Daredevil Tattoo 20th Anniversary

Daredevil Tattoo celebrated it’s 20th anniversary and the 20th anniversary of legal tattooing in NYC over the weekend. The events started on Friday with two events at Daredevil and then two full days of tattooing with some of the best tattoo artists in the world doing classic flash tattoos and updated versions of the historic flash. It was a really cool event and I got two galleries for you from it!

On Friday things started out with a few hours of $50 Sailor Jerry tattoos with a small break before the opening night party. I didn’t make it out in time for the $50 tattoo part but I did make it down in time for the party. Sailor Jerry was involved all day with brand ambassadors Gravy Thomas & The Paul Monahan both showing up for the madness and bringing plenty of Sailor Jerry rum to the party.

The cool thing about having a party at Daredevil is that it’s not just a tattoo shop but it’s also a tattoo museum. The place is filled with tattoo history and is located just blocks from the birth of modern tattooing. The first electric tattoo machine was patented in NYC and changed tattooing forever. If you wanna learn more about it I guess you could google it, but you should probably just go down to Daredevil and check it out.

Aside from partying with all the legendary tattoo artists the coolest part of the party had to have been the surprise appearance from Golden Lions NYC. I was not expecting three Chinese New Year dragons to roll up into the shop but they did and it was pretty incredible.  After the lions I left to go watch the end of a playoff hockey game that went into overtime but I was up bright and early the next morning for the second part of the tattoo celebration.

After working for Sailor Jerry the night before I got hired by the website Tattoodo to cover the tattoo convention part of the weekend (located a few blocks away from Daredevil at Ludlow Studios). Tattoodo is a massive online tattoo community with almost 2 million followers on Instagram. They sponsored the weekend and it was great working with them. Plus I got to get tattooed while I worked!

I decided to go with some of the historic flash and got a snake wrapped around a dagger tattooed by Nick Colella. Nick and I have been instagram friends for ages and I actually got tattooed at his shop Great Wave in Chicago before they were even open to the public. Nick had never tattooed me though so I figured it was time. Thanks Nick!

After getting tattooed I spent the rest of the day photographing other people getting tattoos by tattoo artists that have waiting lists of months if not years. One of my favorite tattoo artists Grez was tattooing all weekend and it took me 9 months to get an appointment for him to do my arm and and another 6 months to get my chest done. The tattoos were well worth the wait but you gotta love a convention where you only need to wait a few hours.

I didn’t make it back Sunday but I got plenty of shots for you to look at. If you care at all about tattooing or tattoo history you should check out these galleries. I have not one, but two of them! But before I get to that just wanted to congratulate Michelle Myles & Brad Fink on 20 years of Daredevil!

Click here to see all the photos from the opening night party at Daredevil Tattoo!

Click here to see all the photos from the tattoo convention at Ludlow Studios!

Daredevil Tattoo 20th Anniversary

Daredevil Tattoo 20th Anniversary

Daredevil Tattoo 20th Anniversary

Daredevil Tattoo 20th Anniversary

Daredevil Tattoo 20th Anniversary

Daredevil Tattoo 20th Anniversary

Daredevil Tattoo 20th Anniversary

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24 Hours In the Galápagos Islands

Right now I am supposed to “travel into the lush highlands of the large island of Santa Cruz where wild tortoises forage” but instead I am in my livingroom updating my website. How did this happen?

Last Friday I flew to Ecuador and met up with my family for our first family vacation of the 21st century. My parents both turn 70 next month and after talking about going to the Galápagos for many years we finally booked a trip. The next day we loaded a bus with dozens of families and couples my parents age and headed to the airport. We flew to the tiny island of Baltra just north of Santa Cruz. It’s one of only two airports in the archipelago, a former US army base during WWII. We landed in a world that when combined with the long customs lines felt very much like we were entering Jurassic Park on opening day. The John Williams score was stuck in my head all day.

After our bags were searched for any sort of invasive species we got on another bus which took us to a tiny dock where a sea lion napped in the shade of the benches. Across from there was a shack that sold giant bottles of beer as a large land iguana crawled past the line. Pelicans and bright red crabs sat on the rocks around the docks and huge schools of tiny fish zipped past us. We boarded Zodiac boats piloted by men who looked like bandits covered from head to toe to protect them from the harsh equatorial sun.

