Joanna Angel Returns!

This summer will be the 10 year anniversary of the last time I did a photo shoot with Joanna Angel. Amazingly I did my second shoot with her just a few weeks ago. I have known Joanna pretty much our entire adult lives and for a while her Burning Angel girls probably accounted for 90% of my sex life.

We have been through a lot together including the death of our good friend DJ Jess who we lost two years ago last week. I met Jess at the first Burning Angel party I ever went to and he became one of my first nightlife clients. Joanna and I even got tattoos in his honor together.

Anyway, back in 2007 when I shot Joanna I was a truly terrible photographer. We shot in the walk in fridge at a club called Luke & Leroy’s where they used to hold the infamous Rated X Panty Party. We probably shot the whole thing in 5 minutes but to be honest those photos are pretty hot looking back despite them being technically awful.

10 years later I got to shoot Joanna again, but this time at her beautiful LA home and we had plenty of time to shoot. It turns out I am still a pretty bad photographer because of all the lovely spaces at her place I chose to shoot in the room with aggressive back light, a trashcan in the background and a tiny orange sticker on one of the windows that I didn’t see at the time but now haunts me.

Fortunately Joanna is still a babe 10 years later into the future and I don’t think anyone cares about the technical quality of my god damn nudes. You just wanna look at babes and I got you the queen of the tattooed babes Joanna Angel!

Click here to see a bunch of photos of my old friend Joanna Angel!

Ps. There are a couple bonus shots and higher res versions of these on the Girls of Driven By Boredom.

Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel

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