Dirty Valentine’s Day – 2.14.17

Last week I had some art in the third annual Get Summered Valentine’s Day erotic art show. It was at Tender Trap and I sold a photo of Heather Vahn and then it turned out the buyer never came back to pay and so I guess I didn’t actually sell it but the party was fun.

I took my friend Holly Beth who kinda pretended to be my Valentine despite the fact that we weren’t actually on a date but she did let me take a few photos of her topless so that’s important.

Kinda the highlight of this gallery is the pole dancing from “Incredipole” which is kinda an incredipole name for a crew of pole dancers honestly.

Also there was another naked babe at the end who I have no idea who she is but I wanna take more photos of her so if anyone knows her let me know.

This gallery is way late so I am just gonna end this write up here but shout out to everyone who put this on and all my friends in the show, Smurfo, Insuh, Myles & Diana. Was cool being in a show with you guys. Also Nakid sponsored the show and I just shot something for them, so that’s cool too. Now let’s get on to the photos.

Now click here to see the (NSFW!) photos from Dirty at Tender Trap.






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