We finally boarded the Endeavor II, the boat that we were to live on for the next week, but just 24 hours later we were on a Zodiac back to the same Baltra dock and on our way to the hospital in neighboring Santa Cruz.

The rest of the day was spent in a series of meetings. We had a evacuation drill and learned the national park rules and met the crew of the boat. There was an overview of the trip and some lessons from naturalists and countless reminders to bring water and sunblock everywhere. Finally we went on our first excursion, a short walk around Las Bachas, a beach named after WWII army barges dumped into the sea when the US left after the the war. The walk served as an introduction to the trip and we went over everything once again. We saw marine iguanas, flamingos and frigate birds and we ended the trip with a quick dip in the water right next to volcanic rocks covered in the same bright red crabs from the Baltra dock.

We returned to the Endeavour for dinner and afterwards we stood on the roof of the boat and watched large sharks follow the ship trying to catch flying fish out of the air. Despite the massive amount of time spent on travel and meetings the whole thing was fairly magical and I was excited for the next day. We would be snorkeling in the afternoon but first a hike to see the nesting grounds of Blue Footed Boobies. Unfortunately the snorkeling was not meant to be.

At 6:15am the weather was announced for the day over the ship’s loud speakers. Breakfast would be served at 6:30 and it was time to get up. By the time my brother and I made it to breakfast my parents were sitting with another couple and my brother and I squeezed into a table next to two travel agents on vacation together. We would see them again soon.

At 7:30 we boarded the Zodiacs and were taken to North Seymour Island. The hike featured a 200 meter walk over rocks that sometimes rolled out of the way and there were other options for people who didn’t want to risk the slightly treacherous journey into the booby nesting grounds. We of course decided to go on the hike, it was a decision we would live to regret.

North Seymour island was pretty amazing. It was full of an amazing amount of birds and iguanas all of which barely react to humans. The land iguanas are way bigger than the marine iguanas and were found crawling all over the island. Blue footed boobies were everywhere, many standing on eggs to keep them warm. Male frigate birds puffed out giant red sacks to attract mates and tiny lava lizards would run past your feet so often you had to make an effort not to step on them. With no predators aside from birds none of the animals have any reason to fear anything. They just ignore humans and you can walk right up to them. It seems like paradise.

The rocky path seemed a lot less treacherous than we were led to believe. There were rocks everywhere but nothing like the boulders I imagined when they explained the hike before we got off the boat. As we neared the end of the 200 meter rocky trail we could see the beach. At some point a rock rolled out from under me and my dad who was following behind told me to be careful. I told him I was fine and sort of laughed because I was thinking about how I was worried about my near elderly parents falling. My parents have spent my entire life worrying about me and now my brother and I are the once who feel like we need to take care of them.

I was thinking about that very thing when my dad tripped. I turned around to see him laying on the ground and I leaned down to him and asked him if he was alright. He very calmly responded with “nope”. He asked me if his camera was okay because he decided to protect it instead of himself. He saved the camera but managed to hit his head on a rock.

He warned me that there “might be a little bit of blood” when he took off his hat. That’s when I saw a bright red liquid start to flow down into the dirt. When I took his hat off I was horrified to see that he had a massive cut across his forehead and the skin was falling down into his eyes. I could see about an inch of his skull and told him to put pressure on the wound and to hold his forehead on. My brother was there too and told my mom not to look. The naturalist who was guiding us radioed for help and got out a first aid kit and gave him a bandage and my brother held it on the wound.

At first he was feeling very sick and he seemed out of it but not concussed, more like in shock but by the time the doctor had arrived my dad was sitting up trying to drink water. He actually was mugging for the camera when I took his photo. The doctor took one look at my dad and started yelling in spanish. She made no effort to hide her shock when she saw my father’s massive wound which my mother didn’t really appreciate. Four of the men who had served as waiters at dinner the night before brought a stretcher out and carried my father off the island. They put his bloody hat over his head to protect him from the sun but as he was carried past us it looked like a corpse being carried out of a crime scene on a bad police procedural.

My mother left with my bad but for some reason we continued on. My brother and I did not exactly enjoy the rest of the hike. Strangers kept coming up to us trying to comfort us and we just sort of drifted around in shock. My dad told me to use his camera since he owns a big zoom lens for bird watching so took a few more photos and just kept praying he would be okay. I don’t actually believe in god but it was Easter after all. One of the last things we saw before leaving the island was the rotting corpses of two sea lions. It was an ominous sign.

