Boobs Of Bushwick Bar Crawl Returns

Holy shit! Just two days until the release of my public nudity zine, Public! I am throwing a crazy party on Wednesday to celebrate and guess what that means? The return of the Boobs of Bushwick bar crawl!

Wednesday’s party is at Leftfield at 9pm. It’s free and it goes all night and Prince Terrence will be DJing and PopPorn will be giving out free stuff and I will be doing live naked photo shoots and everyone will be half naked and drunk and it will be a blast.

But on top of that, and perhaps maybe most importantly, Kate Chip is hosting and bringing with her the Boobs of Bushwick crew. Do you remember the last party Kate, Terry and I threw together? So much madness. And do you remember how we promoted the party? With a Boobs of Bushwick Bar Crawl!

Well guess what motherfuckers, the BoB Bar Crawl is back!

Last week Kate and I met up at Birdy’s in Bushwick and brought a handful of naked babes with us. We got everyone topless for a very competitive game of foosball and then there was some topless pinball and of course a party in the bathroom. After that we headed over to Happy Fun Hideaway for topless Jenga and then we went outside to get wild in the street.

By the time that was over we had taken a ton of photos, everyone was cold as fuck and we had a crew of dudes following us around which was only like 12% uncomfortable but we decided to pack it in after only two bars. Admittedly it wasn’t much of a bar crawl, but we did get some really fun photos from it and Time Out New York wrote about it so mission accomplished.

So yeah, come out to the party, and/or buy the zine and if you feel like it you can hang out topless either for fun or for political reasons or just cause it’s hot in the basement of Leftfield. Oh, and then you should go look at these photos… (which are available in extra high res over on Girls of DBB!)

Now click here to see a ton of NSFW photos from the second Boobs of Bushwick Bar Crawl!

Boobs Of Bushwick Bar Crawl

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