Girls of Driven By Boredom that you should go look at if you are into that kinda thing. All the images on there are in high resolution too… but if you don’t have Girls of DBB just go look at the rest of the photos!

Click here to see all the NSFW photos of Giselle Palmer!

Giselle Palmer

Giselle Palmer

Giselle Palmer

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