When we returned to the boat my dad was being stitched up but we were told that my dad would have to leave the boat if he wanted to get an x-ray and would not be able to return because the boat was leaving the area near Santa Cruz and we wouldn’t be able to get back. We also had less than an hour to decide. It was an easy decision.

After washing our father’s blood off our hands my brother and I packed up as quickly as possible before heading to my parent’s room to help my mom pack. My dad decided he wanted to keep his bloody hat as a souvenir so we even packed that but I decided to toss my jacket that they used for a pillow when they took my dad away in the stretcher. We carefully got my dad inside the Zodiac and headed back to the same Baltra dock and were once again greeted by the same sea lion in the exact same place from yesterday.

We were met by a guide that was arranged by the tour company and he took us in a cab to a water taxi that took us over to Santa Cruz. From there an ambulance awaited us and my parents left to the hospital while my brother and I took our luggage in a cab to a nearby hotel. And when I saw near by I mean near by the hospital because the city of Puerto Ayora was 40 miles away from the water taxi.

We quickly checked into the hotel and walked over to the hospital. My dad seemed okay and had just been x-rayed. There wasn’t much we could do but wait so my brother and I got some food and walked about a mile to the Darwin Center where they raised baby giant tortoises so they wouldn’t be eaten by the invasive rats brought over by pirate ships hundreds of years ago. It was cool to finally see a giant tortoise but to be honest baby giant tortoises just look like regular turtles and the adults there were behind big rock walls. It was pretty much like seeing them at the zoo and just sort of emphasized my disappointment that we were leaving this majestic place.

When we got back my parents were back at the hotel and my dad was actually sleeping. The x-rays were negative and he had been given the clear to fly by the doctor. We couldn’t get a flight to Ecuador until the next day so we left my dad to sleep and got some more food. We bought my dad back a pizza because apparently there is a mediocre Italian restaurant in the Galapagos.

The next day our guide picked us up at the hotel at 7am to take us to the airport but when I brought my bags down to meet him we discovered that we were not the only people from our group leaving early. The two travel agents were going to the airport with us as well. One of them had fallen off a Zodiac a few hours after we left the boat and hurt her knee very badly. She had to fly to Ecuador to get an MRI.

We drove back across the island and back to the water taxi. We had to carry the woman in her wheelchair onto a tiny boat and then back into another van in Baltra. I also ended up pushing her around the airport which was cool because we got to board the plane before everyone else.

When we took off for Ecuador I held my dad’s hand. He seemed okay but I just kept imagining the worst. I told him I loved him and almost started crying when the plane started moving. I had these horrible visions of my dad’s brain exploding from altitude.

When we landed in Ecuador we found out we couldn’t change our flights because the airline had almost no seats available for the next three days. We ended up checking into a hotel room and spent my brother’s birthday arguing with airlines and insurance companies and each other over how we were going to get home.  Eventually we just ended up buying wildly expensive tickets on other airlines and after another day of nightmarish travel we finally all made it home.

My father went to his doctor the next morning and seems to be just fine. There was no sign of infection or brain damage and apparently the the stitches he received were really good so he might not even have that bad of a scar.

Ending the trip early was a huge disappointment to all of us but I cannot tell you how happy I am that my dad is okay. It could have been so much worse. I also think it brought our family together as well. My brother told me that this experience was a lot more bonding than “snorkeling with sea lions”. He was right.

Click here to see my photos from the 24 hours I spent in the Galápagos Islands… and no, I didn’t post any photos of the injury.

Galápagos Islands

Galápagos Land Iguana

Galápagos Islands

Frigate Bird

Blue Footed Booby


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Off To The Galápagos…

So amazingly I am headed to the Galápagos Islands tomorrow. My parents have been talking about taking a family vacation there since my brother and I were little kids and now that they have retired they are finally actually doing it. I think the last time I went on a family vacation was when I was 14. Around 15 I got way too punk rock to be hanging out with my family and they were probably too embarrassed to be seen with me in public anyway. Whatever the case I get to spend 10 days with them and I feel like it’s going to be pretty amazing.

