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This post is gonna solve a lot of problems at once so let’s get into it.

The first issue is that Driven By Boredom turned 15 yesterday and I totally forgot. That’s not really a problem that needs fixing but I figured I should at least mention it. I started this madness in 2001 and it’s amazing that not only is this website part of my life, but really the main part of my life. I started it because I went to a party school for college as a straight edge punk kid. There was no punk scene and all the social shit was based around bros drinking. I left after two years and went to art school but the two years that I spent hanging out in my dorm room in front of my computer  bored out of my mind paid off I guess.

Next up is that I have a bunch of random naked girl photos from my trip to Vegas for AVN I don’t really know what to do with. I did all that worked for Blacked and Tushy and didn’t have time to shoot a lot of other girls, but I did shoot a few things here and there. I decided to put together a small gallery of random photos from the week that didn’t really stand on their own.

The first day I was in Vegas for AVN I shot this girl named Yvonne in exchange for a ride to my hotel from the airport because I am a genius so we have a few of those shots. I took a few photos my friends Jenna Valentine and Josie Jacobs because they are the best and I was hanging out with them a bunch over the weekend. Josie’s pictures exist because there was a humidifier in Claire Robbins’ room and I thought I should take a photo or two using that for fun. Then Jenna wanted me to shoot a couple photos of her using her beauty light (she was doing make up for porn babes all weekend). I ran into Jesabella Marie from the Suicide Sirens in the casino and she was with Leya Falcon and another friend and I took a couple photos of the three of them and then shot Jesabella in the shower for a couple of shots. All of this was just random bullshit and not an actual shoot but it was fun. There’s also one photo of this girl Hunny Bearr cause she was with me when I ran up to my room to get new batteries or something so we took like three photos of her boobs cause why wouldn’t we? We meant to shoot again, but we never did.

Now on top of all that I also threw in a couple of photos that preview upcoming full shoots I did. I shot Samantha Bentley as per AVN tradition. Sam is the best and I will have a full shoot of her up one of these days. I shot Romance (who I have known forever but never really photographed) and her friend Phoebe Phelpz the last night I was in Vegas. They basically rolled around my hotel room while I half assedly took photos while watching the NFL Playoffs. It was pretty fun though cause I basically ended up getting a double lap dance while taking photos which is not the worst way to spend a Sunday afternoon. That shoot will be up one of these days too. And lastly I met this girl “Lil Brown Eyes” in LA right before I went to Vegas. She dates a porn dude named Bryan Gozzling and I hung out with them a lot at AVN. Bryan is a good dude and Lil Brown Eyes is really great to photograph. They are also in some sort of wild fetish relationship that involves a lot of pissing and vomiting and all sorts of stuff that I can’t really understand but is worth taking photos of. I shot a normal set of her and then I shot him torturing her (in a good way). I added a few photos of them, but you will be hearing a lot a more about all that soon.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, Girls of Driven By Boredom is working again. I was having problems updating it for two weeks but it seems to be functional now. To make that up to subscribers I have uploaded a LOT of new high resolution content.

  • I added all the Blacked & Tushy photos including a bunch of extra explicit shots.
  • I added a full set of Yvonne’s photos.
  • I added a full set of Jesabella Marie’s photos.
  • And I added some actual porn! Leya Falcon blew her boyfriend while we were all hanging out and I took photos. Normally I wouldn’t post those shots but they are pretty fucking wild and I want people to spend money on Girls of DBB so fucking sign up to see this shit. It’s probably worth it. Just saying.

Okay, this post is way too long but I had a lot to see. Go sign up for Girls of DBB and then click the link below.

Click here to see a gallery of left over NSFW photos from my 2016 AVN Awards trip!

Jenna Valentine

Leya Falcon

Lil Brown Eyes

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