2016 Kid Rock Fish Fry

I never thought I would ever shoot a music festival themed around Kid Rock but when Sailor Jerry asked me to come to Nashville for two days I wasn’t exactly going to say no. The hot chicken alone was reason to make the trip but I had no idea what I was getting into with the 2nd annual Kid Rock Fish Fry.

I should start by mentioning that there were no fried fish. I mean you could get a couple fish related items from the many food trucks but apparently the “Fish Fry” thing is some sort of inside joke or something. People kept asking me where the fish were. But, there were two people dressed as neon green guitar playing fish which was easily the best thing to happen to me all weekend. I mean how can you not love confusing fish mascots?

I also thought it was pretty interesting that the music lineup was the same for both days. I don’t think I have ever seen that at a festival before. Kid Rock played both nights and his set was exactly the same. He said “I have some good news and some bad news. Good news is that we have a badass set for you tonight. Bad news is that it’s the exact same show as last night.” His gave his reasoning behind this explaining “You never met a motherfucker quite like me.

I was there with Sailor Jerry and so I spent a lot of time in their “Norman’s Garage” set up. Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins is the tattoo legend the spiced rum is named after and they built a garage with two hair cutting stations and had a documentary about Sailor Jerry playing. You could come in and get your hair cut for free (I got my beard trimmed) and watch the documentary. I liked it because on Saturday it was hot as hell and the garage was a great break from the sun and then on Sunday it got suddenly unreasonably cold and it was a good excuse to hide out since I was wearing a t-shirt. They also had live painting from tattoo artist Mathew F. Scott and Daniel “Gravy” Thomas was there with the custom Sailor Jerry Ford truck that he brought on the Pawn Stars spinoff Counting Cars.  He and the truck got recognized several times which was kinda cool. I haven’t seen it yet but I kinda love those History Channel reality shows.

I took a TON of photos so this gallery is huge. I didn’t shoot much of the bands (although The Shrednecks were pretty good and have an amazing name) but I did shoot a million crowd shots. If you liked my juggalo photos you are probably gonna like these. They aren’t as crazy of course, but there are some wild mother fuckers in this gallery with some of the craziest outfits I’ve ever seen.  ICP and Kid Rock are both from Detroit and have made music together so it only makes sense that their fans would share some of the same sense of not giving any fucks.

So click here to see all the photos from the 2nd annual Kick Rock Fish Fry at the Fontanel just outside of Nashville, TN.












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