I am going to be on a boat for most of that time and only have access to what I assume is going to be wildly expensive satellite internet. I am going to try and get online at least once a day to update Twitter/Instagram & check emails but I am fairly certain I am not going to be updating this site again until after I return on the 24th.

With that in mind I wanted to update you guys on my new book and give you guys something to look at while I am gone.

I have laid out 150 pages of my Instaxxx book and scanned over 500 photos for it. The plan is for the book to be somewhere between 170 – 200 pages and I have a lot of work to do still. I am going to lay out probably 250 pages and then start editing down. After that I am going to take some of my favorites and add them to the zine I am working on that is going to accompany the book. It’s going to be about 40 pages and feature 35mm and polaroid nudes with $1 from each zine going to help marginalized sex workers.

So aside from just laying out both the book and the zine I also have to write intros to these things which is by far my least favorite part. I need to get someone to photoshop the dust off a bunch of the Instax scans and we need to design some covers which is probably the most fun part. Whatever the case there’s a lot of work to be done and leaving town for 10 days right now is not ideal. That being said, I hope to have the book at least laid out by the end of April so that I can get this thing out by mid June.

Pre-order Instaxxx here!

Now I wanted to leave you guys with some content and I also wanted to promote Girls of Driven By Boredom since I am not going to be working for the next 10 days.  If you haven’t signed up already there is a massive amount of content on there. It’s really cheap and has tons of exclusive and uncensored stuff on there. The images are all high resolution too.

Anyway, already uploaded over 100 Instax scans to Girls of DBB and today I just uploaded another 200! Don’t worry there’s still going to be a lot of surprises in the book but if you wanna see a bunch of Instax photos that no one has seen here’s your chance. Lot of fun stuff here that will never make the book too. A big chunk of this stuff will never see the light of day outside of Girls of DBB. So go sign up already!

Anyway, I am gonna go watch hockey playoffs before heading to the god damn Galápagos tomorrow! Here’s a couple mildly safe for work Instax for you to look at in the meantime.




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2017 Tisch Gala – 4.3.17

I am headed out of town this week to the Galapagos Islands of all places and I have no idea what my internet situation is going to be like. I hope to get another update up before I leave but if I don’t update for a while you know why.

Anyway, I just wanted to get up some photos I shot a little over a week ago. Every year since maybe 2008 I have shot the Tisch Gala for NYU. It’s a big fundraiser for Tisch School of the Arts scholarships and they always honor some alumni or someone associated with the school. I don’t always post the photos on here because it’s not really that kinda party but this year was pretty fun so I wanted to post some of the images.

The Gala honored actors Danai Gurira and André Holland. André gave one of the best speeches I have heard in nearly a decade of shooting these events and Danai seems to be one of the most impressive humans on the planet. Seems like Tisch made the right call honoring them.

It was also Alec Baldwin’s birthday (he is on the Dean’s Council at Tisch) and his wife surprised him at the end of the evening. I have photographed him several times at Tisch events and he is always been nice to me but I know he doesn’t have a great love for photographers. I am very careful when it comes to photographing him but I got some really fun shots of him getting his birthday surprise. He seemed genuinely touched.

After the awards I went to dump images for press and when I came back down a dance party had broken out with a lot of the students that were there and let’s just say if you put on Beyonce’s Single Ladies you will probably get more enjoyment out of the photos.

So yeah, check out these photos and I hope to be back with an update before I leave (and maybe while I am there?) but if not I will be back on the 24th with lots of photos of turtles and iguanas and things like that.

Click here to see the pictures from the 2017 Tisch Gala at Cipriani.

2017 Tisch Gala

Alec Baldwin's Birthday

André Holland

Danai Gurira & Her Award

Randy Jackson

2017 Tisch Gala

André Holland & Danai Gurira

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Joanna Angel Returns!

This summer will be the 10 year anniversary of the last time I did a photo shoot with Joanna Angel. Amazingly I did my second shoot with her just a few weeks ago. I have known Joanna pretty much our entire adult lives and for a while her Burning Angel girls probably accounted for 90% of my sex life.

We have been through a lot together including the death of our good friend DJ Jess who we lost two years ago last week. I met Jess at the first Burning Angel party I ever went to and he became one of my first nightlife clients. Joanna and I even got tattoos in his honor together.

Anyway, back in 2007 when I shot Joanna I was a truly terrible photographer. We shot in the walk in fridge at a club called Luke & Leroy’s where they used to hold the infamous Rated X Panty Party. We probably shot the whole thing in 5 minutes but to be honest those photos are pretty hot looking back despite them being technically awful.

10 years later I got to shoot Joanna again, but this time at her beautiful LA home and we had plenty of time to shoot. It turns out I am still a pretty bad photographer because of all the lovely spaces at her place I chose to shoot in the room with aggressive back light, a trashcan in the background and a tiny orange sticker on one of the windows that I didn’t see at the time but now haunts me.

Fortunately Joanna is still a babe 10 years later into the future and I don’t think anyone cares about the technical quality of my god damn nudes. You just wanna look at babes and I got you the queen of the tattooed babes Joanna Angel!

Click here to see a bunch of photos of my old friend Joanna Angel!

Ps. There are a couple bonus shots and higher res versions of these on the Girls of Driven By Boredom.

Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel

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Riley Reid Returns

Okay, technically she didn’t return as most of these were taken before the first set that I posted of Riley, but I have a bunch of new pictures of the amazing Riley Reid.

On one of my LA trips I went over to Riley’s place to shoot and she wasn’t at all ready which turned out to be a fortunate turn of events. She let me shoot her getting ready. As you guys may have noticed I prefer real life to the over planned over photoshopped photoshoots that most “erotic” photographers shoot. I certainly get criticized for it enough, but if you guys are fans of my work you probably at least somewhat appreciate it. Anyway, Riley let me shoot her without make up on, showering and brushing her teeth. The funny thing is I just posted a bunch of teeth brushing photos on my Instagram and I totally forgot I had the ones of Riley. Of course, two days later I was looking for a girl shoot to post and found these.

Once Riley got ready I took photos of her smoking weed which always makes for a good photo. Honestly I have so god damn many photos of girls smoking I could make a pretty great book, except for the fact that Richard Kern already beat me to it.

After that we went out into the streets and shot a bunch of public nudity, and then when we returned I took some photos of her in the trunk of my rental car. The Instagram of it turned out to be my most popular Instagram photo of 2016.

So yeah, Riley is one of my favorite people to shoot and although we only shot the one time we pretty much shot all day and I got some amazing content out of it. I hope I get to shoot her again one of these days cause she’s kinda incredible.

By the way, there are some extra explicit shots from this set on Girls of Driven By Boredom.

Now click here to see a bunch of photos of motherfuckin’ Riley Reid!

Riley Reid

Riley Reid

Riley Reid

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Fader Fort & The Rest Of SXSW

Okay! This is the last South By Southwest update and the first one not typed up in Austin. Usually it’s the exact opposite but this was a very different SXSW for me this year. I didn’t do much and I am not too mad about it. I didn’t see a lot of bands but I did see a lot of friends and I did some pretty great photo shoots including a fairly epic one with two babes on the last day of SXSW instead of doing SXSW things. Anyway, let’s talk about Fader Fort.

Fader Fort is one of the biggest events outside of SXSW at SXSW if that makes any sense. It’s not an official event that happens every year and everyone goes and it’s a whole thing. I have covered it a lot but I haven’t been in a couple years because I was working too much. This year I didn’t actually RSVP but fortunately I was with my Playboy editor Leila when she was going and she got me in. We walked in right as Playboi Carti was playing and so of course she had to interview him because of the Playboy/Playboi thing. I shot a few photos of him live and him with his surprise guest ASAP Rocky and then we went back stage for the interview and a took a couple portraits. I shot Lil Yachty back there too for Playboy and got a few shots of him live as well.

A couple days later I checked out Fader Fort again and the only artist I saw was a dude named Super Duper Kyle who has a song that I had heard but I don’t really know anything about him. He put on a hell of a show though and I had a good time. At the end of his set he actually crowd surfed on an actual surf board. It was pretty amazing honestly.

So yeah, Fader Fort went for several days and I only shot three artists so this gallery isn’t that impressive. To make up for it I have a second gallery filled with some random shots I took along the way. Most of it is just stuff I shot in the streets. There’s a few shots of LA Riots DJing and a shot of Hannibal Buress and his grill which matches nicely with Lil Yachty’s grill so that works well for the images below. Anyway, just look at the galleries right below this paragraph and shout out to North Face for the free jacket even though it was the wrong size.

Click here to see all the photos from the 2017 SXSW Fader Fort!

And click here to see the random SXSW photos I had left over!

Super Duper Kyle


Lil Yachty

Hannibal Buress

Playboi Carti


ASAP Rocky

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Hair Of The Three Legged Dog – 3.17.17

What’s this? Another SXSW post while SXSW is still happening? Yeah, that’s a thing but this one is gonna be way shorter than the last. Yesterday I finally got to work for my favorite client Sailor Jerry. I have shot the last few SXSWs for them but this year we only did the one event but it was a fun one.

The Austin Chronicle throws a party every year called Hair of the Three Legged Dog named after their office dog Hank. Bands play and money is raised for Austin Pets Alive. Sailor Jerry sponsored and so did Fleshlight which was kinda amazing.

I wasn’t there the whole time but with two stages I got to see a bunch of bands. Think No Think was playing when I got there and the end of their set was real fun. My friends White Mystery played after that and they are always fucking great. Black Lips played after them and while their band has changed a bunch since the last time I saw them they were still a good time. Creepoid played inside after that. I met them last year after seeing them play for like one song so it was cool to see them play a full set. And finally I caught Telle Novella play on my way out. Good vibes all around. Oh and Al Lover played a bunch of records.

Plus as an exciting bonus for you guys shot a couple of portraits Sailor Jerry brand ambassador Daniel “Gravy” Thomas as well. Okay, enough delicious 92 proof spiced corporate branding, let’s look at some photos!

Click here to see all the photos from the Austin Chronicle’s Hair of the Three Legged Dog SXSW Day party at Barracuda! 

Black Lips

White Mystery

Telle Novella

Daniel "Gravy" Thomas



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French Montana – 3.16.17

I had plans right now but she’s apparently hung over and moving slowly so it looks like I have time to get up some more SXSW photos.

Thursday I didn’t have any actual work to do so I took it pretty easy. I started my day by seeing a movie. The SXSW Film Festival is pretty wonderful and I have covered it several times in the past, but this year I only got to see one movie but it was a good one. The Big Sick is a new film by Michael Showalter of the State & Stella. His movie Hello, My Name Is Doris was at SXSW a few years ago and I loved it but not nearly as much as the Big Sick. The movie was written by Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily Gordon about a real life incident where she got really sick and ended up in a coma. Kumail plays himself and it is so god damn funny and sad and amazing and I spent 80% of the movie either laughing or crying or both. I met Kumail about a week after he moved from Chicago to NYC after seeing him to stand up. He did one of the funniest sets I had ever seen and he was just in the audience of the show. One of the comedians was running late so the host Seth Herzog put him on and he killed it so hard. After that I saw him probably a dozen times before he moved to LA. For a time my two favorite comedians in NYC were him and Pete Holmes and Pete now has an amazing show on HBO and Kumail is in one of the best movies I have seen this year. Amazingly both of those projects came from a SXSW live podcast taping with Judd Appatow who produced both projects and told the story about that meetin in the Q&A.

Speaking of the Q&A one of the people to ask a question was fellow Chicago comedian Hannibal Buress. I didn’t even realize he was in town so I hit him up and he told me to come by the MTV Woodie Awards because he was giving out an award. I took forever to get there and I got there just in time to see him give the award. I got to see Rick Ross play too which was not awful. I went with Hannibal’s crew to Mohawk for the House of Vans party and saw a handful of rappers that were all from Chicago (to continue on the theme). I got to see the Cool Kids for the first time since probably 2008 and finally French Montana played.

So yeah we finally get to the point of this meandering name dropping post. French Montana (who is not at all from Chicago) headlined the Vans party. I was sort of near the stage so when he stared playing I took a few photos. Then A$AP Ferg showed up which was kinda funny because the day before I shot Playboi Carti and A$SAP Rocky showed up. Seemed like A$AP Mob was following me. Then the next song Rocky showed up again. After they left I shot one more French Montana song before calling it a night.

Don’t worry this post is almost over. I didn’t shoot a ton of photos yesterday but here are a handful of photos of French Montana and friends. The end.

Click here to see the photos of French Montana, A$AP Ferg & A$AP Rocky at Mohawk. 

French Montana & A$AP Ferg

A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg & French Montana

French Montana & House Of Vans

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